Hii guys! Today I have been riding so many horses! I'm sorry I didn'y blog yesterday but something happend and my computer kept closing the page and I had to rewrite everything so many times until I gave up. So today ive roden so many horses, first I rode one of the arabians we have, we just took a small quick walk in the forest. After that I took one of our old ETB out for some racing!

After riding those 2 I took frosty out for a ride. I really wanted to go to sleep but I had to ride the other horses. So i took out frosty for a ride in the forest, it was supposed to be a short rite but it ended up pretty long. but atleast we got some cute pics together! We also found a fallen tree that we jumped over and she flew soo good over it! She is turning out to be such a good horse and I dont know if I should keep her to train and compete or leave her as a lesson horse, as thats what she was/is supposed to be!

After riding her I took Copperdusk out for a walk, sadly my mom had to take care of the ridingschool and couldnt take pictures for us until I got home again, but I got some super cute pictures after and I love them so much! Im going to edit those in photoshop as soon as I have a day away from school, homework and being in the stable 24/7

I got so tired I decided to just walk dimondfaith too, I know Im so boring but now the time was about 8 now and I got really tired.

Here we are out on a walk together in the cuddly Mistfall. It was so wonderful just relaxing and feeling the breezy wind in the hair as i walked around with my beloved 4 legged friend made me so happy.

Finally it was time for the last horse, and ofc its dimondfaith. We were also just going for a walk but in the woods, but after riding for a while I decided that I wanted to ride a bit more seriously, which ended up being a lot more seriously, you see, we found this fallen tree that were like 1m so we tried it, sadly i didnt get any pictures of it but we flew over it. I havent fallen off yet this year, I hope it stays that way.

So that was about everything, Im sorry that im being so boring but not very much is happening rn. I promies that as soon as my horses are in the condition to compete again it will be a lot more videos and pictrues and hopefully more funnier post's.

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Hi guys, Im sorry for the break, I havent felt that good lately and havent had the energy to even go out and ride my horses... its very personal and i dont want to bring it up here on the blog, but Im better now and ill start posting again. Its sunday and today I went out and rode a "new" horse. Ive been having him for some months now but I havemt had the time to ride him lately and I havent posted anything about him. His name is dimondfaith and you will find more information about on the page "my horses" thats linked under the header.

So I decíded to ride him, and I knew that the jorvik rangers had some new races for me today and Faithy loves races, its been so hard having him as a lesson horse during the time I havent roden him cause he is so energic. So I took him out in the woods today to be the first horse to try the new races. First we did the orientation as ususally and then finally it was time for the races again. And they were sooo funny!! Here are som pictures!

As you may see he Really is a good jumper and loves jumping, but he always jumps so high over everything, he is soo careful about his legs! But we did the race a few times (beacuse it was so funny) and then we tried the other one. The lsat one was supposed to be harder but honestly I thought the first was the hardest one, you had pretty short time to do it on so you didnt have time for misstakes..

After we were done with the races I checked her shoes, gave her more food and water, chit chatted a little with the rangers and then we walked home. Maybe going to ride some more horses later today, I dont know..

So guys that was everything for npw, hopr youre having a good day, xoxo arabella ღ



Hi guys! Today I'm sooo tired, I've been in school all day and I didn't sleep much this night so I feel like I'm going to fall asleep anytime now. But I'm going to try to make a header today and I'll still need to go out to give the horses hay one last time before going to sleep. But since I've been so tired today I didnt really feel like training the horses at all today, if I could choose they would have all rest today too but they still needs to be riden since I want them to be in top form until the spring! So I did ride today but not for long and not pretty serious.


FIrst horse I rode today was copperdusk for a change. We rode past the jorvik rangers because i heard they wanted help with cleaning up around the lake since there have been a lot of hiking around the lake lately and people have been leaving their trash. So me and Copper more than happily helped them out with cleaning, we also jump over some fallen trees we found.

After riding copper I went home and took a quick 20 min nap, cause you know your girl tired af haha! It actually was my stepdad waking me up to tell me to not forget to ride frostdance. So I changed my clothes to something more comfy and went out in the stable. When I went into the stable Frosty looked up with her cute little eyes looking happily at me and ofc I couldnt help myself but give my little princess her favorite food, which is weirdly enough... WATERMELON?? yeah I know she is a little bit odd but that's what makes you fall in love with her!

