A couple of weeks ago, I was telling you about taking risks as I was accepted as a trainee/intern in both companies I applied to; one is an huge international entertainment company and the second one is a very small video producer house.

Long story short, I went for the second one as I thought I would be learning more things faster (and that's why my heart was into taking the risk of not going for the big one). Unfortunately, I realized during my very first day in there that I took the wrong path as I realized that I was made for making bigger efforts and I admit that I went for the easiest -not the better- way to grow in my career.

Good news is I learned a valuable lesson about life and, more importantly, about myself:
I do not want easy no more. I am capable, as all of us, to achieve great things in life, and those things take time, effort and love.

Before ending this post I want you to remember: GO BIG. You were made for doing/making/creating huge things. Don't you ever settle for less than you deserve.

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I recently turned 22. I already had to make a very important decision and I feel like my life could be all screwed up because of that.

I sometimes wish I had someone adult -or more mature person- who could guide me through life. Both of my parents never help me take important decisions even when I beg for their help... which in part is good as I developed a very independent mind ever since I was a child. But again, I'm a new adult human being who needs advice from older people every once and then.

All this crisis started 7 month ago, My college demands their students to work in a company during the eighth -and last- semester of school in order to get our degree. I thought it was going to be easy to get a job (poor innocent soul), so I waited till last minute to start looking for one. I eventually learned that time is gold and It's not that easy to make people taking your application seriously when you don't have that much valuable experience and you look younger than you really are. So, in the depths of despair, I started sending multiple applications to multiple companies one month before the semester started, but only two called me to an interview (One is a very large and important company world-wide and the other one is a small one -and probably no one knows about it-). The large important one called me weeks before than the small one but I thought I did not get the job as they did not contacted me till last week, right in the day that the small one hired me: the day of my birthday (I told you guys, this year will be full of surprises).

Well, at the end I had to make a decision and it was not easy... but I ended up choosing the small one. Now I'm confused as I am doubting my choice. I am quite confident about my skills and I know I could have been a very valuable talent for the large one (and I probably would have been making lots of money in the near future), but for some strange reason my heart was in the second one.

I am not sure how this will turn out at the end but I hope it is no that bad.
Part of me regrets having to decline working for a big company... but I keep reminding myself that life brings us many unexpected opportunities.



So, today, the 23rd of February, I decided to start blogging little -yet meaningful- moments of my life... 10 years ago, I started my very first blog but due to school it was impossible for me to keep updating it... I eventually forgot the name of it and its password, and yes: it was supposed to be a fashion blog.

Today I'm turning 22 years old... many interesting things happened to me last year. I learned quite a lot, I fell quite a lot, I got lost quite a lot and I cried most than I should; it was definitely a year of personal growth. And this year, I hope it will be much more interesting than the last one.

♡ NOTE: It's said that the number 22 is a very meaningful and powerful number; a "master number", plus the sum of the digits of my birthday is 4. So, I like to think that this year I'll achieve -and/or start achieving- some of my most desired goals (and I've been believing that since I was 16). That's why I post-poned the creation of my new brand personal blog to this very special day.

I welcome you to my blog, and I hope you will accompany me on this journey.

♡ Note to my future self: You did not have a birthday cake today... but your job interview went ok. Also, the picture describes what you are feeling right now, in case that you forget.