Hi Guys!

I am glad to be able to announce you, that I am going back with my posts! I'll try to post once for 3/4 days from now on. But now, the most important thing is that summer has just started! A looooot of things happened during school year. It was my first class in high school. It took a lot of my attention, that's why I was absent for whole year. If someone would ask me how the previous school year was, I would say SURPRISINGLY AND EXTREMLY AMAZING. I've met a lot of valueable people, I've learned a lot of things, feelings and experiences, I've done many new projects, events etc. Now I feel that I am older, which means I feel closer to become an adult. I am satisfied with my grades, still fighting for my dreams. Now It's time to rest. For first two weeks of July, I will be babysitting my brother. Next, I am going to Croatia with my family, what is probably going to be the main topic of my posts from July. In August, It is time for a trip with my boyfriend and friends, which is still not completely planned, but I am sure I will tell you more about it later.

Today, as an excercise before serious blogging, I will show my new babe, it is a manicure set by semilac. Let's take a look.

Be sure I'll post you my nails as soon as I get a next nail building gel!

Thats all for today, I just wanted to get you know I'm baack!

Love ya,


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    25.08                  My 16th birhday

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna tell you about what happened in my life yesterday! It was my birthday, I celebrated it with my family. I finally got a laptop, and I'm so happy about that! It's lenovo ideapad, and I couldn't dream about better gift! I also got a new nail polishes, and they're soo cute! I wanted to get them because they're so popular in Japan right now! I can't wait to do my new manicure ;) I'll show you how it looks for sure!

I had such a beautiful and tasty straberry-creamy birthday cake! <3

In Japan, birthday is very important day too! Culture of giving gifts is the same as in Poland and all over the world.

High school 

In Japan high school is associated with hard work, choosing college etc. But also with romances, friendships and the best time in entire life! I hope my high school time will be fascinating and beautiful expierience!

Next week, I'm gonna become high school student, and I have to say that I'm really excited about that! I can't wait when I'll walk in to the classroom and meet my new classmates. I already know one of boys from my new class, because I found him on facebook, but I literally have no idea who are these twenty-eight people !

Coming soon...
My high school                 (looks like a palace isn't it?)
Japanese Aoi high school in Tokyo
or plan

Even If i got into high school from my dreams, I would like to tell you that I hope to go as a high school student to Japan. I can't tell any more but if I'll try as hard as I do it right now, maybe It'll work!

Take care, WIKI. ASIANMAD 




we all need to rest

All of us need to rest sometimes, even people in Japan, about which we all know they're pretty industrious. But there is a fact, which you all may not knew. The cult of work in Japan is the same popular as the culture of resting. They can even sleep at work, because after that "sleepy" break, they can work twice as much, and twice as hard than before! Here you've got some photos from my vacation, I hope you'll enjoy!

See You Guys!

Last week, I spent at Polish mountains called Tatry. I have to say that these mountains are one of the places that I'm proud of in Poland. Because of their power of healing your soul and recovering your power to do something incredible! I actually stopped to learning new kanji last week. And after that "summer" break, I am going to start doing it over and over again, till I reach the last one kanji!

to recover our strength



Hi guys!

I just want to explain something about me, about asianmad. The main reason why I've decided to start writing this blog is that I'm absolutely in love with Asia, mainly Japan!

I want to share with you my lifestyle which is very... Japanese?

But from the beginning...

My name is Wiktoria, and I'm from Poland. I'm sixteen years old ( 1th class/ high school ). The biggest passion of mine is Japanese and Asian culture and lifestyle. My dream is to study in Japan as soon as I finish high school in three years from now on so i could live in this beautiful country of raising sun!

And because of that dream up there, I've starter to learning Japanese by myself almost two years ago.

In this first, debut post I want to share with you my Japanese learning routine (daily routine!).

Have a nice time while reading it!

The main thing I was studying until now were kanji signs. There are 2200 of them and I know almost all!

On the left side of this page you can see my manual which I bought a very long time ago and I still use it.

What do I do at all?

Everyday, I learn seven kanji signs. Every single sign has it's own flashcard (as you can see on the right). When I collect fifty flashcards, I make one flashcards set. Right now, I have thirty-three sets like these on the right.

Thanks to these sets, I can repeat a lot of kanji I've learned before, in a very short time.

If I want, I write them again, again, and again as you can see on the left, under "Kanji" book.


I study Japanese grammar two or three times a week.

I use books which I bought. One of them is very old practice book, and the second is my main manual (with the pink stripes).

I also use flashcards, but these ones are bought, not like these flashcards up there, which I've made myself to learn kanji signs.

​Listenings are one of the most important things in studying Japanese!

I usually do lessons of listenings at mykikitori.com

Thera are some lessons on this page, so I can listen, and solve the quiz to check my lesson knowledge. 

I also talk to my Japanese friends from Tokyo and Osaka. They keep helping me if I don't understand something. 

Thanks for reading!

See you next time!

                                                                                            - asianmad