I want someone to look at me the way frosty looks at watermelons! No guys haha I'm just kidding, but look how happy she looks! I love spoiling her so much because you really see how much she enjoys it, I think its mostly because of her background story. After brushing her I decided to do something we have never done. You see, she has never walked through the tunnel between firegrove and mistfall, everytime she has been outside mistfall (which is 2 times since she moved here and we got her) so I decided to ride to firegrove and let her explore the world a bit. And oh god she was so cute and exited!

When we came out of mistfall I took her to meet the sheeps and she was so curious at them! Then I tried to jump her over one of these weird wheeler in the sheep pasture, first she refused to but on the second (!!!) try she flew over it like nothing! I think there's a hidden star inside of her! She learns so fast and loves to try new things.. guys I'm falling in love with her more and more everyday. Then we continued riding to firgrove, we went and checked out some stands and looked at some saddlebags I think I'll get when I have money again and finally, after a long ride, I called my mom and asked her to pick us up with the trailer.

When I got home i was somehow freezing, probably because it started to get late and dark, so I changed clothes again to something even warmer and then i took out dimondtwin on a really short ride. I decided that I've been training him so hard lately so he deserved a walk through dundull. Eventually we met violet who needed help with photographing some animals, and you guys should know me by now,my favorite things in the world is to help people, so here are som pictures from my ride with dimons and from the animals!

I'm going to go to sleep now guys! Hope you all have a goodnight, tomorrow I'm thinking of taking our ridingschools icelandic horse out for a ride, I dont know actually. We'll see tomorrow!



Hi guys! Today has been such a long day and I really havent had the time to blog before now. I've literally been riding and studying the whole day, im so not ready for school to start. After i came home from school I went directly to the stable and gave the horses their lunch. After doing the casual water check I went inside and did my homework. Around 5pm I went out to the stable, riding school was starting soon and I had to help my dad get the horses ready.

After I helped my dad with getting the horses ready I went to ride my darling Frosty. Yesterday when i layed in bed i couldnt think of anything else than to start learning her how to jump. We have already been working with poles on the ground but today I wanted to higher them.

I decided to travel to the Cape west fishing Village, because outside the little village theres a pretty little stable. To get there I had to take the trailer to Fort pinta and then take the ferry to cape west fishing village.

After taking the ferry and trailer home the time was about 7pm. I decided to take a short ride with dimond twin since the training yesterday was really long and hard. We just ride around in the mistfall forest for 30 min and enjoyed the nature, Dimond really appreciated to have day off and was really happy to be out in the forest again,

Dimond was so happy to come out, you should have seen him, his ears where always pointed straight forward. I should probably take him out in the forest more because I have never seen him this happy!

After riding dimondtwin i decided to spend the rest of the evening doing races with copperdusk again, he really enjoys being out on jorvik and going on adventures and he has a really good stamina so I decided that some hours doing races wouldnt hurt him, we actually rode for hours and almost did every single race there is on jorvik, atleast that we know about. You already know how the races works and I've told you that the person holding the race almost always give you jorvik shillings for it, so when I finally came home I had earned over 1000js! Im going to save that to buy myself some new ridingpants! Im thinking of buying a white pair because the ones i have are way to old! But enough writing now guys, i hope you have an amazing night, the clock is late and I'm going to sleep now!



Hey guys and good morgning! Yesterday night i took some pictures of me and the horses and edited them. In the pictures you'll see my favorite outfits and I'll also tell you where i bought it and how much it costed!

Shirt : Green gardening shirt @ Silverglade Equestrian Center "Garden Store" . price: 7300js

Helmet : Pro brown helmet @ Valedale "Silversong Handicraft" price; 7600js

Pants: Beige spring pants @Jorvik city plaza price: 4800js

Boots: warm riding boots @ Jorvik city plaza price: 3750js

Saddlepad: Comfy training saddlepad @ Jorvik city plaza price: 6350js

Saddle: Kalltic sporty saddle @ Valley of the hidden dinosaur "the kallter store" price 99sc

bridle: brown windbreaker bridde @ Silverglade "horses R us" price: 3000js

Shirt: Elegant competition shirt @ Governor's Fall "Madam Asp Equestrian Clothing" price: 104sc

helmet: pro sporty helmet @ Cape West Fishing Village "The Eco Store"price: 7100js

boots: stylish competition boots @ Governor's Fall "Madam Asp Equestrian Clothing" price: 83sc

