I love autumn.. Such a gorgeous time of the year.. ( ・ω・)

I mean.. just look how beautiful they are..(≧ω≦)


From a meeting.. and yes. I'm one of those people xD

I take pictures of everything.. xD

Including myself sometimes.. ^^'
Had a good day with the makeup.. ^^ and my hair didn't look like a fricking birds nest..

It was cold one morning. But still gorgeous.

​(─‿‿─)  ♥

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A carrot cake! (─‿‿─)

Oreo cake! ( ̄ー ̄)

Collage with some pictures from the day. ^^
Major nom noms! :3

Smores! *w*

Mr.Lip likes carrot cake too! ( ・ω・)



Such a gorgeous sunset! ≧◠◡◠≦✌

Pizza-night with my baby! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ (♥‿‿♥)

Found a fuzzy friend on my walk too! (≧◡≦)

​Also saw this gorgeous tree! (≧ω≦)



Trying a new look with makeup, although I think I look like a weirdo with eyebrows like that, but I think I actually like it. ^^ teehee! :3

Aaaand of course I need my glasses so I can see something xD lmao

This little guy! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥


From a walk, so pretty here. :3


Oh mah lawd! SO DELICIOUS! (`・ω・´)



I know I've been bad at updating here, but it's been a lot going on..
As some of you may know, ma and my stepdaughter and my niece was victim of something very bad and awful in January. If you don't know you can read it here.

I really thought that the police would do something about it, I really did..
I haven't had any faith in the Swedish judicial system for a very long time,
but one part of me really hoped for help this time.. But nothing... Not a single thing.
I got calls and they asked questions, and I said that I still remember how the guys looked like.
I'm that type of person who doesn't forget a face, especially if they have done something this horrible to me and people I really care about. I haven't returned to Storsjöbadet, not once since it happened..
And I have no thoughts of returning there.
That place has always been something I really enjoyed going to, especially with family and friends.
But now.. It feels like a market for sexual harassment, unsafe and with lifeguards who doesn't care.
That they want something so horrible to happen ONE MORE TIME before they would even confront the guys.
A place where rules are just for some people, and others can do as they please.

It might sound harsh and horrible, but this is how I feel. I feel betrayed, I feel like I've been left out in the cold.
The police threw out the case. They threw out the case.. I couldn't believe it, when I got the letter.
I couldn't believe my eyes, I got so upset and sad. How could they?!
I told them I could identify every single one of them!
They said that they had some pictures, and I told them to send them to me or take them here.
But no... that would be too much.. To catch people who feel like it's OK to touch me and my stepdaughter and niece who both are minors! I am so angry and sad.. I don't trust the police anymore, I won't bother them if I would need help.. It's apparently too much work.

Today, I got contacted by an American author and he is coming to my home tomorrow to talk to me about what happened. I'm so happy that at least the U S is caring about what's going on here when the Swedish government doesn't give a shit.



I'm soo sorry for being away for so long.
A lot of things has happened since I last wrote here. ^^

I've moved away from the city and I don't have to hear ambulances, police etc every day.
I'm closer to nature and it's more calm here and I love it!
I have jobs now, 2 so far. Maybe I'll get more if I need more hours.
Love the apartment also, it's gorgeous! <3
The only negative thing about living here is that my friends and family is further away,
but since I'm working now I'm going to put away money to get my damn drivers license!! xD

​I feel a lot better now when I don't live so close to the chaos.. 
Feel more motivated, happy, more energy and more like myself! ^-^
When I've looked around here more and get to know some more roads I'm definitely going to start walking more.
But now since I'm still learning to find my way around I haven't been doing that too much!

Got some new pretty shoes, going to put up a picture when I remember! They are comfy and adorable! *-* <3

Until next time! :3 buh bye! :D



​I made a ground beef pie for lunch yesterday, it was SO GOOD! 
Oh my God! It was the best one I've made so far, lots of flavor.
I love to improvise when it comes to cooking. ^^



He looks quite majestic, doesn't he? ;)

Really hard to get a good picture of him since he is super fast! xD
But he was nice enough to sit still for like a minute so I could take this picture. ^^

You have not lived until you get a judging look from a dwarf hamster. xD
Hahaha! xD He is still adorable though! <3

