Good morning

I've been lacking on blogging. But I've been so busy and every time I want to sit down and blog something interrupts me or I've to do something else.

I won't be blogging as frequently for now but I'll be back. I've too get som routine on things first. We've to launch the first pregnancy box as well.

But until I'm back here you guys can follow me on our VLOG!

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We're updating every Wednesday and Sunday for now. It's like the same thing like blogging but it's video blogging instead. You get it VLOGGING 😜

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But I'll definitely come in here now and then and write and put up some selfies 🤓😘❤️

Have a wonderful Monday❣️
By the way I'm sick, I've catch a cold 🤧! I thought spring was here and started to dress lighter. But it backfired on me. Like it always does. I never learn.




Lovely Sunday!
It's lighter outside and the sun is out more.
And the whole family is cured from the cold that caught all of us. This year the flue caught a lot of people.

You remember part.1 when I was writhing about our road trip to Växjö? When we came home it was as time for my sisters naming ceremony. She gave birth to her beautiful son Liam the day before we went to Växjö.
And we Muslims always have our naming ceremonies a week after the baby is born.

So I came back to help her prepare, me and the kids went out to her place on Thursday to say hi to the new family member and stayed late. Bae had practice and went to Kumbas release party for her colab with Eivy. Will show you guys the superfab collection when I get mines.

But we stayed late that Thursday at Laibo's place and we were super tired after the road trip. On top of that the cold. On Friday we went over there too, too prepare for he actual naming ceremony on Saturday. That night I finished some of the cooking at my place and didn't went to bed until after 4 something in the morning. But it was worth it.

On Saturday we went there early for the naming ceremony. Bae joined us after his game. You can read more about our naming ceremonies on the post with Zayn's naming ceremony.

Liam's was really successful and intimate. Just the way it should be according to me. Some have their naming ceremonies really big and it's nice. But not my cup of tea. We had a really big one for Malik, a medium one for Mayah and Zayn.
I love our tradition and our culture. It's so nice to see how everybody comes together, young and old.
But the scenes behind it the
planning and everything is hilarious when you think about it afterwards. So many strong willed people who're trying to plan 😂😂😂
In the end of the day we always manage to make it to an absolute lovely and beautiful moment.

And on the Sunday after the hard week, the whole family rested! You know that kind of rest when you even wake up before all the kids and you feel all refreshed. But we had a really lazy Sunday with a lot of food from Liam's naming ceremony.
It got even better when I realized that Malik was of from school that following Monday, so we didn't have to stress about preparing for it.

This week have been calm, so we could all get 100% free from the cold. Mayah stayed home more than she attended daycare. We even missed Baby Awa's birthday celebration. But we're going to her Birthday bash in the end of this month.

The Food By Anah webpage is up and running again. We're back in business with a new menu and a little bit of changes on the webpage. We need to take new photos for the site as well.
If anybody knows any available spots for a restaurant in Stockholm please email us @

Have a lovely Sunday



Saturday equals family breakfast❣️
Or on Sunday's❣️

It's a tradition in this house. Sometimes I'm so tired and want to skip it. But the kids won't let me. On top of that they know how to make it. To perfection as well. We teach them well.

Today Mayah took the lead and made delicious pancakes with strawberries and raspberries as topping.
With a little bit assist from me.

Happy Saturday from us.



Dreaming myself away on how we're going to renovate the new apartment.

The kitchen is almost done (in my head) we're definitely going to have velvet green seats and dark chairs, but can't decide if the table should be dark as well or white.

A kitchen island is a must! Where we can have family breakfast/brunch. Our family take this weekend breakfast/brunch really serious, it's a must have. It will be a good spot for Maliks homework as well. And even better to set up food for dinner parties. The best part late night snacks ❣️

Another thing I've been looking at for a very long time is these Eos lamps. Gosh they're so beautiful and a must have to. I told Bae that after our trip we need to buy one or two. Even if I've to survive on bread and water for a while 😂. I want a big white one in the living room, a pink one in Mayah's room and probably one in our bedroom. But our bedroom is not a priority but it would be so nice.
I need to win on a lottery or something with all this things I want.

