Eyebrow on fleek! ;D ❤

Oreo and Milo is cuddling with daddy :3 ❤

Say cheese! *w* ❤

Milo got a bath because he was STINKY! D: ❤

Nom noms! :3 ❤

My little model! ʕ。•ᴥ•。ʔ ❤

My other little model! ʕ。•ᴥ•。ʔ ❤

Brother :3 ❤

Look at that little mouth! (≧ω≦) ❤

Peek-a-boo! ❤

Looks like he is smiling! (─‿‿─) ❤

Sharing some spinach with daddy! ❤

All them kisses! ʕ◉ω◉ ʔ ❤

Cuddles! ❤



Snuggles on the sofa! :D Milo is SO tiny!! :D:D He is the same size as Rob's hand! xD

I filmed them 'cause they were making cute squeaks and Oreo made some rumblestrutting. xD
and he cuddle Milo xD hahaha!

My cute little Oreo :3

Rob and Milo :3 He is soo cute! :3



Oreo and his favorite treat, cucumber xD

Hey...hey you! Give me cucumber!

Bought a new cage. ^^ and more stuff for the playpen! :D

Oooh salad. Gimmie that xD

On Tuesday January 24th, this little cutie moves in too! :D

His name is Milo :3



Decorated our tree. ^^

It's 210 cm tall, so it was hard for me to reach everything. xD
But I did it! :D


Love these ones. :3



Hello everybody! ^-^

Tomorrow it's 5 weeks since I had the surgery, the scars are healing.. Still hurting though, and can't really sleep either because I have a hard time being comfortable. But it's a lot better than what it was, and I haven't had that pain in my gallbladder either. ^^ Which is great, because that was one of the most horrible pains I've ever had.

This is how they look now, even if I still hate how it looks and it's making me uncomfortable. I'm still happy that I don't have to worry about getting the pain back. Hopefully the scars won't get uglier.

Love that the snow is here! ❤
It's so beautiful outside, although it's a lot of ice out now since it was warmer for a few days.

The new member of the family, Squeaky❤ Such a cute and friendly little girl. ^^

Lip, he is soo adorable and friendly. ❤

The raspberry pie Maya made. ^^ I usually don't like raspberry pies but this one was soo good!
She is awesome at baking. ^^ ❤

I made 6 mini blueberry pies and one big one. ^^

The thing with these types of pies is that they taste the best the day after you make them. ❤

My man has some gorgeous hands. ❤

Just took a few random pictures when he was messing around with his knife. ( ・ω・)

He also made me this gorgeous bracelet! ( ・ω・) Love it so much!



Hello everyone ~ ❤

I would lie if I told you all that I was fine, I'm not.
Been at the hospital since Wednesday 3.am. I had to go to the hospital with an ambulance, because I had the most brutal stomach pain I've ever experienced. I've had something similar a few times before.. but never this bad.
Rob called the ambulance since nothing made it stop, it just got worse.. ❤ The pumped me full of pain medicine just to see if it stopped.. it didn't. I threw up, was crying.. hyperventilating. We got to the hospital really fast..
My mom came there 2 minutes after me, it was 3.10 am.. They took blood and did tests.. Did an ultrasound to see if they could see anything.. My gallbladder had an inflammation and I had stones.. So I got moved to another room in the " surgical department", I had to stay the night.. But I was lucky that mom was there, she stayed until 6.40 am. I managed to sleep about 30 minutes. I got to do an x-ray and I was in the same room until the afternoon, I couldn't eat or drink anything.. It sucked. I had an IV but still.. It's a horrible feeling when your mouth and throat are dry as the desert and you can't drink..
Got placed on the 13th floor, which is the second highest floor, in a bed next to the window.
Rob came over the next day with a bag with some of my things that I would need. ^ω^
Today is Sunday, I'm still here.. and it's almost dinnertime here. I can eat if I want to, but so far when I tried it's either that my stomach hurts like hell or that I throw up. My hands, arms and butt are blue and full of needle marks. Sitting in my bed and resting. My lovely man Rob, my mom, my dad and my best friend Evve has been visiting me. I'm so thankful for you all.❤
Also the ones here at the hospital has been amazing, really cool and friendly people. ^^
I have been able to drink a liter today *proud* so this is the first night I'm going to sleep without an IV.
So perhaps I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. They are also going to give me something so I can be calm and relaxed. Because at the moment I'm really stressed out and nervous.. Also no roommate woop woop!
The worst thing though is that I miss Rob and Maya soooo much.. (╥︣﹏᷅╥)
But hopefully my baby will be here tomorrow after surgery. ❤

Took the one top left the night I got here, and the one in the bottom right. The other three are from this morning.. Got more needle marks now, and one new in my stomach.. Just because my buttcheeks are full of them, so I got the pain medicine injected in my stomach instead. It hurted like a motherfucker though.. D:
Less than three hours from now I can't drink or eat ANYTHING... That is going to suck..
But now I'm going to watch a movie and just relax.

The view isn't too shabby. ^^

Love this.. ❤



I love autumn.. Such a gorgeous time of the year.. ( ・ω・)

I mean.. just look how beautiful they are..(≧ω≦)


From a meeting.. and yes. I'm one of those people xD

I take pictures of everything.. xD

Including myself sometimes.. ^^'
Had a good day with the makeup.. ^^ and my hair didn't look like a fricking birds nest..

It was cold one morning. But still gorgeous.

​(─‿‿─)  ♥



A carrot cake! (─‿‿─)

Oreo cake! ( ̄ー ̄)

Collage with some pictures from the day. ^^
Major nom noms! :3

Smores! *w*

Mr.Lip likes carrot cake too! ( ・ω・)



Such a gorgeous sunset! ≧◠◡◠≦✌

Pizza-night with my baby! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ (♥‿‿♥)

Found a fuzzy friend on my walk too! (≧◡≦)

​Also saw this gorgeous tree! (≧ω≦)