Heya everyone! ^-^

I just made some egg salad, I didn't have everything I usually use but almost! (≧ω≦)
It's something that is VERY nice to have on a sandwich. ❤
More filling for your stomach if you want something light for lunch/dinner or just as a little night sandwich. ^-^

So what do I use to make this delicious egg salad? It's so simple it's ridiculous! 😄
Which makes it even more awesome! 😍❤

You will need!
(Depending on how much you want to make)

8 hard boiled eggs
4 tablespoons of Hellman's Mayo
2-3 teaspoons of Dijon mustard (mix in and taste if you think it need less or more is up to you!)
Chives depending on how you prefer
Salt, black pepper and garlic powder after taste

Cut the eggs in smaller pieces, I like them to be little bigger so it's not just a big mush of everything.
Put them in a bowl, put the mayo in and mix everything. After that you mix in the mustard, you can taste to see if
you need more of either mustard or mayo. Cut the chives in to small pieces and mix in with the spices.
Taste and put on a slice of bread and one on top and you are good to go! 😍❤

If anyone of you guys would try it, please let me know! ^_^

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I had some serious cravings for chips, didn't wanna waste money on the store so, I made my own chips with some help from Maya. 😉

Trying to make chips for the second time. ^^

I did everything with a knife.. LOL. This is only one layer, it was two when all the potatoes were done.

Frying time!

Time to dry off

Smells delicious!

They were SO good! 😍



Hello everyone! ^^
I'm going to write down the recipe for my "noodle-dinner" that I made today. ^^
* Egg Noodles
* Vegetables you like (I took): Wok-Mix, haricoverts beans, corn and extra broccoli
* Soy Sauce
* Margarine
* Olive oil
Cook the veggies in a fryingpan so they get soft, use margarine and season them with salt, lemon pepper, bbq spice and garlic. Cook the noodles like it says on the package, put a tiny amount of olive oil in the water. After the noodles are done, take another fryingpan and put the noodles in with some margarine and soysauce.
Wait a couple of minutes and then you're all done! 😃😍