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I have always been interested in art and photography, however when you're choosing something that is supposed to hang there for a really long time I get very picky. What I love about these posters from is that I can hang them on my wall, have them set on a bookshelf or just place them on a dresser.

Koden "ANDREAWR" gir 25% rabatt hos Desenio mellom 12-14 desember (Koden gjelder ikke håndplukkede/collaboration posters eller rammer).

My posters from the left: Poster " Indigo Blue ", poster "Hide " and poster "Cotton Plant ". I chose three different sizes on my posters. I wanted the opportunity to display them together or separated. My favourite one is the drawing of the lady. In my opinion this poster will fit any home and it's the perfect Christmas gift! Check out for a wide range of posters. You can even choose the size that fits your home the best. My biggest poster measures 50x70 cm, the middle one 40x50 cm and the smallest one 30x40 cm. On the website you can find frames that goes with all the posters as well.

Merry Christmas!



1. Sunglasses , 2. Coat , 3. Sweater , 4. Bag , 5. Jeans

Wishlist season is upon us and I wanted to share some of my biggest cravings with you! Celiné makes the coolest sunglasses and these can be worn weather the sun is out or not. Number one on my list is the Yvonne Coat in Rose from Saks Potts. I cannot stop thinking about it - it looks like cotton candy, and I would wear it both casual and for a nice dinner. It would look perfect with jeans as well as a nice dress and heels!

The Loewe puzzle bag is a piece of art. It has gorgeous leather and details with both stitching, different leather pieces sown together and the logo on top of the "lid". One can never get enough basics, and the turtle neck from Acne along with the jeans from Ganni is something you can wear all year!



Living Room 

A few weeks ago I wrote a general guide on how to get a luxury look for less at home with smaller changes in decor. Keep on reading this guide on how to lux up your living room on budget.

Main tip for decorating any room is colour combination! Choose one colour palette or complementary colours to express harmony. Great colour combinations are for example green and gold/mustard tones, or blue and beige/orange tones. Choose a base in a neutral colour, which can be the couch, the carpet or the paint on the walls.

Pillow talk: 

Example of how to implement harmonic colours in the living room:



There is nothing more important than good lighting. Wether it comes from your window, a lamp or a candle. Light is such a good way to set the mood.


Scented candles are the absolute finishing touch when creating a luxurious home. Great smell will uplift and personalise your home. There are various kinds of scented candles, some more expensive than others - but I find this a great thing to splurge on as they last long and they smell even though the candle is not lit.

1. Diptyque candles - can be bought at Net-a-porter or Heaven Scent Oslo. 2. Voluspa candles - available at or in Høyer stores. 3. MesterGrønn soy candles (These are amazing and so affordable). 4. H&M offers a selection of affordable scented candles.

The Furniture:

Chair from Ikea.

Bigger poofs are also a great alternative to use as a coffee table! Place a tray on top of it, in addition to a vase with fresh flowers!

Velour poofs from Søstrene Grene (29.99 Euros) , available in selected stores.

A good reason to buy flowers.

1. Urne from Mester Grønn (stores only), 2.Short glass vase 3. Tall glass vase 4.Industrial vase , 5. Double texture vase

Stay tuned for next Luxury Look for Less post - next up: bathroom edition.



Picture: @Styledumonde on Instagram

Now that pink is trendier than ever, there are thousands of beautiful shoes out there to make you feel like a real life princess. Prada made a pair with feathers, Miu Miu always deliver the prettiest embellished works of art and Jimmy Choo is Jimmy Choo!

1. Prada, 2. Aquazurra, 3. Jimmy Choo, 4. Miu Miu

What all the brands agree on is that beautiful stones and pink works well together. Steal the style for less underneath, with picks from Zara:



An all time wardrobe favourite must be the pleated skirt. Easy to style, comfortable to wear and pretty to look at.

Skirt: Miss Selfridges
Shirt: JulieJosephine

Because the typical pleated skirt is of midi-length, it works well both in higher and lower temperatures. In Paris, in 26 degrees, and the other day in Oslo - in 5 degrees. Style it with sneakers, boots or loafers, with a sweater, shirt or jacket!

Monochrome look: 

Skirt: Lindex

Parisienne look:

Skirt: Zara

Pleated skirts: 



... and how to make the perfect french breakfast.

During our stay in Paris, we enjoyed both breakfast and dinner out on the balcony. Here's a list of what you need to create the perfect petit dejunér experience:

The smaller the table, the better! In French cafes there are several round tables that will fit just the right amount of food. Serve coffee in the cutest cups, and buy fresh baguettes and pastries at your nearest bakery. The earlier you buy them, the better they taste!

Go for an organic yoghurt and raspberries, and serve the baguette with brie, jam and and som fruit on the side et voila! Une petit dejunér! Serve the bread on a wooden cutting board and the pastries on small plates.

Where to find the essentials...

In Oslo, the best places to find good pastries would be Åpent Bakeri, Brødbakerne or Baker Hansen. They all open early and serve top-notch



Read my guide to discover small, yet lovely parts of Paris!

