My daily life

Finally ordered my student cap for my graduation!!!!

I'm super excited but also sad at the same time because of my grades but also that I forreal will struggle trough university....

Anyways I'm in between trying to to save my grades and giving up on school right now, I go in the nature science programme and in my class everyone is so smart that it itself is a struggle to keep up with everybody.

But in the end i have my own race and goals to reach and Im just happy that I was born in Sweden and given those beautiful opportunities that I have today which I appreciate a lot. So Every student out there who is currently struggling like me, keep your head up and stay strong because you WILL reach your dream and goals!!! <3

Have a great day and always stay positive.

Bildresultat för studentmössaHow the graduating hats look like in sweden.

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Because GOT7 made comeback and the song is greaaaatt!!!!

Watch their new MV! :)

Also have a great day.