Pants: stylish pants @ Governor's Fall "Madam Asp Equestrian Clothing" price: 98sc

saddlepad: black sporty blanket @Cape West Fishing Village "Happy Flounder" price: 3550js

saddle: black sporty saddle @ jorvik city plaza price: 6350js

bridle: night halter @ Fort Pinta "Fort Pinta Horse Gear Store" price: 3700js

legwraps: leg bandages grey @ Fort Pinta "Horses Galore" price: 90sc

Shirt: Blue sports polo @ Jorvik city plaza price: 4050js

helmet: pro sporty helmet @ Cape West Fishing Village "The Eco Store"price: 7100js

pants: Pants from the advents calendar

boots: stylish competition boots @ Governor's Fall "Madam Asp Equestrian Clothing" price: 83sc

Saddlepad: brown training saddlepad @ jorvik city plaza price 400js

saddle: black sporty saddle @ jorvik city plaza price: 6350js

briddle: night halter @ Fort Pinta "Fort Pinta Horse Gear Store" price: 3700js

legwear: leg bandages @ jorvik city mall price: 120sc

That was all the outfits i had to show you guys today! If you liked this please comment what colors i should do next and ill see if i have an outfit in those colors! My favorite outfit is the orange/brown & blue one, i ride around in it all the time! I know its a quite long ride to get all the clothes but im sure you can take the trailer to most places the shops are in! Now im going to hurry to go out to the horses and feed them before school starts! have a good day everyone and ill make sure to blog again after ive roden the horses!



Hi guys! After my ride with Frosty I changed my clothes and went out to ride my competition horse. His name is Dimondtwin and he is 6 years old, 17hh high, black with the most beautiful blaze.. We saved him 4 years ago and since that ive been traning him both from the ground and on the back. We will soon go out to our first competitions. Im so proud of the progress we made together. Dimondtwin is actually the prettiest horse ive ever seen irl. He has everything i always wanted in a horse. Just look at hor pretty he is.

Where were we? Yeah i went out to the stable to ride dimondtwin, my dear dear dimondtwin. The most beautiful of all horses. I was thinking of jumping him today so to come out to the jumps you had to ride a bit.

To get to the paddock you have to follow the big road out from dundull for 15-20 min. Its actaully a really nice road to walk on and the nature is as always beautiful so the 15 min feels like 2.

We came to the paddock and i recognized that Dimond limped a little bit on his right front hoof. Apperantly he got a stone stuck under it on the way there. Carefully i removed it and went in and started warming up my cutie in trott.

Dimond did really good today actually, he flew over every jump and after i was done jumping i went to the water to let him cool down a little and see if he wanted to drink anything, then i walked him home and made sure he was clean before i let him go out to the other horses.

After ive roden dimondtwin i decided to take my old competition horse rosewind out for a ride. I used to compete with her from that i was 8 to the year i turned 14, after that i stopped competing and started to train dimondtwin on fulltime. We walked out to the jorvik rangers and did their orientation test, its a test you have to do until the jorvik rangers think youre good enough to join their team. Since i moved here when i was 14 i always wanted to be one in their team, but you have to be 18 or older, but im not supposed to tell you guys this, but they told me if I stand out on the testes Im allowed to join before i turn 18.

we also rode around in the nature jumping over logs and trees that fallen down, it was really fun to take out rose again since she has been going as a lessonhorse since i stopped competing with her. She is such a talented and nice horse and i wished i could sell her to someone who wanted to continue competing with her but maybe Im too selfish, because I really cant. We have had her since i was a little kid, and on the other hand she is almost to old to compete now, she turns 19 this year. My old sweet lady.

