The babies are growing super fast! (≧ω≦)
This little one fell asleep in my hand and gave me kisses (≧ω≦) ❤

I mean look at the cuteness! OwO

Sleepy baby (≧ω≦) ❤

Woke up and looked around, found a comfy spot in my hand and went back to sleep (≧ω≦) ❤

(≧ω≦) ❤

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Picture from last week when I was at school. ^^

Lip and Squeaky had babies! ❤ They are so cute! Kinda reminds me of mini-chipmunks! ❤

Another picture from school! *w*

Oreo is calling out for his brother. ❤❤

Milo is checking out the new house :3 ❤

Got a haircut! (≧ω≦) ❤ Love it!! My hair was very long before, but it wasn't healthy so my sister cut it off so it can grow back healthier! ❤

A teeny tiny baby! (≧ω≦) ❤

The proud mama :3 Squeaky! ❤

The proud father Lip! :3❤



Eyebrow on fleek! ;D ❤

Oreo and Milo is cuddling with daddy :3 ❤

Say cheese! *w* ❤

Milo got a bath because he was STINKY! D: ❤

Nom noms! :3 ❤

My little model! ʕ。•ᴥ•。ʔ ❤

My other little model! ʕ。•ᴥ•。ʔ ❤

Brother :3 ❤

Look at that little mouth! (≧ω≦) ❤

Peek-a-boo! ❤

Looks like he is smiling! (─‿‿─) ❤

Sharing some spinach with daddy! ❤

All them kisses! ʕ◉ω◉ ʔ ❤

Cuddles! ❤