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Thousands of cancer patients are defying the law to overcome cancer.

Like Daniel H., a former biochemist at MD Anderson Cancer Center who beat late-stage prostate cancer, without chemo!

Or Sara R., an eight-month-old baby with an "inoperable" brain tumor, who saw her chemo-proof tumor eradicated.

Then there's two-year-old Micah C., who beat his advanced leukemia in just six days.

And that's just a handful of the 6,226 cancer-stricken Americans who are beating cancer with an unusual cancer breakthrough that's BANNED by the White House!

A treatment that's safe, non-toxic, and inexpensive.

And it's so powerful that doctors and patients are risking their freedom to use it.

So why has the White House banned it? Why do they recommend toxic and ineffective chemo instead?

And how can you get your hands on it -- 100% legally?

We have all the answers for you in our new report.

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