First sleepless night since months. Actually I have no idea why I can't just lay down my head on a pillow and fall deeply asleep. Is that Full Moon today?

I've been always connected to the nature. Heard the quitest song of a morning bird, felt the changing weather. Smell the soil... Am I a freak? Maybe... But ever since my intuition spoke through it.

Have you ever read the signs from the nature? Or have you ever believed in the destiny? I do... Life brings a lot of them, all you have to do is to learn how to read them, how to hear them.

And just because... there is a question showing up tonight... Do we really need to suffer even when the signs are clear and telling you: that's your path? How many times do we need to miss something or someone till they will come back to you? Or it's just a matter of hope which you deeply have, even if you don't want to?

Have no idea... but I know one thing. The faith is what helps us survive the hardest... Do you believe? Cause if you do, things will sort out this way or another. Certain people coming back for the reasons. Will this coming back means to stay? Or there is another side of the story?

Part two... and I already don't like it...

Bullshit night... wanna sleep... but my thoughts don't let me... There is so much things I still don't know and so much questions not answered. This story wasn't yet told... so many feelings untold...