11 weeks ago I left everything behind an moved to the Netherlands to study Hospitality Management in Hotelschool the Hague. Once I arrived at Skotel life grabbed me by the neck and tagged me along. I met a lot of new people, I attended lectures and before I knew it the first block was over. But let me start from the beginning...

On the 26th of August we all moved into Skotel, the day was gone before I knew it. It passed in me trying to put the countless bags with luggage on their place. The first evening I spent with my parents and after that they left back for Bulgaria.

Our second day was occupied by the school - all day they were showing us the school and for dinner we went to a beautiful restaurant.

At that time I started getting to know my housemates.

School make sure we are busy and gave us our first assignment - hotel excursion. Right after that a menu assignment and after that a POR and of course the terrifying Conference Proposal.

The classes were interesting and the more days passed the more I knew that this is the right place for me. Probably some of my favorite classes were IMP, Training management skills and the Hospitality Experience module.

From time to time I was able to take a small breath and go to the beach.

Time passed and it was time to choose which student associations to join. I joined La Confrerie - I never had the slightest doubt about it.

I even bought a dress for the first dinner. ^.^"

It feels nice to be part of something, especially when you are away from home.

And yes the next day I took a picture with me wearing the sweater.

And yes it wasn't easy but I never had a doubt that this is what I want. And the people around me made sure I enjoy this place as much as I can, I am so thankful for everyone that is by my side.

It wasn't easy and we studies hard, we often felt tired but we all managed t not give up.

We partied and went to school. At least the first 8 weeks - the school has a bar inside and La Confrerie has a bar- that makes partying and meeting people quite easy.

And then it came - the 9th and 10th weeks - EXAM TIME.

Suddenly the parties were forgotten and we all started studying.

More about the exams in the next blog.

Luckily the exmas wee soon over and everyone left, they all went back home for the 0 week. I was one of th elast people taht remained for the weekend of week 10 of block A.

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We finally reached the Hague. We were supposed to reach the hotel in 9 hours. Thanks to the traffic and the fact that my mother wanted to go shopping, it took us 12 hours and a half. We are staying at one of the apartments of BizzStay and they close at 9 pm - we arrived 9:20 pm. We ended up waiting till 10:10 pm when finally a woman from BizzStay came to show us the apartment. Around 11 pm we left in search of a restaurant to eat. We had no idea the kitchens of the restaurants close at 10 pm. We had a little drink an then we went to look for food. After an hour of just walking around we finally found a small fish bar (or something like it) From there we took some food and went back home. The day was long and we are all tired.



Well early in the morning we left Budapest. The plan was to pass trough Austria and then reach Prague around evening so we can have lunch and then go explore the city.
Just like always the plans changed. Due to the heavy traffic we changed the route and decided to pass trough Slovakia. We were supposed to travel only 6 hours but they turned into solid 10 hours.
We are staying in Residence Benne which is surprisingly nice.
We took a small break and went to explore the city. (We got lost too many times to count)

Prague is an amazing city. But don't visit it after you have been to Budapest. Prague is way different and exploring it after Budapest can leave you a bit unsatisfied. oh and going out at night is great, but don't think you can take good pictures of the Carlos bridge is not as beautiful at night as it is during the day, but the castle that you can see is magical.

Next destination - The Hague



Finally. Time to go... I have never been so nervous and excited at the same time.

23.08.2017- From Bulgaria we will pass trough Serbia and go to Hungary. We will sleep in Budapest.

24.08.2017- The second day we will leave Budapest and pass trough Austria. We have to arrive at Czechia- Prague and hopefully have enough time to explore the city.

25.08.2017- The third day we will leave Prague early I the morning and go to Germany. From there we will go to The Hague. While in Germany we will stop several times to shop so the last day will be very long.

And on 26th is the opening of Hotelschool the Hague. I can't wait.

Some attempts to take pictures. We left home at 5 am (despite getting up in 3am) We forgot a few things so we had to go back several time. And at 5 am we finally officially left. Only to stop half an hour later and wait for two hours to get past the border between Bulgaria and Serbia...

Once we passed the border, I fell asleep... (don't blame me, getting up in 3 am is hard)

Not long after I woke up, we passed trough Belgrade. I tried to take a few pictures.

After that a new city appeared on the horizon.

Not long after that we crossed the border with Hungary. Half an hour later we reached Kecskemet - there we had lunch. the restaurant and the food were amazing.

Once the plates were empty we left and two hours later we finally reached put destination- Budapest. The hotel was small and pretty nice. I am not a big fan but my father said I shouldn't expect too much (he was looking for a cheap place to sleep)

We took a small break and went to explore the city. I took quite a few pictures. ( around 300) Around 10 pm we finally went to eat. We had no idea most places close at 10pm. Luckily we found a restaurant which worked until 11pm. The food was amazing and the waiter was very friendly.

Now it is time for me to go to bed. the plan for tomorrow is to leave early and arrive at Prague as soon as possible so we can have enough time to explore...

Good night.



Well, it is time to leave my dog. After all, in 4 days, I am leaving Bulgaria and I can't take him to the Skotel of Hotelschool the Hague. Since this is the last weekend before I leave on Wednesday - 23rd of August, we have to take him to my grandparents. I am not worried that something will happen to him, my grandparents know how to spoil a dog, but today is my last day with my dog. My parents will take him back home once they are back from the Hague but I won't be home with them. I have had him for 8 years now and he was rarely away from me. And now I will be away for 1 year. I will not have the chance to come back home too often. I wish I could take him with me... On the second year, I am definitely looking for a place where I can take him with me.

He is adorable * . *



This is me. I wear glasses, to help my bad brown eyes and short hair in an undefined color.

Hello there. Let me introduce myself once again. My name is Ana-Maria Kardzhanova (but you don't need to remember my last name). I am from Bulgaria and my birthday is on 17th of December.

I sometimes talk too much and sometimes not at all. But I try to give everyone a chance to prove they are nice and hopefully become a friend. I get very nervous and it is not hard to make me cry.

This is my dog. His name is Spike and he is a chihuahua. He is the most precious thing I have ever seen. I love him more than anything, despite the fact that he is scared of everyone he does not know and ends up barking like crazy and some times even biting.

I spent most of my time at home, rarely going out, so the outside world seems kind of new and exciting but also scary. Spending so much time home, usually alone, has made me too sensitive...

But in 9 days I will leave everything behind and travel to The Hague to study and hopefully achieve my dream of becoming a hotel manager or at least graduating. (It was either decide what I want to do with my life or stay in Bulgaria and become an accountant.) So I decided to go to the Hague and study in Hotelschool the Hague. Wish me luck, it won't be easy but I know what I want.

As for the blog- it might be boring from time to time and there is a chance I will give up at some pint, due to the lack of time and energy to write. I will try my best but I can't promise anything...