After riding Rose I decided to take the bus to the jorvik city mall and check out soem clothes, sadly I didnt find anything I had the money to buy, but it got up my inspiration to start doing races again. You see everyone on jorvik loves horses and actually makes their own races, then they pay the people who wants to try it 20 jorvik shillings, and the fastest one gets 100 jorvik shillings. So me and my little connemara copperdusk took the trailer to Steves farm outside the silverglade valley. At steves theres always life and something is always happening. This time when I came he asked me to take care of his horses for some shillings, I think I got about 60-75 js for giving his horses water, food and clean out their stall. When I'd done that he also asked for help to feed the chipmunks hiding beside his stable. Ofc I'm always happy to help out so ofc i did it. Then I raced his race and continue riding to will's windmill. After some chatting with the old man I tried his race, which I must say was really fun. On my way to Marley I rode past London, apperantly his rabbits had run away and he offered me some js to help him find them, I think it took me around 20 min riding around, seaching and hunting rabbits untill i got them all, I really hope he looks after them more in the future...

After I did marleys races I decided to take the trailer back home. Copperdusk was tired from all the riding and it started to get late. Dinner was going to be served soon and even if i had a car it would take me around 1 hour to get home.

Now im home, its really late actually. Dinner was already served when I got home which my stepfather wasnt that happy about... I took one more shower and now I'm going to sleep, because tomorrow school starts again... Hope you guys sleep well and has the best day tomorrow. The plan for tomorrow is also learning frosty how to jump, but ofc we will start small. Goodnight cuties <3



Hi guys! My name is Arabella Darklord. Me, my mom and my stepdad moved to a iceland called jorvik in the snowy winter 2014. We are actually quite rich, we earn our money from owning a ridingschool, rescuing horses and competing in competitions. My stepdad takes care of the riding school, now we even have over 60 horses, ofc some of them are the rescue horses my mom saved and arent doing lessons, and some of the horses are mine, but with so many horses i would say our ridingschool is quite successfull. Kids loves to see all the different horses and their family also likes comming here. Actually this whole town we live in (its called dundull btw, maybe you heard about it) loves our stable and we are good friends with everyone here. As a mentioned before my mom is the one who take care of the horse recuing, she goes away on auctions all the time and are sometimes gone for months when she takes the ferry to South hoof pennisula and rescue the wildhorses that has it bad. And me, what do i really do? I must say i do it all. Sometimes i help my dad with the lessons, it can be everything from helping a kid saddle the horses to actually leading the lesson myself. Sometimes I follow my mom out on the adventures in the south hoof but mostly im the one who make sure the horses are safe for riding, training new horses and compete with my beloved horses. Sometimes im out helping the jorvik rangers, sometimes i ride to other cities in jorvik, like the silverglade valley or fort pinta to visit my friends, or sometimes i even ride to jarlaheim to help out with all kinds of city problems and sometimes i just ride around, having fun with my horses and my best friend foxy, the beautiful mistfall fox.

I'll tell you more info about me another time. Lets talk about what ive done today. I woke up around 11am I think and went downstairs to get breakfast, after that i took a shower and went out to the horses. First horse on the list today was my fantastic and beautiful frostdance, also the latest rescue horse. She is only 4 years old and about 14,2hh. I know i know she is pretty small, but she is only 4 years and have more to grow. We bought her from an old guy who was gonna sell her to the slaughterhome because he didnt find her funny anymore. When we bought her she was super skinny and had scars and blood everywhere from him beating her. we been having her for 5 months now and look how beautiful she is now

So, after i woke up and eaten breakfast i went out to brush and saddle her. i was thinking of going on a small ride with her and train her a bit, since she still is so young she isnt very good at jumping and dressage etc, but she is very safe for her age.

We started walking out from dundull and out in the woods, it was and still is such a pretty day today. Frosty, as i call her, was really happy and exited to be ridden again, since she hasent been in for 4 days., and ofc our best friend foxy had to join us on our little ride

I rode her up to my friend Koras house, tp get there you have to walk over a beautiful little lake and climb a small slope, which frosty thought was really intressting. We stopped to watch the fishes swim and the water flow, then we continued the ride. When we came to Koras house i made sure that frosty wasnt hungry or thirsty and gave her some water.

Then we continued our ride home, it really was a magical time. When we came home i made sure to brush her for a really long time so she knew how good she was doing on the ride. Here are some pictures from the ride

Right now im sitting in the kitchen with my laptop writing this, the clock is a little over 5pm and im soon going out to the stable again to ride 2-3 more horses. Ill update you when im done with that. While im doing that I hope you guys enjoy this post and wants to continue following me and my horses journey!