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​So It has been one month since I started my vacay, and I really feel like I'm wasting my time. It is so hot down here right now, and it just makes you tired and drags your motivation away. Don't ask me why it is like that, but for me - it is. I'm trying to study for my driving lisence, but i just can't get it done properly? I do study, but it is just so difficult in English! There are so many new words for me on that theme that I still haven't learned, and there are so many (I'm sorry) STUPID questions that just makes me want to throw my computer away and go to sleep (Because of the heat). I haven't been able to work on my blog either because believe me when I say - absolutely NOTHING is going on around me right now! I just fall into the same routine let's say. I eat the same, Watch series, go to the same places with the same people - and I just don't find that interesting to write about. 

Now I am thinking to buy a bike! I'm going to start exercising, going from Albir to Alfaz or Altea. Maybe take pictures as memories and just enjoy the beautiful weather I'm so lucky to have around all the time, and see people pass by. Aswell I would like to start stretching or doing some yoga everyday to just get my motivation up. Maybe that will make me feel better and not so tired all the time. But now first of all - I need to make a vegetarian Menu and start writing down recepies for myself.. I feel like I'm always eating the same- Since It's kind of new to me. 

Hope everyone out there is having a Great summer so far! 😄

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I mostly spendt my sunday morning in the car on my way to Valencia, which is a pretty huge city in Spain. It took us around two hours to get to where we were supposed to, the car meeting my boyfriend was so exsited about. He love cars to death, so i pretty much learn something new about them everyday, and I love it myself.

I did find it quite interesting. If he asked me if I wanted to come with him again, I would gladly say yes.. I loved it!

Have you ever been to a car meeting before?
- Jannike



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Finally, Finally, Finally my package came! I've been waiting like a child for two weeks now. I almost totally renewed my makeup collection just by changing mark to revolution.. No more Maybelline, and other products that are testing on animals. Yes that was the main reason I decided to change. Ofcourse I'm not going to throw products I can use, since the damage is already done, and I already supported the brand by paying for their products, then I meight as well use it. Revolution is an amazing cruelty free CHEAP brand. i can't wait to do a full on look with all the new products I just got. The best of it all is that if you spend 50 dollars on their webside which you can find HERE, you will recieve a gift bag from them worth 25 dollars too!

So this is the products they gave me as a gift. To be honest I never trust those things, so I got surprised when I opened it and saw how much they gave me.. Here's two eyeshadows, one foundation, two lipglosses, a compact highlightpowder and a bronze stick. How amazing is that?! Now that I've showed you this, I'm just thinking to continue the list..

This is the most amazing eyeshadow palette I've seen in my hole life. The outside changes when you move it even! This is how it looks like in one position, but if you move it, the pallete will turn black and the the square with "PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT" white. Awesome!

Now this is what I am most excited about, and what everybody talks about! Contour palettes. The left one is powderpalette and the right one cream. Oh god I can't wait - everyone is saying these are amazing..

Also I got myself one lipgloss that I bought (the other two was a gift from the company) in the color nude, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and a concealer stick. I'm not quite sure about the quality on the foundation yet or the mascara, but I think it was worth testing for the amazing prices they had. I will update you on the products later. I only heard amazing things about this cosmetic mark so far - so I hope it stays that way.

Now here one last shot of everything together. One thing I need to add in is that all I know is that these products does not test on animals. That does not mean they are totally free from animal products.. It is very difficult to find that, and almost impossible - and if so! Expencive as hell. One of the reasons I chose Revolution is because they are talking about making full vegan products that doesn't contain no animal products at all. So I believe in the company and their REVOLUTION. 😉
Have you ever tried cosmetics from revolution before, and if so - what do you think?

- Jannike



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Hello my diamonds..! It's finally Saturday (again). This weekhave been fully booked. I've had things to do all the time,which I don't really mind at all..! One thing is for sure, being avegan takes more time than I expected. Eating healthy takestime! Specially if you want to make a nice raw salad with a lot ofvegetables or a fruit salad with a lot of healthy fruits. So actuallyI only get to have a breakfast like this twice a week- because Iprioritize those 30 minutes more in bed in the mornings when I'mgoing to school..! Sofor schooldays I usually get my carbs through a piece of bread withsome jam - and my vitamin's and proteins through a smoothie I make inthe beginning of the week..

Sinceveganism is a LIFEstyle, it takes time getting used to. I really wantto go fully vegan, but it's kind off impossible for me staying veganwhen I go out of the house. When I'm home or go shopping - I try tostay as "clean" as possible, but when I go out - I do eatdairy products.. Still I am doing my very best to stay vegan, and Idon't eat out if not necessary. I don't mind that actually. I thingthe hardest thing being a vegan for me, is how much food i should eatand my cravings. Eating have always been a problem for me. I eat verylittle. I've been doing that since I was a little girl, but now thatI turned vegan - I have to eat more, because fruits and vegetablesdoes not fill you up like animals do.

