Hej alla!

Such a good past week it has been:) been getting so much work done for my company has taken a bit longer than expected to get it launched, but can not wait to get it up and running this summer.

This past week, I went to Oslo, fell in love with Norway. I loved the vibe, such an amazing atmosphere; met some really great people, beautiful streets, and really fun nightlife.

My favourite area that I went to was Grünerløkka, known as the "hipster" area, I loved that area filled with cute cafes and unique stores, and so much beautiful street art, and at night time was definitely the best area to go out too.

Went back to living the hostel life again for a few days, actually enjoyed it, just brought back memories from backpacking trips that I have done; met some pretty cool people in our hostel too, for anyone travelling to Oslo and looking for a decently cheap place to stay as everything is so expensive, recommend Anker hostel.

On the last day, we went to Hovedøya, an island in Oslo fjords, spent the day tanning and swimming, was so beautiful. Later on that night, we had a grill in vigiland park, this was my probably my favourite part of the trip, it was such a different experience from anything that I have seen, the park was just filled with everyone hanging out with their friends drinking and having a grill, it was such a chilled and fun environment. If you want to get the real "Norwegian" summer experience do this when you visit.

This weekend, I will be spending it working and hanging out with friends, and also of course will be relaxing a bit as it is much needed.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend beauties!

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Hello everyone! Been awhile since I last wrote, it has been such a busy past month.
I had my mom visiting for a few weeks, and also went back to norrkoping for a few days to see family. Otherwise, I have just been working a lot and hanging out with friends; very excited because me and a friend decided to go to Norway for a few days in a week and a half from now. We are going to go to Oslo and see the fjords of course, so looking forward to go to Norway. Out of all my travels, I have never been there, looking forward to see what that beautiful country has to offer.
Another exciting announcement, I am currently in the process of starting my own company in the health and fitness industry, will be launching it in the next month.
I am very excited about this for many reasons, for anyone that knows me personally they know how passionate I am about my health and fitness.
I started my fitness journey a few years ago, and can honestly say it was the best thing I've ever done, you don't just become stronger physically but also mentally. You become an all around well rounded stronger and happier person.
I am so excited to be a part of other people's health and fitness journey.

Have a lovely week ☺️ xxxx

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The sun is finally out in Stockholm; has been so pretty here the last couple of days. What a busy week it has been. I have been working everyday and preparing for my move to my new apartment in Nacka at the end of this week.

Wednesday I had the day off of work, so decided to treat myself to a `me´ day. Had a cute little breakfast at Reload Superfood Bar and got the acai bowl. Later got my hair cut and coloured at Salong Nutid and then got my eyebrows shaped. For dinner, went to Holy Greens; first time ever going there, was such good salad and so fresh. Friday night we went out in Söder for some drinks after work and Saturday spent the day having fika in the sun with family. The rest of the weekend was the usual just working and gym.

I tried out a different form of training this week for the first time; TRX training. The pike and ab crunch is amazing if you want a killer ab workout, it left my core shaking. Today, I am going to try more stuff with TRX for back day. Love doing different types of training.

Happy Monday everyone:)



Hello Everyone:)

As this is my first blog post, just thought I would introduce myself a little, I am living in Stockholm but grew up in Toronto. Currently I am working as a hotel receptionist and have an internship at an event management company.

Anyhow, today has already felt like such a long day, had the morning shift so have been up since 4:30am. Have you ever felt like you never just have a day to relax? These past couple of weeks have been crazy. On Saturday, I met a friend for lunch at Urban deli, got the Halloumi Burger, which I would higly recommend. After that we took a little stroll around town in the lovely spring weather. Later on, I participated in my first event for my internship, it was such a cool experience; it got me thrilled for my future as an event planner. The theme of the event was a murder mystery night, the one thing that I loved the most about it was how intrigued all the guests were.

On Sunday, I had to run a few errands, but I also treated myself to a much needed manicure at Five Five Nails. In the evening, I did a killer workout; trained my legs and abs. I tried a new exercise that was great, I used the leg extension machine but changed it up a bit and did a leg kickback with it; for anyone who wants a good workout for your glutes definitely try this one. Other than that, I just had an early night preparing myself for another busy week. Hope everyone has a wonderul Monday!