I also fell for this Leonora bench like everyone else from Mio. We actually bought the pink one. And our rug came, so in love with it. I wanted to take it up and use it in this apartment but this time around I listened to Bae.
I've also bought this amazing big and I mean big pillows. They're so amazing, packed them up to use them. But Bae convinced me otherwise. And he's so right is not going to be as great to use them in the new place if they're already used here. We got a new living room table and sold the old one 💁🏾. Win win situation!

We got some new tableware from my mum, but those are like for finer occasions . So we need something for daily occasions but that are still nice. So if you guys have any suggestions let me know.




Long time no see👋🏾

This time around I've been busy with basically spending time with my family. A little bit of work but not to much.
Malik have been having sport break, today's the last day. So last Sunday we went on a road trip to Växjö to visit my parents.

We were supposed to leave the house around 8 o'clock in the morning. But it became an African 8 o'clock time. I think we left around 12. The road trip went better than expected. Only the kids who felt asleep for a little bit, me and Bae was up and had good music banging. Whenever we here a good song we always say to each other
"What do you know about this"

Baby Zayn behaved most of the time, but he's definitely a front seat baby. He don't like to sit in the back for to long. Malik and Mayah were there normal selves. Sometimes best friends and sometimes Tom and Jerry.

It's always good to come home and spend time with the family. A lot of laughter and plenty of good food. Bae was eating like never before 😂😂😂 me to. For you who think I can cook you should just taste my mums food. She's definitely a better chef than me. But some dishes I cook better than her.

We didn't have so much time to do other things except catching up. We were supposed to pass by Ullared, but another time. We will definitely drive down there soon again. The kids love it there. They get so spoiled and gets whatever they want. Nobody can tell them nothing. I love to see the bond that they have with my mum. I hope to have that bond with my grandchildren one day as well.

We got a lot of things for the new apartment as well. Can't wait to start decorating the new place. I've everything in my head. During our stay Zayn got sick, he got fever for just a day. But I think it was because of the cold. And he has this bad dry cough. So I d
was basically on the phone 2-3 times a day with Vårdguiden (you call them for medical advise). I even talked to the Barnakuten (Kids Emergency). But they said that everything was normal and that he just had a cold.

Now he's definitely much better and only a little bit of the dry cough left. Today we gave him a tasting portion of his porridge. But he threw it up again, so much that he got tired of it. Now he's sleeping on my lap. My poor baby. The same thing happens the last time. But that time he ate blueberry and apple. It was so bad that the ambulance came and we went to the hospital. I think I wrote about it. Anybody who had experienced this with their babies. He have just been breastfeeding since that. And then we tried today and the same thing happened but not as bad as last time.

The rest of the family got the cold as well. So we've basically been in PJs today and yesterday. I guess it's a mix between the cold and being tired. Since Växjö, we've been staying up late and barely been home. But will let you know about why in part.2




Happy months baby 🎉

Time has to really really slow down. My baby boy is growing to fast. Can you believe that he'll be 6 months soon. He brings me so much joy. I love him so much.

Like the chopsah Zayn is we've introduced him to food. But just tasting portions, and it's going excellent. But I've slowed it down now since his incident last week. My poor baby. He got his second shot in both legs. I totally forgot the name of the shots, but Mayah and Malik got them too. This time Zayn got some fever afterwards but not one the first one. But it's normal.

My baby loves to talk, oh how he talks now. And he's really ticklish when you hit the right spots. He has the best laugh ever! And he's truly a mamas boy ❤️. It's true. His whole face shines up when ever he sees me. I love it.

He's so much more aware of everything now. He turns his head left and right. He's so nosy just like me. Whenever he hears something specially when he's breastfeeding he turns his head away. As soon as he realize that I'm trying to tuck in my breast again he turns back.

Taking a bath is still his favorite thing to do. I made a play corner for him as well. And there's this book that he loves to look at. And how he talks when he sees the pictures in it. He really loves it. Probably because of all the pictures in it.
Like most babies he's trying to crawl, but towards the wrong direction. Backwards 😂
He can sit but gravity ain't on his side, chubby boy. And he can also turn when he's laying down. But he ain't that chubby no more, his face is changing from a baby towards a toddler. Time slow down please.

You're ❤️ Zayn!



What is the most valuable "thing"in your life?
Is it the material things?
Is it the people that you love?
Is it your children?
Or is it something else?