Where to: lunch, brunch & breakfast 
Grand Amour Hotel

18 Rue de la Fidélité

If you're looking for the ultimate Instagrammable experience, this is your go-to place! It's a super cute hotel located in the 10th arrondissement. They have the cutest outside dining hall, which serves breakfast and drinks. I would go here every day if I didn't have a million other places I wanted to try.

Petit Déjuner Parisian (breakfast) 13 Euros.

Le Cafe Marly

93 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

To visit this place is a must! Enjoy coffee or breakfast here, with Louvre as your view. This place is really expensive, but believe me - the view alone is worth it.

Ralph Lauren

173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

This is an amazing restaurant. Even though the prices are stiff it is well worth the expense! The service is top-notch and the surroundings are so pretty and peaceful. I would recommend a glass of the Chardonau Terradria 2007, a hamburger with fries and coffee after.

Cafe De Flore

172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

A friend of mine once told me that she sat next to Karl Lagerfeld here once, and that alone is reason enough to visit. Watch chic Parisiennes walk down St. Germain. Order champagne and chips after shopping! (Or anything else on the menu: whatever you prefer - but this place should be first on your list of places to visit)

Cafe Charlot 

38 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

If you've ever scrolled through Instagram during Paris Fashion week, you must have seen this place. It's a very modern French café. We did breakfast here, but I would definitely go for brunch, lunch or drinks instead!

Picture borrowed from Modreosa

Where to: stay 

Honestly, AirBnB is the best thing if you're in Paris on budget. We spent hours to find the perfect apartment, because we wanted a balcony! Luckily we found the perfect place in the Republique area, 2 minutes away from the metro.

If traveling on a higher budget I would try staying at Hotel Grand Amour (I have never stayed here myself).

I would also like to try Hotel Saint James Albany Paris. It looks so amazing and luxurious, and très français (very French!)

Photos from Instagram.

Where to: Go 
Dior Exhibiton

Musée des Arts Décoratifs
107 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris

There are no words to describe this exhibition. Walking towards Les Arts Decoratifs, the line was almost rounding the corner of the museum. Visiting the exhibition on a Sunday, this was a 1,5 hour wait - but it was definitely worth it. We considered to walk out of the line several times thinking "we´ve seen this through Insta", but it was so much more breathtaking in real life.


11 Euros for entrance without guide.
Too many visitors on a Sunday - would recommend to do this on a weekday.

Le Marais 

I would recommend to spend your days exploring this part of Paris. They have so many unique little shops, in addition to more common stores such as Sandro, Maje and ba&sh. It's a super cute neighbourhood for dinner and drinks as well as strolling around here during daytime.

Go to Amorino for a flower ice-cream.

Eiffel Tower 

Even if you've never been to Paris I would recommend to stay clear of the Eiffel Tower during the day. Visit the streets close to the Eiffel Tower during the evening! The Eiffel Tower sparkles once every hour on the hour.

Where to: Datenight & Drinks 
Pink Mamma 

20 Bis Rue de Douai, 75009 Paris

This is the place if you love Italian food. I would really recommend the truffle pasta, but they have so many good-looking dishes on the menu that I bet anything will be beyond satisfying.

Pink Mamma is located just a 3 minute walk away from Moulin Rouge! So make sure to book dinner here before watching a show.

Hotel Costes

240 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris

Always good for anything from dinner to drinks. Great place for people-watching - so many interesting people in one place.



This coffee house is the cutest place! They serve breakfast here from 11, and you can choose between eggs, bacon, pancakes and pastries!

Sweater: Weekday

Skirt: Zara
Boots: Zara
Pouch: Loewe

They also offer lunch, beverages and wifi! Perfect sport for getting som work done.

Picture from Instagram.



... 3 ways to get a street style look

Picture: Tommy Ton

During Fashion week Month there's not only hundreds of Instastories that follow the runway shows, but also the girls behind the instastories that promote fashion in their own way. Street style is, in my opinion, the best way to gather inspiration and ideas on how to dress cool, chic and courageous!

1. SUNGLASSES will lift any outfit, and they can be both transparent or black - both will give you that effortlessly cool girl look. (Especially if you wear them while it's cloudy)

1. Black cat-eye sunglasses 2. Transparent sunglasses, 3. Blue cat-eye sunglasses, 4. Kaibosh white sunglasses (Available in Svean)

2. OVERSIZED outwear! Big jackets in every aspect, wether it's a coat, fur, denim jacket or blazer. Oversized clothing has a cool effect on the outfit.

Picture from Song Of Style

3. DENIM is the basic that is always brought back. Even if it's a perfectly good pair of vintage levis jeans, a denim jacket or a denim shirt. Wear denim on denim, in different shapes, sizes and colours!

Pictures from Pinterest.




Not ready to let summer go yet? Even though the degrees are dropping faster day by day, you can still enjoy pieces of your summer wardrobe. I tried it by combining a cute ruffle blouse with grey vintage levis jeans, which I think works pretty well.