Thefirst week being vegan was a living hell for me. I didn't know howmuch to eat, how many times a day I should eat and so on. It was verydifficult because I was hungry all the time.. But then I figured outmy biggest mistake - and that was that I was trying to fill myself upon carbs all day long! It was crazy. So one tip for those who wish totake the vegan journey, do your research! It'sso important! Youcan easily get all the things you need from a vegan diet, but firstof all you need to know what your body need to function.

I also figured how important it is to eat a breakfast that complete's me. That's the first step in the vegan diet. To be honest - you are more hungry when you wake up as a vegan than when you are carnivore. Atleast in the beginning! I'm just trying to express how I feel. Maybe it's different for others.

So Im gonna continue testing myself for my license exam now. I wish all of you a happy weekend, and a healthy one!



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Before I begin this post, I would just like to say two things. NO I'm not trying to push my opinions on you, and simply sharing my journey, since this is my page. And NO I'm not trying to say that I'm better because I made a different decision about my own diet and lifestyle.

So now that we have made that clear, I don't think there's going to be any problem for me continuing this really personal post. Because this is a subject that really puts my head spinning, and full of emotions. It's normal. I remember when I was 14 years old, I was a vegetarian for 3 months.. But eventually I quit, because It was difficult being so young, and living with a couple of parents that are in their 50's-60's and don't quite believe or understand how anyone would “ruin their LIFE” like that. So yes, I went back to old bad habits – but here I am again. Almost 4 years later – eating meat like most of us do, until my mind and conscience is leading me to different paths again.

One month ago I decided it was time. It was time for me to find myself again. I don't quite understand how some people can know the truth and continue living like they always did. It's difficult for me to accept it, but I have to! I have to accept that some minds are able to block things out.. I did when I quit my vegetarianism again, and started loving cheeseburgers at MacDonald's, and eating chicken wings again. Even after watching the famous shocking documentary EARTHLINGS. But I did. I felt like I had to! I had to make my parents stop bugging me. I needed my friends to stop looking weird at me – and I needed my EX-boyfriend to stop asking me “How do you feel today?” because he was worried about my health.. MY health..? Hehe.

To be honest with you, back then – I did not do my research very well. I was so young, my English level was 0, and It didn't motivate me enough. It didn't motivate me seeing how they torture living beings.. Weird huh? Not really, because your brain is made to block out disturbing memories that you feel like you CAN'T live with. It does it's job, and thank god for that. But one thing my brain can't take away from me, is real, common sense – and F A C T S.

Thinking that I can save one suffering animal a DAY – Motivates me.
Thinking that 25% of the humans living in this world is starving because we rather choose to feed our food than humans – Motivates me.
Thinking about that animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of all greenhouse gas emisions – motivates me.
Thinking that animal agriculture is the LEADING CAUSE of species extinction – Motivates me.
Thinking that we cover 45% of the earth's total land just so we can have a “steak” on the table – Motivates me.
Thinking that 136 MILLION rain-forest acres are destroyed for the pleasure in meat – Motivates me (Sorry but I prefer to breathe).
Thinking that animal agriculture will raise by 80% BY 2050 – Motivates me.

Bah, I can keep on going with this list all day.. When I learned all these facts.. It totally changed my mind about eating animals TOTALLY. It's really difficult for me, and all vegans say that in the beginning, you are so hooked up by all this information that you get angry really fast by other peoples opinions.. It was far from easy for me the first two weeks, but now I feel better. And I know friends and family love teasing me with their meat and my salads, but I just quit arguing with them – and instead of telling them “Go fuck yourself” I say “Go EDUCATE yourself..” Because I really do have a lot of fun listening to people who eat meat, and their excuses. I did too!

You know the typical - “We humans need meat to survive. You will collapse if you keep eating like this. We humans are built to eat meat. We humans need meat to eat protein.” I find it all very funny! :D But If you do by any interest want to know my answers to these comments – I will make another #veganjourneypost for you guys, no problem!



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... Suddenly popping in outof no were, after telling nobody nothing about me disappearing. That'swhy I'm not very good at excuses with telling you why either. Mostlybecause I'm the type of girl that can't enjoy blogging when there'sto much going on with my life. I prefer blogging when I enjoy it, andnot when I see it as a burden.

The weird point about methough, is that when I stop blogging, I become more lazy! I feel likemy routine isn't the same anymore, and that I do not enjoy doing mymakeup or dressing up nice in my everyday life like when I show it toyou guys. I become this tired lazy ass person – who doesn't feellike doing nothing, and then my life become boring.

At the same time as thisis happening, I feel like when I first come back – so much ishappening that I don't know where to really begin. It's really weird,and when I stop blogging, I feel like I lose a side of me, hahaha.

The good point about this,is that I have a lot to tell you guys. I've missed my blog friends –and the fun around blogging! Hope to be back now soon as possible,because it makes me happy to be.