For me I don't even have to think twice about it.
It started year 2007 and became reality 2008.
Those who knows me really really well knows what
I breathe and live for.

I love life it self!
I love to have fun!
I love some of my material things!
I love the people I've around me that became family!
I really don't have friends, I've family.
My friends are my family!

But the most valuable in my life are my
Basically everything I do it's for them. It's sounds like a cliche, but that's the honest truth.
For me personally I can't be satisfied until I know that I worked my absolute best for them and to be able to give them the best possible life I can give them.

Yesterday was a reality check.
Baby Zayn got sick so we had to take him to the hospital!
I felt so helpless and useless.
The thoughts that went through my head!
But thank God nothing was wrong with him.
Better safe than sorry all times!

He was throwing up a couple of times last night and he was sleeping so deep that we couldn't wake him up. So they (Vårdguiden) suggested that we should call for an ambulance. After trying to wake him up in different ways. He reacted to it but didn't wake up.

We spent the whole night at the hospital and didn't come home until 8 in the morning. Malik and Mayah was still sleeping when we came home.
The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him. And he woke up when the ambulance people came, but was still a little bit of. So that's why they suggested that we should go to the hospital. After all the check ups they came to the conclusion that all the throwing up was overwhelming for him.

Today he has been his usual self!
Than God 🙏🏾



This week have been so good to us.
With a lot of good news and meetings.

On the business front it's a lot of work but I'm working with the best people. Me and Bianca are working on our company Pregnancy Box. The response we got its more than great and we're so thankful. But it requires a lot of work.
When it comes to Food By Anah we're redoing the web page and are about to launch it soon. We only need to take new pictures and some more extra work on the web page. It's always those small things that are left that takes for ever.

When it comes to family, we're so blessed. The kids are great and so is the relationship. We have our moments as everybody. But we work them out❣️
Our landlord came and did a pre inspection and he couldn't find any damages that we had to fix or pay for 🙌🏾 We just have to make sure they get all the right keys and clean properly when we move to the new place. It's getting closer. I'm even pre decorating in my head. It's so hard to buy things when you haven't even seen the place when it's done. Even harder when you can't decide colors. But we're going to keep it bright with a lot of white colors. At least that's the thought for now 😂
The fireplace is like the only thing we know that weee definitely going to have. And of course some of our furnitures that we already have. We ain't ballin yet!

But things we been thinking about to buy/change it's the kitchen table. We've a black one now and are thinking if we should have a white one instead. And a breakfast table, those high once. Cause the kitchen area is so big! I almost forgot we're going to have to 3 bathrooms and 2 of them is going to have showers. No more arguing on that front. One for they guys and one for the girls.
This thing I'm about to share deserve a drum roll
They said that there's a walk in closet!
And who's going to take it.
Oh yes. No discussion on that.
I can even l sleep in there!

The landlord better be right on his description now. Or I'll be so disappointed.
Me and Bae are going to have a cooking competition in the new place as well.
He thinks he cooks better than me

How are you guys spending your Saturday?

I'm cleaning and washing clothes while Bae is at his game. Malik is mad cause he has to help me. All that he thinks of is his legos! But we're almost done. Don't think we'll make it to Bae's game cause we're having guests over later. So I've to prepare for that.
But before I continue with the cleaning I've to eat something first.


In exactly 92 days this is where we will be❣️



Couples training, she does it all.

Today was another training session with my amazing PT Bianca . She's really amazing at what she does. Even if she's so totally NOT my favorite person during our sessions.

Today Bae joined me. Every time I come home from a session, complaining and telling him how Bianca tortured me in my eyes. He laughs at me, tells me "that small thing you do"
And starts to talk about what they do at practice. I tell him he choose to be an athlete so he has to deal with it.

But today he felt my pain. And was I enjoying it. I loved it! Bianca went in on him good. He almost gave up. Check out the video on my Instagram

At the same time it was fun training with him. We should do it more often. And it's great that Bianca has couple/duo training. She masters to make it fun but at the same time give you the same exercises but so you can do them on your level.

Here's a challenge from us.
To all the couples out their who complains that they don't do new things together or things together at all.
Try out the couples/duo training with Bianca .