Hi, people.

I'm a girl 14-year-old girl, that have some big dreams since I was little, I always dreamed of traveling the world and, becoming something big. I also wanted to try something new, that's out of my comfort zone, so I decided I wanted to start a blog, where I write about my interest.

As you probably can see, I want to stay anonymous for some private reasons, and I really hope that you guys understand that. (Just so you don't get confused, my birth name is not Andear)

There is a twist though, I'm going to reveal my self this exact day in about a year from now. But yeah, I am going to write about things that interestest me like, traveling, countries, fashion etc, I haven't really thought about which days I'm going to upload, but its probably going to be on the weekends, where I have some time to sit down and think about what I want to write about.

Much love from Andear❤

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