On a random note: One of my fav things this summer is being able to play basket ball. I used to play a lot with the guys when I was younger. We met up at a school and divided us up into teams and played for hours.

So far this year my boyfriend and I has only drafted one other friend to play with so we just compete in getting the most points basically. I love it!

I don't really like any sports but basket ball and indoor bandy, and ofc ice hockey: but only watching, haha.

Do you guys do any sports?




The sun is still shining over Gothenburg, Hurray!!

I spent my morning fixing up our place somewhat, organizing and prepared things and clothes that belongs in the attic. After a couple of hours of that I went to the centre to meet my man and his friends.

Now I'm just hanging in the sofa watching Buzzfeed unsolwed while my bf is playing with his friends.

Gonna start cooking soon tho because I'm hungry and I wanna have some energy before playing some basketball.

How are you spending your fridag?





First Light Priming Filter, Becca cosmetics

Longwear Blur Foundation "01" + "02", Lumene

Under Cover Correct & Contour palette, Viva La Diva

Transparent loose powder, elf cosmetics

Naked Flush "Going Native", Urban Decay


The Convertible Brow "03" (browpowder), The BrowGal

Browgel, The BrowGal


Tattoo Liner, KatVonD Beauty

Better Than Sex mascara, Too Faced

Slide On Pencil "Jet Black", Nyx Cosmetics

White in-liner, IsaDora

Single Lashes Linda Hallberg Edition, Sweed Lashes


"Androgyny" Liquid Lipstick, Jeffreestar Cosmetics




ACO Fun Face Fluid Mattifying spf50, ca 159kr Apoteket AB has 25% off when you buy two sunscreen products


I've been looking for a high protecting spf that works well on my face without giving me breakouts. For some reason most of the sunscreens I've used has given me tiny breakouts, that's why I'm always very happy when I found one that doesn't.

I've used this a couple of days now and NO BLEMISHES. Woohoo!

The formula is thin and is very easy to apply, and as told it stays matte! Aaand because of these things: This is definitely my new fav face sunscreen <3



Wednesday evening, after work, I went to hotel Avalon where rfmbrands held a dinner for a group of influencers. Yeei, events in Gothenburg!

At arrival we where given a robe and slippers and I went to the amazing bathroom to change. Outside a chef was working on the grill cooking our food and we got served pre-drinks.

At events in Stockholm I always meet a bunch of friends that I've gotten to know during my (few) years in the "business" so it's always amazingly fun and exciting. Especially since I go so rarely these day's (it's about 3-4 h by train to the capital from where I live now). But at this event I had only met one or two prior. Soo, it was new people, new everything, but luckely there where a couple of fun talkers! Wihoo

After a little talk and hangout on the terrasse we got seated and dinner was served. During all of us stuffing our mouths with yummy food rfm brands told us all a little about them and their brands. We got to see and touch lots of news (that we also got with us in a goodiebag), fun!

I lost one of my fav products tho (sad face): Pedicare Uppmjukande fotbad, haha. But anyway, back to the night:

We ate, listened to lots of info of the amazing products from ByTerry, Sasco, Dr.Brandt and Pedicare. After dinner we got our foots wet in a relaxing foot bath (oh yeeah). We got to try a pretty strange but interesting face mask that we removed with a MAGNET, a freaking magnet (!!). It's the black one (in the photos) but it's not like a regular black face mask (super cleansing), it's more moistureizing. Pretty cool, but I haven't tried it enough to actually tell you anything about how it works or feels. I'll let you know if I try it again.

To not make this post stupid long, I'll leave you here and get back to showing the products I got and tried in new posts.




Detta inlägg innehåller affiliatelänkar / This post contains ad links

Sculpt Excellence, Makeup Store

This is the most covering foundation out of all of my favourites, probably among the most covering out there. And one of the absolute best thing about this amazing product is that it even works on dry skin (!!). It seems that most foundations on the market (especially the highly covering ones) are better for normal-oily skin. Unfortunately that gives us with dry skin little to choose from, and wearing those mattefying foundations just makes us look even dryer (and older) that anyone would want.

Thank goodness for this foundation, I say. It's perfectly dewy, so most of the time I just wear it as it is (I don't even add concealer), but you can totally add some powder for a matte look without it getting too cakey. HURRAY!

For oilier skin I'd recommend a mattifying primer and a light powder on top.

Cover Up Foundation & Concealer, IsaDora

Ok, so this is almost as covering as Sculpt excellence and seems to kind of "blur" the skin in a very flattering way. It's more matte and perhaps a little too dry for the dryests (?) of skins. With this in mind I don't use this on my most dry days (mostly during winter time), but instead on days where my skin kinda works with me. But I always make sure to have very moisturiezed face before appyiling it. It stays on all day long and as the name of the product tells you, you can use this as concealer aswell. I do that by simply adding a tad more product where ever I feel I might "need" it. Great!

If you have oily skin I'd prime with a mattifying primer (as with Sculpt excellence), and powder if you want (probably not neccessary unless you're very oily).


Flawless Finish Foundation, elf cosmetics

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about this as one of my favourites!! This is pretty similar to Sculpt excellence in many ways. It is less covering but more creamy. It feels like just adding a nice rich cream to you face basically. So it's a perfect skin with a nice glow kind of foundation WIHOO. The problems I've had with this is the small range of colours BUT nooow they've added a buuunch of new colours so that is great. Now more of us can use it! I've been waaay to yellow for elf's foundation so they just looked PINK af. But now: Yeey!

Ok all and all: AMAZING foundation for an amazing price!

Longwear Blur Foundation, Lumene

This will not come as a surprise to you, I basically use this ALWAYS, haha. Since I found it a couple of years ago I've totally loved it and recommended it to many. And you know what? EVERYONE I've talked to who tried it on my recommendation LOVES it, which must mean it works for lots of different skins. Nice huh?

This foundation is less covering than the two previously mentioned, but still evens out the skin with both pigments and an amazing (!) blurring effect. It leaves the skin natural looking while making the skin looking more even than before. It's got that natural glow going on (which I, and probably most dry skinned babes, love!).

To get "flawless skin" while leaving it looking like skin (you can still, very nicely, see the texture of it using this foundation) I use some colour corrector/concealer around the eyes and a little on various red spots. If you're a perfectionist I'd recommend using a blurring-type primer first.

You can very nicely add powder for a matte look (I normally put some translucent powder under my eyes, on my nosewings, forehead, and sometimes cheeks and chin).

Born This Way, Too Faced

Although this is said to be working well for dry skin, it doesn't on mine on it's dryests days. But, when my face is happier it applies very nicely and covering. You can, as with all these foundation, decide on your own how covering you want the result to be by simply applying less/more product.

The result using this foundation is an even colour, quite matte, and longlasting. As you can probably tell by me writing about it, this is my least favourite of these. Not because it's not good, but because the others are better (to me!). But it's anywho a very good foundation and a better alternative for more oily skin, or if you're just into the matte look more. For a perfect cover one might need to add some concealer, since this foundation tends to get a bit cakey if you put a bit too much.

OBS: This is my personal opinions based on my own experience. You might think and/or feel very different about these products. We all have different skins and different styles and references as to what we like :)



I just keep window-online-shopping and my last thing on my wish list is this gem. Pink, lots of things going on, small in size= Just my taste atm.

I found it on one of my fav online shops for bags and shoes have2have.se The reason why I like it so much is because almost everything is in synthetic leather, so it's easy to find a bit more animal friendly party shoes. Hurray!