Ever since the terror attack in Paris, a lot of thoughts and statements are put out there in the news and on social media. Some find it wrong when almost the whole western world stops and pray for Paris. I have prayed for Paris. My thoughts have been with them and I've sent love to them. I have showed concern to people I know who has family and friends in Paris. Have I done something wrong?

I haven't prayed for the refugees. I haven't devoted my thoughts to the people in Lebanon. I haven't thought of the people in Gaza. I haven't.... There is so many out there in this world who needs help, who needs support, who needs to be heard, who needs to be loved.

But why is it that Paris get it?

I believe it's because it's so close to me. It's close to my heart. I have a relationship to it. It's part of the a world I live in...

Yes, Lebanon and Gaza is part of the world, but to my world? Unfortunately no. I have no relation to it. I have no friends from these countries. I barely know where in the world they are located. I might be uneducated in that matter, but see my point? I mourn the people in Paris, I feel their pain, I wish I could do something for them.

I strongly believe that everyone should be treated equally. I believe every human, every animal and every living thing in this world should be treated with respect. I believe there is a reason why we are here.

Picture found on Instagram

A statement taken from Instagram
"The sad truth is, most of us in the western world don't have a relation these countries. It can't be denied that terrible things happens daily in our world and we only see a small piece of it. It's not because they are less important, it's just too far away... The awful truth is that first when it's on our neighbors doorstep or even our own we can react. My heart aches for those in pain...

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I miss you
I miss you more than words can describe

A life without you is empty
A life without you seems almost worthless

I want you here
I want you to look into my eyes again

I wish things would be different
I wish most of all that you would be here

It may take a lifetime before I see you again
It may feel like an eternity

But one day we will be united again

A story about:
- A mother's lost of her unborn child, who died in the womb at 31 weeks.
- A mother's lost of her son unexpectedly in a traffic accident, only 22 years old.
- A lover lost of its love, its best friend and companion.
- A friend losing its everything and no explanation to why or how...



There are Muslims
There are refugees
There are terrorists

They all are three groups of people. Let's not get confuse by them and assume they are only one group.

Thoughts to the terrorist attack in Paris, France November 13th, 2015.



Throughout my life, I've felt that there are pieces missing. As a reader you'll follow my journey to complete my puzzle of life as it takes me over bridges, over oceans and up above the clouds.

This is my story, these are my thoughts and these are my feelings - My Reality.

NOTE: English is not my native language