Using my leg as a slide, he did it a lot of times. xD
Seems like he thought it was a lot of fun! :3

​He has also started to jump a lot, and he actually listened when Maya said "jump" x3
So cute! <3



Felt like baking yesterday, so me and my boyfriends daughter baked some goodie stuff! :3

Some of them turned out really pretty! :3

Yuum! :3

Cupcake! *-*

Om nom nom nom! :D

​The whole apartment smells delicious! *-*



Saturday January 16th was a very sad and horrible day for me, my 14 year old stepdaughter and 11 year old niece. We went to the town pool called "Storsjöbadet", since both of them likes it I thought it could be fun to go there and just have a fun day. But it turned out to be something else..

We were in the big pool and was swimming around and laughing and having a great time, when a group of 5-6 immigrant guys came up to us. At first I didn't think much of it, I mean it's a local pool.. a lot of people go there.
Then the worst thing happens.. My 11 year old niece says to me that one of the guys touched her lower private parts. I got chocked and asked if she was sure, since it's a very serious accusation. She said that she was sure, and just as she said that one of the guys was swimming under water towards her lower parts and tries to touch her, I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. The guy came up and pushed his crotch against my thigh, I pushed him away and said "Stop it". He just gave me a smirk and laughed and talked in a foreign language.

I told the girls to follow me, so we went to another part of the pool. 1-2 minutes after that they came and touched my stepdaughter on her breasts and butt. They also touched me in all places, even though I made it very clear that I did not approve of this. So I told one of the lifeguards, my niece is friends with his daughter so he knew who my sister is. He told me to show him the guys, and I did.. I told him what they've done to us, I told him that I want them to do something about this because neither me, my stepdaughter or niece felt safe. He said that "If they do it one more time, we will throw them out"... One more time... I couldn't believe that he said that to us, they sexually harass 2 minors and me.. but it okay that they get to swim around and maybe do the same to others!

We went to eat something just to get a break from that, it was a very sick to have to feel like this in a place were families and people in all ages are supposed to have fun and feel safe. After we ate neither my stepdaughter or niece wanted to leave my side.. My niece was riding on my back most of the time and my stepdaughter always very close.. not even an arm length from me. Is it supposed to be like this in a public pool?
That the predators gets to swim, stalk, touch little girls and ruin their lives for ever, but the victims has to watch their back and feel unsafe and go home because they can't relax and that it just feels like we are a part of a meat market.

I've been to that pool many times before and nothing like this has ever happened before, ever..
Where is this country going?

I messaged local newspapers when we came home, LTZ and ÖP. I also took a chance and wrote to a news paper called Fria Tider, they were the only ones who helped me to get this out there so more people gets warned about what's going on. Neither ÖP or LTZ was interested of this, although after Fria Tider published their article, Facebook blew up with a lot of comments, I also got called a liar and a racist. I'm not even close to be a racist, my boyfriend and his daughter are from another country.. A lot of people were irritated that ÖP or LTZ didn't write about this, and shortly after that a journalist from LTZ contacted me and said he wanted to interview me, which I agreed to and also a guy from Sveriges Radio (Swedish Radio) contacted me and wanted to do an interview. Both LT and Sveriges Radio came over to my apartment to do an interview. Later that afternoon a journalist from ÖP contacted me.
I did that interview over the phone I asked all the journalists to send me the article before it got published, ÖP were the only one who gave me an insecure answer.
I read through them and gave my OK. Today ÖP published a EDITED and CHANGED article of what I said OK to, so I confronted ÖP on their Facebook page. They deleted my post. I published the picture of the original article ÖP sent me and they deleted it.

What that says to me is that they don't give a shit about me or the girls, they want to protect the predators and
stand by them. It was a slap in the face. I contacted the newspapers because I wanted to give others a chance to know what's going on so other kids doesn't get in the same situation.
I've gotten a lot of negativity from this, and I was prepared for that. But also a lot of positive from a lot of people.

I'm going to leave all the links to the different articles so you guys can read it, also the link to the Youtube video with the recorded interview that I had with Fria Tider.
#låtossinteberätta #dontletusspeakout





This email was the original article that ÖP sent me, and I said that this one was ok.
See the difference between the new one they didn't tell me about until I saw it this morning.

​Leave me your thoughts on this in the comments!

Take care! Ann-Sofie