Value Creation är essensen av Bell Moore Group Inc. Genom att vara i tjänst som ger oöverträffad expertis inom området leasing, konsulttjänster, mäkleri och tredje part förvaltning inom området fastighetsverksamhet, har bolaget fått förtroende av sina kunder inklusive MAB amerikanska Property Reit i Australien, Paul Mitchell litar på Hawaii, Summit Reit i Kanada, Sentinel Pension i New York och bistå ambassadör mark Erwin i Charlotte.

Bell Moore är inte bara sysslar med de tekniska och finansiella kraven på fastighetsverksamhet, men mer så att skapa värde för sina kunder. I mer än 25 år i fastighetsverksamheten har företaget utnyttjat och utvecklat den talang och kreativitet som krävs för att hjälpa sina kunder på vad de strävar efter att uppnå inom verksamheten. Bell Moore anser att för att skapa ett värdefullt värde måste du prioritera serva din kunds uppdrag. Uppfylla sina behov är jobb en, få det fel och alla dimensioner av verksamheten kommer att misslyckas kapitalt.

Företagets rektor, Rianne Bell och Lynn Moore har länge varit att upprätthålla Belle Moore som en klient-centrerad företag prioriterar det bästa intresset för kunder med iver att förhandla och anpassa planer i linje med deras behov. Det är därför de utan tvekan sätter sin tillit till oss för affärslösningar och mer så för utveckling och tillväxt av deras satsning.

Bellmoore Group Inc granska och bedöma varje kund unika och diversifierade behov, genom att förstå deras specifika krav Bell Moore tar en aktiv roll för att möta behoven och det bästa intresset för deras klient.



It is often the case for many houses to put artworks on their interior design to add more meaning to each room. Giving more beauty to a space in your house is exciting, right? And when you choose to buy artworks for your design, you will surely grasp the importance of having art in your place. Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants wants you to express yourself on your design as well by putting unique and special art that you like.

Art can provide both energy and elegance according to some art professionals. You will often see on known interior design magazines the importance of including art in decorating a home or office spaces. The inclusion of art is usually recommended to bring out the positive feelings from each person entering a room with artworks.

Consider buying local artworks if you’re currently searching for art pieces to put on the walls of your house. Local artists offer beautiful, quality and original art, and are typically inexpensive, so this is a win-win situation. To add a personal touch, you can customize its frame according to your likings.

Ensuring a good art for your home needs you to follow some steps, and the important ones are provided in the following paragraphs by Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants. Rest assured because each is very easy to follow.

Putting frames on the art is advised to make it look better and to add some style. Don’t worry if you put it on a cheap frame because you can modify it to give it a brand new and a personal touch. Framing art can also protect it from the harsh environment.

Balance the tone and scale of the artworks on your interior. If you’re going with different genres, ensure to still match the tone and scale of everything you put in a room. If you’re into black and white photographs and want to add more art of the similar feel, you can go with charcoal drawings or monochromatic paintings.

Create a beautiful collage on wide walls. If you have a lot of small art pieces, you can put them all together beautifully. For example, if you’re fond of mirrors, you can put different sizes of it on the wall to end up with an amazing mirror collage.

Stick with your concept or theme. The very first thing to consider in decorating your interior with artworks is choosing a theme, and after you decided with one, remain focus on it. Your theme could be categorized into two: traditional or modern. Choose soft and classical pieces for the traditional theme, while cutting-edge or contemporary art pieces for a modern theme.

Reading magazines about art decorating can also help you gather more useful information. Collect décor magazines and visit related blogs for a lot of good ideas. Write down all the ones that caught your interest.

Learn about the meaning of each artwork that you buy to better appreciate its value so that no matter how many years it is hanged on the wall, you will never get tired looking at it.

As mentioned earlier, make sure that there’s balance in your interior design. Carefully plan where you will put each art piece and after everything is organized, ask yourself if what you’ve done provided the right impression and have a good balance between its content, color, and shape.

Achieving stability is also important. Every piece should have a positive relationship to one another and should contribute to the consistency of your design. You may arrange the pieces according to their medium, genre, artist or color.

Follow the latest posts from Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants for more useful tips and guidelines in relation to art.