Hello everyone! ^^

I'm trying to make a "spring-header" but it's not going very well so I hope
that I'll get it up soon! xD haha.
Tomorrow Rob is going to follow me to an appointment with a specialist, so I hope everything is going to work out good. 😊 I'm nervous and don't really know what to expect but we'll see how everything goes.

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Hello everyone! ^-^
Was thinking of going out and take some pictures, but I forgot to charge my camera sooo.... damn.
Slow day, I'm freezing although it's warm. Did some calls, and going to clean up in the kitchen. 😉
Both Sheri and Timmy are laying close to me, haha. So at least my leg is warm. Lol.

Maby I'll do some laundry. ^^ Rob bought two more laundry "baskets" so we have one each which is SO much easier. LOVE IT! So I don't have to look for clothes and wonder why some clothes disappears when they are just under a bunch of clothes. ^^ Plus that we've learn Maya to do her own laundry.
Which is awesome so she can do her own clothes if Rob and I don't have time. ^^

Plus that I got an AMAZING gift card from my mom to get massage. I've been trying to get a hold of them for like 3 months and they don't fucking answer!! Their website (were you are supposed to book your appointment) are down because they are re-making it. I've called, texted them.. I mean WTF?!
I hate people.. seriously.. Why do they have gift cards if you are not going to let people use them!!
So fucking irritated.

Listening to music so I won't be pissed all day, haha.. Lol already feeling better. xD
Talk about mood-swings LOL! I write "lol" a lot... xD

Me and my man. ^^ Love you!



Hello everyone! ^^
Me and the girls took the cats out for a while, they seemed to enjoy it but Timmy was scared. xD
Sheri wanted to look around and check out things. ^^
Funny how different they are. 😊

Timmy & Sheri next to Maya. ^^

Emily in the swing with Sheri & Timmy. ^^

Sheri the explorer! :D

Timmy, the chicken.. xD but he was a little curious though. ^^

​Maya and Timmy. ^^

Taking cover next to Maya and hiding from the scary man over there. 😝



Started watching Banshee, really good! I really like it! ^^

The kitties, mostly sleepy during the day and going crazy at night.. LOL xD



I love sharks!! haha! this one is adorable. <3

Pretty much any cat.. xD haha!



This is sooo me! xD

Same girl.. NOW I feel old.. D: