Jakarta Warnings and Dangers

As one of the largest cities in the world, Jakarta has its own series of potential dangers you need to know about before making your way to the capital city of Indonesia.

Avoid Traveler’s Checks

Back in the day, one of the best ways to travel to a country was with the American Express Traveler’s Checks. That no longer is the case. Attempting to cash these traveler’s checks is often problematic. Only major bank locations will accept these checks, so smaller branches will likely not take them (because there has been a problem with counterfeiting so banks no longer accept them). If you do have these checks, you’ll be better off trying to cash them inside of the airport. Some travel agents may take the checks and a few other locations can accept these, but you’ll probably be charged a big fee. Instead, just use your debit or credit card.

Taxi Drivers

There are all sorts of taxi scams and problems you’ll encounter. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to avoid a few of these. However, if you are mindful of what is going on, you can greatly reduce your chance of such a problem.

For starters, never take a taxi that doesn’t use a meter. If someone tries to quote you a price you need to avoid it. They will quote you a price far above what it should cost. Even if you negotiate him down, you’ll still overpay.

Other problems includes taxi drivers rigging the meters so you pay more. This isn’t as common but it still happens. To avoid this you’ll want to hail a taxi that looks reliable. If it looks like a fake cab (it just doesn’t match the rest) than avoid it. Most of the major taxi companies are regulated so if you get in authentic looking cabs you should be alright. If you have your hotel hail a cab that will work as well.

Always Have Your ID

Now, as a tourist you’ll likely always have your ID with you anyway, but this is just an extra reminder. There are often roadblocks around town for various reasons and IDs may be checked. Make sure to have your passport. You can have your driver’s license and this may work, or you may run into a police officer who wants something more. Also, make sure you have a photocopy of your passport kept somewhere in your luggage. This way, should something happen to your passport you can go to your national embassy in Jakarta and have a replacement expedited. Emergency passports are available and work for 24 hours if you are flying out within this time. If not, the expedited passport should only take a few days.

Careful Crossing

In such a huge city, traffic is crazy. Even if you have a crosswalk in your favor, watch out and pay attention. It isn’t unheard of for a pedestrian to be hit and injured because a driver wasn’t paying attention.



Imagine yourself as an Islander living in an elegant Victorian home on a shady, oak-lined street on the Island’s east end, or in a home overlooking the sparkling Gulf of Mexico on the west end. There is a variety of rental property to choose from throughout the Island; from Galveston has the amenities of a larger city, but with tight-knit small town friendliness.

Its ethnically diverse citizens have worked together to make their city better since the early days of its founding in 1836. When faced with adversity, Galvestonians unite to solve whatever obstacles may arise. Non-profit organizations and community groups offer a variety of volunteer opportunities regardless of your interests or desired area of service.

The Island has a multifaceted economic base with expanding job markets in tourism, the medical field, marine-related fields, as well as other areas. Education, banking, insurance and marine industries also are job fields that contribute to the strong, diverse economy.Island life is enhanced by the absence of drive-time traffic reports on the radio and heavy traffic delays. The major thoroughfares are rarely heavily congested, even during peak times. And it takes no more than 15-20 minutes to get anywhere you want to go on the Island.

All this time saved driving to work and running errands can be spent enjoying Island life.

When the work day is over, pack a picnic dinner and some easy chairs and head to the beach. Temperatures are moderate, so outdoor activities are enjoyable year-round. Relax and enjoy watching the waves roll in at sunset as sandpipers scurry along the edge of the gulf water.

Black History Alive and Well in Galveston

On the outside walls of the African American Museum at 3427 Sealy St. are portraits of some prominent black Galvestonians, painted by artist E. Herron.

The Debate Is Over: The Margarita Was Invented In Galveston

A lot of sources debate our claim that Santos Cruz invented the margarita at the Balinese Room for singer Peggy Lee.

#lovegalveston Photo Contest - A Chance to Win Cash, and Be the Face of Galveston

There’s nothing like spending “island time” with your family, taking in the Galveston coast while making memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. While your memories may be priceless, capturing them in a photograph could lead to some extra bonuses.

UTMB Scientists Uncover How Zika Virus Causes Microcephaly

A multidisciplinary team from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has uncovered the mechanisms that the Zika virus uses to alter brain development. These findings are detailed in Stem Cell Reports.

