!im warning you, this will be cheesy!

i know that having bad days succ but i have some things that i do when im sad or stressed. maybe itll help.

-listen to music that makes u feel good *for me its shawn mendes and the playlists ive made for these kind of days*

-watch netflix/youtube *it helps me stop thinking about the thing that made me upset and i usually feel better after*


-shower *idk why but something about taking a shower makes me feel better. maybe its the warm water*

-talk to friends *getting support and love always help me*

-compliment urself 

-sleep *makes me stop being alive for a while*

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okay so i do think that you should be yourself but sometimes you just cant. do you get me?

for example, i dont wear shawn m merch to school cause i know that someone will tease me about it and i dont want that to happen. im just simply avoiding a situation cause i know that it will hurt me. and im trying to not get bullied for the 3 years im going to this school.

i mean you should be yourself but sometimes you just cant cause you dont want to get hurt?

im just protecting myself from bitches



okay i thought that i would introduce myself cause thats what u do i guess.

 i want to be very anonymous so i wont tell you my name.

im 13 and live in sweden. i luv music more than i luv myself and im a huge fan of shawn mendes, ed sheeran, james tw and IT. i like other artists too but not as much.

i go to a school for 13-15 years old and have pretty good grades. i have a resenemble amount of friends and im actually pretty good at making friends even tho im shy af.

im awkward and embarassing and most things i do i instanly regret hehehe.

tbh i think im a cutie.

oh and im too lazy to give a fuck


so because i luv music i will have a song of the week. basically what im gonna do is write a song that ive been really liking that week.

-thank god for girls by weezer-