I know I've been bad at updating here, but it's been a lot going on..
As some of you may know, ma and my stepdaughter and my niece was victim of something very bad and awful in January. If you don't know you can read it here.

I really thought that the police would do something about it, I really did..
I haven't had any faith in the Swedish judicial system for a very long time,
but one part of me really hoped for help this time.. But nothing... Not a single thing.
I got calls and they asked questions, and I said that I still remember how the guys looked like.
I'm that type of person who doesn't forget a face, especially if they have done something this horrible to me and people I really care about. I haven't returned to Storsjöbadet, not once since it happened..
And I have no thoughts of returning there.
That place has always been something I really enjoyed going to, especially with family and friends.
But now.. It feels like a market for sexual harassment, unsafe and with lifeguards who doesn't care.
That they want something so horrible to happen ONE MORE TIME before they would even confront the guys.
A place where rules are just for some people, and others can do as they please.

It might sound harsh and horrible, but this is how I feel. I feel betrayed, I feel like I've been left out in the cold.
The police threw out the case. They threw out the case.. I couldn't believe it, when I got the letter.
I couldn't believe my eyes, I got so upset and sad. How could they?!
I told them I could identify every single one of them!
They said that they had some pictures, and I told them to send them to me or take them here.
But no... that would be too much.. To catch people who feel like it's OK to touch me and my stepdaughter and niece who both are minors! I am so angry and sad.. I don't trust the police anymore, I won't bother them if I would need help.. It's apparently too much work.

Today, I got contacted by an American author and he is coming to my home tomorrow to talk to me about what happened. I'm so happy that at least the U S is caring about what's going on here when the Swedish government doesn't give a shit.

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