I always wake up early and this morning was no exception. I woke up at around 5.30 and couldn't go back to sleep however I'm so happy I didn't. LOOK at the sunrise I was greeted with, it hurt my eyes cause it was so pretty lol. My boyfriend wasn't as happy when I dragged him out of his beauty sleep haha but I was forgiven once he witnessed the sky. Now I just got back from the gym, had some breakfast and will take Olee to the dog-park so he can loose some energy. I have classes until 9pm tonight ughh but have a very exciting meeting in between so wish me luck!

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Hi there,

So .. I decided to do this blog in English for two Reasons; First: I mostly use American keyboards and therefore would not be able to use the beautiful Swedish letters and second: Honestly, after being abroad for over 6 years my Swedish grammar SUCKS haha.

Me and my favourite Paula a few months after moving here <3

SoI realized that there is so much to speak about and show in this wonderfully exciting city, which is why I want to share it with you. After having been here for almost two years now I have already seen and done so much more than I could ever have imagined, which is why there is so much to write about. I guess this is when I should introduce myself. Therefore, I am going to conduct a One on One interview with myself (not self absorbed at all). Here it goes;

1. Who the hell are you?

My name is Maddie (Maddy, Madde, Maddis, Tuttsiepie whichever you want, just not Madelene - only my parents call me that when they are REALLY fed up with me), I moved to NYC in January 2016 after graduating from university in Switzerland, where I studied Hospitality Management and Sales and Marketing. I started my journey here by doing a management training program in a hotel called The Lowell. After finishing that in May I am now taking a few business classes at NYU. Hopefully I'll start a new job in January if everything goes as planned. Aside from NYC I have lived in Stockholm (where I was born and raised), Milan, Barcelona, Portland (US), Switzerland and Munich. I love love LOVE to experience new places and when i'm asked to go somewhere it's very rare that you will find me saying no. I'm pretty much like Jim Carrey in the YES Man haha, which ultimately has landed me in some pretty interesting places and situations sometimes. My Kenyan boyfriend lives with me here in the city as well as our BABY adorable Pomsky (yes, we value him as our child) <3 We just moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and I couldn't be happier about that.

Our absolute favourite love-child Olee.

2. I know you are a foodie, but what is your absolute favorite food?

Yeah, I know it's a boring question but I'm seriously obsessed with food. I can sit and search for hours where to go for lunch on an average Tuesday. This is one of the reasons I am also called the concierge of the family. Ok so, the food.. Artichookes, by far my favourite thing in the world. Pickles score quite high on the list as I will always choose pickles as snacks for movies rather than chips or candy (if it's NOT salty liquorice of course). This is probably my Jewish side talking. When it comes to cuisines my top three favourites are Mexican (guacamole god), Peruvian and of course Italian (Italian side speaking here).

A memorable meal with my darling at EMP summerhouse in the Hamptons last summer.

3. Is there anything you do not like?

Blood! I have a phobia for blood and tend to faint as soon as I see it on others, which can be quite inconvenient at times as you can imagine. Urrgghhh... I also can not stand when people are incapable of fastening their seat-belt, it can't be so difficult to simply clip the buckle in.. it's so frustrating and makes me anxious. Lastly, I really hate going out to eat and being met by a disappointing meal. Like I mentioned earlier I can spend hours searching for the perfect place so when I dine and they disappoint I leave HANGRY.

View of the best city from my daily morning walk <3

So that was a bit longer then I had planned.. haha. I tend to get a little carried away sometimes but I promise to keep it as short and sweet as possible. I am excited about this and we will have so much fun together, can't wait!



Då var det dags för mig att skaffa blogg (hjälp!!). Jag älskar att läsa bloggar, tycker det är så roligt att se in i folks vardag och samtidigt kunna inspireras av fina bilder och kläder and so on. Jaaaa det låter cheesy men tycker att bloggar är ett toppen påhitt. Så när jag satt och läste bloggar här om dagen så slog det mig att nu ska banne mig jag också försöka. Sen kom jag på att med en blogg kan jag ju ta två flugor i en smäll som man säger:

1. Det är roligt att få skriva av sig och få en anledning till att ta bilder och ha på sig fina kläder (haaa ha). Samt att man faktiskt sparar ner sina minnen som man snabbt kan kolla tillbaka på om man så skulle vilja (eller glömma lol).

2. Som jag kommer berätta om mer så bor jag för tillfället i New York. Innan dess har jag också bott världen över i städer som Milano, Barcelona, Portland, Stockholm och Montreux (liten *stad* i Schweiz). Alltid är det släktingar och vänner som förstås vill veta hur man har det när man flänger runt, nu behöver jag ju bara berätta det en gång för alla wehooop! Så smart. SÅ kära släkt och vänner, om ni vill veta hur jag har det får ni helt enkelt titta förbi här hehe.

Det var det. Anledningen till varför jag har börjat blogga. En presentation av mig får helt enkelt komma senare, glömde bort att det kanske är det man ska börja med haha. Hejdå så länge!