My baby boys. 😍💗


Got a necklace and earrings from Rob! 😍💗 Looooove them! 💗😍💗

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Hope we get a warm and sunny summer this year! ʕ。•ᴥ•。ʔ

Is anyone else exited for summer? ( ・ω・)



Took a walk in a windy but awesome afternoon yesterday! 😍💗

Today it was gorgeous! Sunny from like 7 am in the morning! :D And it was quite nice outside, not too cold. So a terrible day had a great start!! 😍😍😍💗
I was at the dentist today and got my wisdom tooth removed... Why does it being called that? It's a couple of teeth that makes you miserable! D:
I don't remember much, and I apparently bit my lip so it's blue and swollen.. fucking great!

But I was happy because it was sunny and nice.. but then this happened...


Tomorrow it's school, missed the first day because of the dentist.. Since I pretty much couldn't do anything afterwards.
So I'm going to look fucked up, be in pain and try to concentrate! xD 😂😂
Jesus... I really hope it's going to be a good week!

Haha.. omg.. I don't understand you Sweden.. I really don't understand you right now. xD

So let's just look at this.. This beautiful sun! 😍💗

I also realized how big Dixie is now! :'D My little squishy is growing! 💗
From top left, to right, to lower left and now on the lower right. Mt pretty girl! 😍

Finally! 😂😂😂😂😂😂💗

Jokes aside, I hope everyone is having a great day/night. And that the rest of your week is being awesome! 😍



Started the day with an omelette.
Trying to start eat breakfast again, but I always feel sick afterwards..😷
I know that I will feel better if I start off the day with eating something. But mostly I just skip eating til around 15.00. Very bad I know. But I don't feel hungry and when I do I usually wait a bit longer. xD

Snow in April.. and rain when it's supposed to be snow. Go home weather you are drunk! I'm supposed to be allergic to everything outside now! 😆😂
Hope you all have a good day!



Evve and Robin came over. ^-^ two of my favorite people in the world. 😍 Evve got to play a bit with Dixie, who surprisingly was very calm and happy. 😂

I'm so grateful to have such amazing people in my life 💗

Yesterday I had a mini photoshoot with Oreo and Milo. ^-^ haven't looked at all the pictures I took with my camera yet. These I took with my phone, so I'll definitely upload some more. ^-^

Also I talked with some good friends on World of Warcraft yesterday, it's been a while since I laughed that much! 😊 still have some small cramps in my cheeks. xD
Love you guys! Pete, Judith, Anthony and Chris! ^-^



On the 6th of April this little cutie turned one years old! :D

This is my newest furry family member. ^-^ Her name is Dixie.
She is the baby of Lip and Squeaky. (≧ω≦)❤

Was a beautiful day.. ^^ love the rocks (≧ω≦)

Had some pizza for lunch with mom ❤

Best mom in the world! ❤❤

Starting to get used to seeing myself with short hair. xP
Although I can't wait for it to grow long again! ❤



Had an epic day with my class! ^-^

I challenged myself and surprisingly I managed to ski for the majority of the day!

Have somewhat of a control over my skis now, but still a bit unsure. xP

We were extremely lucky with the weather!! Sunshine, blue sky and just a bit windy!

Just look at that!! So happy I brought my camera with me so I could take these ones.