Well, I’m here. The night is young and we are broken teenagers disillusioned on the idea of love.
Each of us concealing the depths of our loneliness in our smiles and laughter. We all seem to have an understanding even though we deliberately ignore our troubles, when we’re together we’re unstoppable, we are invincible. We own the night, cruising in our convertible, city lights flashing down on us. We’re a hundred miles away from the exhilaration of finding happiness.

Amy looks over to me, with a genuine smile on her face as she takes a photograph of me driving. She’s so beautiful, and when she smiles – that’s the most remarkable thing she could give us. She’s been hurt her whole life from constant abuse from her step-father to many heartbreaks. She tried to end her life once or twice before we met her. She is only 17 but has experienced countless obstacles, that makes her the wisest. As we reach a red light, I adjust the front mirror and glance over the backseats.