As you know, this argument is constitutional right now. People say to let the refugees in because they are human beings too, others say not to because this is OUR country we deserve to be protected and to be safe.

The people that want the refugees in tell us to put ourselves in their shoes...but they are too busy "putting themselves in the refugees shoes" they arent even putting themselves in our own.

We mean to protect OUR kids..this is OUR country we have a right to be cautious. but, what about their kids? Millions of people are dying outside of our country whether its ISIS beheading, or throwing them in cages alive and lowering them into the oceans untill they drown. What if it was you having to be ripped apart from your family? or having a wire around your neck connected to your brothers wire, your sisters wire, your moms, your dads...and then exploded?

Refugees have families and loved ones just like us and have lives with a REAL FUTURE... just like us-

Would you rather die helping them, or live knowing your selfishness killed them because you wanted to protect YOUR kids or YOUR lifestyle or YOUR reputation because you have money?

Im not on a side, i just want to help you think....

What do you want for yourself, the country, and the world?

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