I'm asain and luckily blessed with semi flawless skin, but living in a country such as Norway can sometimes be unfavorable to my skin. The weather changes so drastically that my skin doesn't have time to keep up with the weather.
There are a few simple steps and products that I use every morning to keep my skin healthy, moist and toned.


I usually start of with washing and cleaning my face with (1)COSMICA FACE CLEAN GEL. And if you have sensitive skin like mine, well it's an understatement that I've tried dozens of beauty product, but I find this gel to be cooperating with my skin quite well. It's refreshing and the price is just right.

To keep my skin toned and firm I usually go for (2)NIVEA FIRMING BODY OIL. I dab a couple of drops and evenly apply it on my face. I let it sit for a couple of minutes before I proceed on applying a moituriing cream.

It always depend on the weather, but usually in the summer I go for something light and nourishing like (3)NIVEA DAILY ESSENTIALS DAY CARE.

During winter time, where my skin is extra sensetive and dry I use (3)SEBA MED WIND&COLD CREAM. It's a liquid cream consisting only of Natural lipids from avokado(Oh how I love my avokado) and sweet almond oil. What I love most of this cream is that it doesn't contain water, perfume and other preservatives. Jackpot!

I'll then let the moisturizing cream/oil take effect and then I'll be ready to start the day. With or without makeup.

Result: Healthy and happy skin every morning. 

This is not advertisement. I just really satisfied with these products.


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It's been months since my last post and I've got to say I really miss it. I miss writing. Eventhough it's just filled with random thoughts.

I've been out of the blog-game for months and I thought to myself "what better way is there for a comeback than a festival weekend post" and that is exactly where I'll start.

From Thrusday 6.7 to Sunday 9.7 I, along with some friends, were at Stavern Festival. Located around two hours from Oslo.

Let me start off by sying that festival life is under and overrated. There are definitely a few factors you have to consider before camping.

✵Get a great camping site. Living near the festival ground can offer you party and loud music all night long, but staying a little further from the ground can actually promise you a good night sleep.
✵Get to know your neighbors. It's always a plus to get to know ones neighbor.
✵Duct tape. You never know when you'll need duct tape. Either to hang a camp flag og waterproof your tent. Imagination has no limits.
✵Always keep a water bottle in you tent.
✵ Weather can change within minutes. Bring enough clothes and shoes to survive all weather seasons.
✵Don't bring your most expensive belongings.Things get easily stolen or broken during festivals. It's not always about impressing the neighbor girl/boy. Guys, personality matters!
✵Bring earplugs. Yes, it's normal to stay up until morning at festivals, but if you prefer the eight hour sleep rule I suggest you bring some earplugs to survive the nights.
✵I can't make a bigger deal about POWERBANKS. If you're anything like me where you have to document everything with your phone, be sure to bring with you at least two powerbanks. So you can use one and the recharge the other one and then vise versa.
✵It is allowed to ask for help.
✵Parents and conservative people may hate this point, but kids condoms.



✵Fold-in chairs


✵Sleeping pad



✵Toilet paper

✵Disposable napkins

✵Pain killers

✵Allergy pills


✵ Duct tape


Enjoy camp life, but be sure you get to enjoy what the festival has to offer.

ps. no, mom, it's not a real lion tattoo.

I am currently writing this while I'm at 38,7 degrees and rolled up in wool and fleece sweaters. Thanks Stavern for a fun and unforgettable weekend and this never ending fever.

All in all it was worth it.




There's too much happenig and too much to see in such a short while. I haven't had the time to write anything for the past few days.
I'll write recommendations to eating places, which eras to shop and all that New Yorker things when I get back home, but for now all I ever want to do at the end of the day is jump out of my "fancy" clothing and just pull up my compfy clothes and just wrap myself up with a duvet.


Even though it's tiresome somethimes I'm still in NYC. There's just two things to do and that is Sight Seeing and Shopping. (and eating a lot of good food).





Today was a long day and Soho really rubbed off on me.
I've got to say they have the best luxurious and great high end stores in the era.
So today's best buy is this Ah-mah-zing. Yves Saint Laurent credit card case.It's simple, yet elegant with a twist of gold.. It's so well formed and convenient. The case is small enough to fit anywhere. Worth every penny.

Yves Saint Laurent

Quay cat sunglasses

Anastasia dipbrow pomade chocolate and a corset/top from Victoria Secret.

I'll write an update on the last few days either tomorrow or on Tuesday
Now it's pizza time




We started off our day with a trip to the top of the Empire State Building and the view was breathtaking. I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was. It's not everyday you can say you have seen the enite city in one place. Even though it was freezing cold at some point, but believe me when I say this: IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!
Just strolling down Broadway, 5th ave and Lafayette Street, admiring every architectual figure, every inch of fashion divas passing by, it just made my day.

This sweetheart right here is just amazing to travel with. I don't get see her that often while we're in NYC becuase we're not in the same class, but I finally made it to the top of the Empire State Building with my main babe.

Partner in crime

From Empire State Building we then walked a couple of blocks to Union Square and ended up in a bookstore for at least two hours. I know I'll be checking my account on the end of the trip and just see a long list from Barnes and Noble.

From there we walked from store to store and just shopped a little bit here and there. We ended up standing in front of Supreme and just waited to get in. Yes, there was a line.
I think I spent a lifetime in Sephora, and that won't be my last visit there.

We were walking from around 10.30am to almost 6pm. Talk about commitment.

Ended up with another, what should have been, a short visit to Victoria Secret, but we ended up being there for more than one and a half hour.

Now it's 22 something here in New York and I think everyone has had their share of the city. Until tomorrow. Tomorrow it's Brooklyn time.

I'll be posting my daily buys from this trip and yes, I'm flipping out with all the shopping.

Goodnight from New York