Tata Cliq is premier phygital marketplace that integrates the concepts of online and offline shopping to serve more than a million customers. Established just a year ago, Tata Cliq upholds 100 percent authentic and handpicked materials from the best of brands and authorized resellers from India and other parts of the world.

Funded by Tata Unistore, a Tata Group business venture, Tata Cliq incorporates a strong brand partner network that provides a seamless shopping experience across more than 1000 stores and 50 brands to pickup, try on and test or exchange and return all that was bought in the store. With Tata Cliq online shopping, one can now perfectly leverage the legacy of the Tata Group for the best of apparel, electronics and footwear brands to the utmost. Derive the maximum of brand authenticity at Tata Cliq with our promocodes and coupons exclusively available at fabpromocodes.in .


Abof , Launched by the Aditya Birla Group, this ecommerce fashion portal aims to deliver a wide range of merchandise including apparel, electronics, footwear and accessories for both men and women all over the world. Abof.com online shopping indulges the customer in a completely differentiated shopping experience that is not only seamless but also intended towards exposing the customer to the best of authentic brands while on the internet. Apart from the regular shopping criteria, the portal also incorporates a first of its kind 3d virtual trial room, to help customers decide on the suitability of the product they intend to buy. Thus, one can expect great sophistication while shopping online at abof.com

Abof.com features products that are handpicked specifically from the best of brands to cater to the vast community of online shoppers from all over the world. Their services are intricately dedicated towards complementing the existing fashion brands in the market while creating a huge marketplace for fashion and retail respectively. Though the information about the funding and investment for this particular e-commerce website has not been divulged by the corresponding founders, we can well expect the immense intricacy of the website coupled with the best of global brands in action. One can gleefully derive the best of abof online shopping with our exclusive coupons and codes available at fabpromcodes.in .


The latest buzz with reference to the Reliance Industries and the launch of the Jio brand is the extremely delightful ecommerce fashion portal ajio.com . Designed specifically in accordance with Flipkart’s general merchandise ecommerce portal and Myntra’s fashion portal, Ajio.com has lined up the biggest fashion brands from the international market. Extending its curated list to exclusive global and local brands, Ajio online shopping has taken on a whole new level against the existing competitors in the market. Under the guidance of chief executive of fashion and lifestyle ecommerce business, Sanjay Mehra, Ajio.com intends to create a highly sophisticated and impeccable sense of fashion amongst its customers from all over the world. Now you can make the most of these exclusive fashion brands at ajio.com with our highly authentic coupons and promocodes available at fabpromocodes.in !