hi and assalamualaikum,

so lemme tell you the progress of my life so far. ive been admitted to dental school after further studying in the foundation. lifes been great so far. i get the university that i want, the environment that i longing for and it actually reach my expectation!

but i just never stop feeling sad, insecure and melancholic? like i feel im never good enough to anybody and its hard to mingle around with these intelligent and interesting people because we are from different background but theyre nice! theres a girl that also my batchmate and shes like cute and dont know what to say, but i feel like insecure with her and whenever im tryna talk to her, shes like avoid me, not directly avoiding me but just trying to keep me in distance, like she doesnt want me near her, and llke im does not match with her clique and like im annoying or something. i dont know if im being really sensitive about it but i just sad the fact that im not good enough. because at the end of the day, i only have me and only myself.

i don't know what to rant about and suddenly my life feels so dull and boring. ive got a lot of syllabus to cover, exam in one month so i guess the exam its like we want to find where is our level. future expectation coming in and whatnot.

but it feel bad not doing nothing in life. like now, i should read something for exam but im blogging instead. really lazy. but it is nice to have a new environment where everyone is engaged to studying. like making progress on something and there is no better feeling than the feeling whenever you actually understand all of the syllabi.

pray for me guys,

and i dont like that girl,


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