​I made a ground beef pie for lunch yesterday, it was SO GOOD! 
Oh my God! It was the best one I've made so far, lots of flavor.
I love to improvise when it comes to cooking. ^^

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He looks quite majestic, doesn't he? ;)

Really hard to get a good picture of him since he is super fast! xD
But he was nice enough to sit still for like a minute so I could take this picture. ^^

You have not lived until you get a judging look from a dwarf hamster. xD
Hahaha! xD He is still adorable though! <3

Using my leg as a slide, he did it a lot of times. xD
Seems like he thought it was a lot of fun! :3

​He has also started to jump a lot, and he actually listened when Maya said "jump" x3
So cute! <3



Felt like baking yesterday, so me and my boyfriends daughter baked some goodie stuff! :3

Some of them turned out really pretty! :3

Yuum! :3

Cupcake! *-*

Om nom nom nom! :D

​The whole apartment smells delicious! *-*