Hiya guys! 😄

Yesterday we got a new member to the family, she is 2 months old and the most loving and beautiful little girl. 😍
She loves all three of us equally and she is like a little model! Haha, she was posing for me when I took these of her. 😃❤

Just came closer and just kept looking in the lens.. 😍

Fell asleep on daddy for hours yesterday, it's very exhausting to be a little kitten. 😊 Plus that it's warm and cozy to sleep on daddy. ^^

Curious and completely gorgeous. 🌟😍

and of course, very sleepy. 😁

Just sat down and kept looking at the camera. ^^ Love our little model. 😍

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Strawberries with whipped cream. Yum yum! 🍓😍

Found some pretty flowers. 🌺

Strawberries! 🍓❤ They were so delicious. 🍓

Another pretty flower. ^^

A bug that looks like it's silver. 🎇

Emily and me did some face masks.. It felt awesome for the skin. 👌

More flowers. 😁

Some adorable horses. 😄❤🐴



Rob made burgers and corn on the cob, it was so damn delicious!
So all three of us got a major food coma now! 😍

I will sleep like a baby tonight! xD
Hope you all are having a good day and night, I've been cleaning and doing all the necessary stuff today so I haven't really anything interesting to tell you guys about. 😂



Hiya! 🌸

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there has been a lot going on so I didn't have the time to sit down and write anything.
But today I figured I could give you my recipe on broccoli soup! Made it today for dinner. 😍


1 kg frozen broccoli
~10 potatoes
1 onion
2 dl sourcream ( cremé fraiche )
14 dl water
2 chicken buljon & 1 vegetable
3 slices of cheddar
Salt, blackpepper and garlicpowder

Start by boil up the broccoli, while you wait you cut the potatoes in to even cubes.
Put them in and then cut the onion in to small pieces. In with the buljon.
Let is boil for a while, in with the spices and taste. 🌸
When everything is soft, take the pot of the heat. Mix it with a hand blender.
In with the sourcream and rip the cheese in to smaller pieces and mix it. Taste and then let it sit for about 5 minutes before serving. 🌺



Hiya everyone! 🌸

Today has not been my day at all... My microphone to my expensive headset which the warranty just ended last month... has completely stopped working, been trying to fix it ALL FRICKING DAY, my boyfriend even tried, my friends tried to help but nothing worked.. 😭💔 It's these ones and I've been checking drivers, and my computer won't even find the mic anymore. ❌

Anyways, right now I'm doing some pixel art in Photoshop, listening to Shakira and eating popcorn..
Completely bummed out by this.. They cost about 118.66 dollars, which is about 1000 SEK.
Hopefully I'll figure it out. 👌

I might upload what I'm doing in Photoshop if I get happy with it. 😜
I'm about to try to talk on skype with the wifey and get in a better mood. ✨



Hiya! 🌸

Around lunchtime today Emily and I started baking some gluten free bread, since she is allergic. 😊
Luckily we went grocery shopping yesterday so we had everything prepared. ^-^
She thought the bread was delicious, which was a relief since this is my second time baking bread and first time I made gluten free. 😁🌺

Recipe: --> Start by heating your oven to 250° C

* 12 dl of gluten free flour, I used Lailas Mjölmix.. Which is a Swedish brand.
* 50 g butter
* 5 dl water or milk ( I used water since we were out of milk)
* 50 g yeast for bread
* 1,5 - 2 teaspoons salt
* 1,5 - 2 tablespoons sugar
* Eggs or butter to coat them with before you put them in the oven.

Start by melting the butter and stir in either milk or water and check so it's 37°C.
Break the yeast in to small pieces in a bowl and put the lukewarm fluid over and stir until completely mixed in.
Mix in the salt, sugar and flour.. I took a bit of flour at the time so it really got mixed in. 💗
"Work with the dough" until it doesn't stick to the edges of the bowl. 😊
Put a thin towel or a thinner pillowcase like I did over and let it rise for 30 minutes.

Take the dough out on your counter that you have a bit of flour spread out on, also make sure your hands have some on as well. 😉 It makes it easier to work it again. ^-^
Roll it to a long "sausage" and cut even balls, we got 20 since I made a smaller size. ✨
Roll them to buns and pat them until they are like 1 cm thick and put on a baking plate with some non stick paper, cover them in plastic foil. ^^ Let them rise for another 30 minutes. 😁

While you wait you can mix up 1 egg and coat them when they are done rising. 🌻
I took a bit too little egg, but they still turned out great. But after you've done that, put them in the middle of the oven for 8-10 minutes. 😍

Hahaha! I didn't find any of the towels that I usually use so I took this "gorgeous" pillowcase! xD

The fluffy-looking dough! 😁💗