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Heya everyone! ^-^

I woke up at 10, took a shower and treated my hair a little mask. ^^ I remembered that I bought a face mask, and since I've had weird and random dry patches on my face so I decided to try it out. (≧ω≦)

So far it feels pretty weird, haha! The texture of it was pretty sticky, smells okay.. and it had a really nice blue see-through color. 😍❤ Have any of you tried this one? How did you find it? Did it work for you? ^-^
It would be really awesome to know! ❤
I have 4 minutes left before I can take off the mask and I'll give you guys an update! 😄


The mask was a bit hard to peel of, but I think that it's only because I've never used one before. ^^ But I got the hang of it quickly and I rinsed my face a little because I got some of the mask a bit too close to my hair, and then when I patted my face with the towel. My face feels GREAT! It's sooo smooth and ugh! LOVE IT! ​I definitely recommend this one!
You all should really try it, it's awesome! ^^

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Heya everyone! ^-^

I just made some egg salad, I didn't have everything I usually use but almost! (≧ω≦)
It's something that is VERY nice to have on a sandwich. ❤
More filling for your stomach if you want something light for lunch/dinner or just as a little night sandwich. ^-^

So what do I use to make this delicious egg salad? It's so simple it's ridiculous! 😄
Which makes it even more awesome! 😍❤

You will need!
(Depending on how much you want to make)

8 hard boiled eggs
4 tablespoons of Hellman's Mayo
2-3 teaspoons of Dijon mustard (mix in and taste if you think it need less or more is up to you!)
Chives depending on how you prefer
Salt, black pepper and garlic powder after taste

Cut the eggs in smaller pieces, I like them to be little bigger so it's not just a big mush of everything.
Put them in a bowl, put the mayo in and mix everything. After that you mix in the mustard, you can taste to see if
you need more of either mustard or mayo. Cut the chives in to small pieces and mix in with the spices.
Taste and put on a slice of bread and one on top and you are good to go! 😍❤

If anyone of you guys would try it, please let me know! ^_^



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I found some really nice handbags for the summer, in different styles and I fell in looove with these! 😍❤
I would seriously buy every single one of them, haha.. ^-^
Usually I find it hard to find handbags that I really like, and now I've found 4! 😄

Have you guys found a nice handbag for the summer? Wich one of these did you like the best? ^-^



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Found these nice clothes too, everything is from Gina Tricot . ^-^
Never had any jeans that wasn't black or blue, but I really like the pink-ish color of those. 😍❤
Also to match that with the black top would look really nice. n_n

Highwaisted shorts, never owned white ones but I really like these. ^^ plus if you have a colorful and loose top would make it look super cute. ^-^



Good morning everyone!

Hope you guys slept well! 😄
I've been up since 9.15 so I didn't sleep the day away. 😁😂
Rob and I are sitting in the couch with the boys 😍❤ my piggies! (>w<)

Thinking if I might give them a bath today, or if I should wait like I said yesterday. 😝



Good evening everyone! (>◇<)

Today has been a very mixed up but good day, got a lot of planning done. ^-^
Had a looong Skype talk with my wifey, she made my day. ❤ wasn't feeling too good this morning but I've laughed so much today it's insane. n_n

I made dinner and been writing for hours now, I've even done some organization of my characters in World of Warcraft. Lol.
I'm in love with that game, Legion is fucking epic!! 😄👌

I had some "hand time" with Dixie, my little dwarfhamster for like 40 minutes, she was really enjoying it. ^^ Trying to get her more used to be handled. 😊

Either the day after tomorrow or the next is one of Oreos favorite things, and Milos hateful. xD *drum roll*

BATHTIME! 😍😝 Oreo loves it and Milo hates it, but he loves all the snuggles afterwards though. (^w^)

Rob and I are watching some Netflix and I'm going to try to actually fall asleep before 02-03 tonight. ^-^

Good night!




I've been doing laundry, made a new design here. ^^ really feeling this one, what do you guys think? (≧ω≦)
I've fixed the dishes, fixed for the guinea pigs. n_n 💗
Been watching some Youtubers and I actually ate breakfast *applause* I have such a hard time to eat during the mornings, or when I just wake up. Can any of you guys relate? (>_<)
I'm on skype right now with my wifey💗 and were talking about everything and nothing, mostly about our blogs and funny stuff, our day and more. ^-^

I have some awesome posts planned so keep an eye out for that! (≧ω≦) 💗



Good morning everyone! (≧ω≦) 💗

I'm a corpse today, so fricking tired. Fell asleep between 2-3 this morning and had my alarm set for 8.00
because I had to make a phone call. T.T
Always have trouble sleeping at a "good time", and no matter how much or little I sleep it never feels like I've slept enough.

Today I'm going to do some laundry, have started the first machine an hour back or so, and see how much I can fit on the drying rack. xD Might get interesting... ^^
I gave the guinea pigs new hay (like every day) and gave them breakfast. ^^
I'm going to fix the dishes and some other small things around the house. n_n
Now I'm just trying to eat something and watching some vlogs. :3

We'll see what the rest of the day offers! Hope you guys have a wonderful day! (≧ω≦)



What's your name? – Ann-Sofie

Nickname? – Ash, Annso, wifey,

Birthday? – February 12th

How old are you? - 24

Zodiac sign? – Aquarius

Do you have any siblings? - Yes, I have 2 older sisters and an older stepbrother and a younger stepbrother

Work? – I'm educating myself to work as a youth leader

Height? - 5,4 ft (167,3cm)

Haircolor? – Brown

Eyecolor? – One green and one brown

Piercing? – Ears and I had in my eyebrow and snakebites but took those out

Tatoos? – Sadly, nothing yet!

Right or left handed? – Right

Best friend? – http://nouw.com/sandrahasselström

Favorite Movie? – Dirty Dancing

Favorite series? - Wow, got a lot.. But Walking dead, Game of Thrones, OITNB, House of Cards, Tudors, Reign, Tudors etc.

Favorite song? – This is my current one, I listen to waay to much music xD Duele el corazon - Enrique Iglesias

Favorite color? – Black, orange, purple

Favorite restaurant? – Eastern Palace 💗💗💗

Favorite store? – Gina Tricot, H&M, Nelly and others

Favorite book? I don't know

Favorite game? – World of warcraft and The Sims 4

Favorite shoes? – My vans sneakers

Favorite place? – My home💗

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? – Midlife crisis xD haha, no but perhaps in the U.S

Laptop or PC? – Laptop but I want a pc

Current feeling? – Happy and tired

Favorite artist? – Oh god, I have no idea.. I love so many. xD

Genre? – Pop, Rock, Techno, Old music etc.

What are you thinking about right now? – That my guinea pigs are playing around in their hay xD

What are you watching? – My laptop and my friend on Skype xD

What are you wearing? – Comfy clothes

Dog or cat? - Both, can't choose xD

Coca Cola or Sprite? – SPRITE!! 💗

What was the last thing you bought? – Food 💗

What languages can you speak? – Swedish, English (obviously) and a little Spanish

Text or call? – Text, I usually don't like to speak in the phone. Lol xD

Favorite food? - Chinese food (≧ω≦)

Daily makeup? - On the days I use makeup I have, mascara, eyeliner, bronzer and eyebrow cream! ^-^



HAHA! The prank in the beginning was AWESOME!!! xD Powdered sugar + flour canon = GREAT! xD



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