Hi !

My name is Alina and this feels like the worst thing I've ever written. This is surprisingly hard to write, and I'm finding it hard to explain who I am in a way that you (the reader) will find interesting. I barely know who I am myself. But hey, that's pretty normal when you're a teenager, right ? This is what I do know about myself though.

I know my age, I'm 15 years old and I turn 16 in September. I know I'm from Sweden, though I'm fluent in Russian and English too, and I know a bit Japanese. I know that I love music more than anything, and that if given the chance I'll never stop talking about it. I know that I love Japan and everything about their culture. I know that I'm very creative, and I'm pretty good at drawing too. I draw lots and lots, and you'll probably see loads of drawings from me here (here are some recent drawings !)

But who am I apart from all that ? I've realised I hadn't really asked myself this, so now that I have to write about it I'm finding it extremely hard. I like to believe I'm usually quite the energetic optimist, but the self doubt and slight anxiety is still there. I have, in my opinion, a pretty bad sense of humour, but at least I have friends who understand it and laugh with me. I don't know what I'd do without my friends to be honest, they mean more to me than words can say. If any of you ever read this, I love you <3

I've been thinking about how to write this post for about two days. I know, I know, I'm taking it too seriously. But I really wanted to make it personal and at least somewhat interesting. I don't know if this is the most interesting read, but I feel like I've introduced myself enough to actually seem like an actual person to whoever doesn't know me.

If you've actually read this far, yay ! High five to you ! And thank you for reading :) I hope this all made sense.

Sincerely, Me

(from Dear Evan Hansen)

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Uhm,, hello ?

I'm Sam, a 17 year old anxious, depressed and very paranoid, weird little dude. I spend all my time online, watching YouTube or tv-series. Living for the dark, rainy type of days when it's totally okay to just stay inside with a cup of tea, some cozy blankets and a horror film.

But I'm not a boring person, I swear !

I'm in love with everything that is photography and music. Sounds really boring, I know, but it's the most relaxing thing and they all go together really well ! It's just the type of things for every situation, When home alone, when out and about, when with friends or family. Just great conversation starters !

I am quite a lonely person to be honest, not much for socialising at all. A thing I don't mind whatsoever. I have my little group of friends, mostly three people, that I hang out with. They're great, and I know that if I'd ask them to leave me alone for a week, they probably would. But they're definitely my biggest inspiration to everything I do. I've found so much new music through them, I've made so many good memories, and I've had so many laughs. Feels like I've known these people my whole life when, in reality, it's not even been two whole years.

It's something I'm very grateful to have, and I thought I needed to write that down while it was on my mind, because I'm not one to openly, in person, talk about feelings. Which is a really bad thing...

I don't really know if this shows what kind of person I am, i hope it does.

|| Another thing to add is that it's currently past 1am, think that tells something about who I am... ||



We're two bored teenagers aged 15 and 17 from Sweden. We decided to make this blog as a spur of the moment kind of thing, and we're hoping to keep this blog going even as we go our separate ways in school and life.

After summer, we're both going into Year 10, (första året av gymnasiet), studying different subjects at different schools. As we're not going to be seeing each other as much, this blog is a nice way to see what the other is doing when we're not together.

On this blog we've planned on mostly writing about everyday life and the little adventures and experiences that come with starting a new school in a new environment surrounded by new people. It can be everything from ranting about what a shitty day we've had to happy thoughts about rainbows and unicorns.

Hopefully whoever is reading this will enjoy our blog !