Some say travelling is the only way out when you look forward to taking a respite from the schedule. Some believe travelling adds on to the knowledge in terms of knowing about multi-cultural hues of several countries or enjoying diversified food that these countries offer or even if it is about the language or the clothing style, every country gives you a one-of-a-kind experience. While some visit places to explore the world, on the other hand some challenge their adventure streak by visiting different places offering an array of adventure activities.

Therefore, the story is not about how you reach, but what matters the most is what you do once you reach your dream destination. The experiences are endless!!

Now, it is important to understand that you must pick the right destination for the right kind of vacation experience. Below mentioned are the countries that are exclusive in their own domain. You would like to read through to make out next name in your bucket list.

United States:

The United States is fondly famous in the name of the Land of Liberty, since it boasts of the Statue of Liberty as the national icon. Attracted towards the prosperity and the super lifestyle, US have witnessed a huge influx of tourists for the past few centuries. Hence, this magnificent nation is also a land of multiplicity from its scenic landscapes to its culture, cuisine, politics and religion. The best places to visit in the US are:

Denver- Since it is a mile high in altitude above sea level, it is nicknamed as the ‘Mile-High City’. It is mainly a winter sport destination spelling out the cowboy history and presenting modern arts and culture.

Atlanta- Being capital and the largest city of Georgia, Atlanta is an expansive, modern city with three skylines. It takes pride in showcasing the CNN Center, World of Coca-Cola and the world’s largest indoor aquarium, Georgia Aquarium.

Portland- As the city is popular for its frequent rain drizzle, the climate here offers picturesque scenery comprising of too many rose gardens. This gave Portland a nickname- ‘City of Roses’.

San Antonio- Known as the jewel of Texas, San Antonio is a city blessed with both rich history and modern charisma.

Savannah- The archetypal Southern city, avannah is the oldest city in the US state of Georgia, and is rich in history, hospitality and nature.

The list is carried forward by some more names like- Boston, New Orleans, Niagara Falls (the spectacular natural wonder), Denali National Park (for experiencing abundant wildlife), Miami (for Latin culture and dazzling nightlife), the Emerald City- Seattle, Honolulu (opening to the tropical paradise of Hawaii), and many more…


The unusual count of more than 40 million tourists annuallymust scream aloud that Italy is extremely safe and friendly. Needless to mention all those awe-inspiring sights you've seen in the movies! So there is no such reason possibly,not to visit Italy? For all literature freaks and scholar minded travelers, Rome is your place. It is one of the most fantastic places you can ever visit, showcasing exclusive history, arts, and culture. The Eternal City also offers hidden and captivating treasures. Welcome to the intellectual world- Italy!!


There is something to be scared of in this more than beautiful country. And that is- the poisonous snakes - there are quite a lot of them! But then, I'm sure you won't be exploring the land of kangaroos all by yourself! Have no fear of snakes either actually- I'm sure the only snake you would get to see is kept in the Zoo.Dig into the wildlife and get seduced by the scenic beauty!


From Munich’s worldwide famous Oktoberfestto the Berlin wall ruins, Germany is completely amiable, safe and worthwhile. Being an outsider, you might find the Germans a bit "cold" initially, but with the nation you will have love at first sight! The architecture, literature and culture are praiseworthy. Have no fear, come fall in love with Deutschland!


Pleasant for residents as well as for tourists from across the globe, this is one of the most renowned and multi-ethnic countries. The Switzerland people are honest, hard working but very considerate of tourists. They will help you in any way they can. It is majorly a winter spot (for skiing), howeverI can assure you would have a blast any time of the year.Visit a perfect blend of beauty and adventure- Switzerland!


Being completely dependent on tourism, there is no doubt that people here will host you in a way no other country can.World class luxury resorts residing on isolated islands attract the rich and famous. It is also a favorite honeymoon spot as there is a choice of romantic getaways and hand-in-hand walk on secluded islands.

Henceforth, whichever country you visit, the most important thing to note here is- to enjoy yourself, keep safe and buy a lot of souvenirs. So what’s your pick for the next holiday? Share with us!