Emerging Adults May Be Mixing Drug, Alcohol, Firearms, Study Finds

While drugs, alcohol and firearms do not mix well, new research finds that among some young adults the three may often go together.

UTMB Researchers Discover Reason for Permanent Vision Loss after Head Injury

Research from The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston has shed new light on what causes the permanent vision loss sometimes seen in the wake of a head injury.

10 Reasons You Should Get On "Island Time" in Galveston

The advent of spring in the Lone Star State heralds the arrival of warm weather, vibrant blue skies and blooming bluebonnets.

Exploring Galveston's Past through Museums, Attractions and Historic Buildings

When visiting the beach or relaxing at one of Galveston’s renowned resort hotels, the island’s historic past might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

The Port of Galveston Continues to Make History on Galveston Island

The next time you pass by the bustling docks and wharfs of the Port of Galveston, take a moment to let the history and impact of the facility sink in.

First of 1 Million Cubic Yards of Sand Has Been Pumped Onto the Beach

The first of 1 million cubic yards of sand has been pumped onto the beach in a $19 million project to replenish over 3.5 miles of beach along Galveston's seawall.



In this modern world, identity theft is a hugeblack marketindustry today. Don’t be just another statistics and take precautionarymeasures to protect your identity online today. Here are some useful ways to follow:

Stay away from public Wi-Fi

Connecting to a free public Wi-Fi is risky. It provides an easy way forhackers to steal your identity andtrack what you’re doing online. They may steal your logins and obtain anysensitive information if you aren’t being extra careful.

Software updates are important

You might find software updates that keepon popping on your screen as a disruptionand insignificant but what you don’t know is that their updates are very important for many different reasons. Onething is because software updates could save you from outside attacks. Outdatedsoftware is like living in a house with no locks on the doors, you are sounprotected and vulnerable inviting unwanted intruders to access important things.

Phishers! Phishers!

Phishers are tech-savvy conartists and identity thieves whose goal is to steal sensitive information fromtheir victims using fake websites, fake emails, and other sophisticatedtechniques to steal information. Emailphishing scams are the most effective strategy cybercriminals used to stealyour information. If you ever encounter an email asking to confirm anyinformation, don’t give away details.

Check if you’re already a victim

There’s a certain website called hasmyidentitybeenstolen.com that candetect whether your email address is at risk and if it’s on the dark webalready. All you have to do is to enter your email address and confirmed it.This is so legit that the CEO of this site has been featured in BBC Rip-Off Britainlast year 2015.

Check your online bills and statements

Regularly monitor your online bills, in this manner you’ll quickly detect if there’s a malicious activity goingon your accounts and to quickly take actions before it’s too late.



Nowadays, there are many tyres available on the market and finding the best tyre for your car could be a bit hard, but no worries because Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can help you regarding this matter without getting scammed since the company is dedicated to taking care of your car. With years of experience in car servicing, their team could provide good suggestions to you in choosing the right tyre for your car.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group is a family run company that offers reliable services such as brake checks, car servicing, MOTs, free seasonal checks, and of course, helping customers find good tyres for their vehicles.

Tyre&Auto can provide dependable help to you in choosing the right tyre in case you’re planning to renew them. The company also wants you to note that there are particular aspects that could affect your decision and it includes the size, climate and how you drive.

It is indicated in the wall of the tyre its size along with other important information. With it, you can also determine the date and place the tyre was produced, along with its speed and load capacity. You can also find other imperative details on the sidewall of the tyre such as its section width, aspect ratio or profile and its radius.

Factors that could affect the life of your tyre may include: mileage per annum is either high or low, or driving in inner city conditions rather than motorways. Depending on your given criteria, Tyre&Auto can help you with your choice even if you drive in a sportier manner, which could also affect the life of your tyre.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group is always prepared to answer any of your inquiries concerning your car wherein you could give them a call today or visit their local depot to meet their hard working team and discuss to them your concerns.



Banks will track customers' movements via their mobile phones in a bid to tackle fraud. Barclays is introducing a system which allows it to check whether someone is in the same country as their debit or credit card so they know whether the payment is fraudulent or not. For example, if a suspicious transaction was made in the America, but data showed the customer's phone it was in the UK, the bank would realize something was amiss.




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Our committee is made up ofbusy mums living in Singapore.  They runour events and take care of all the background functions such as membershipsand finance.  All committee positions arevoluntary. 

About the NMSG

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Who We Are

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