Happy months baby 🎉

Time has to really really slow down. My baby boy is growing to fast. Can you believe that he'll be 6 months soon. He brings me so much joy. I love him so much.

Like the chopsah Zayn is we've introduced him to food. But just tasting portions, and it's going excellent. But I've slowed it down now since his incident last week. My poor baby. He got his second shot in both legs. I totally forgot the name of the shots, but Mayah and Malik got them too. This time Zayn got some fever afterwards but not one the first one. But it's normal.

My baby loves to talk, oh how he talks now. And he's really ticklish when you hit the right spots. He has the best laugh ever! And he's truly a mamas boy ❤️. It's true. His whole face shines up when ever he sees me. I love it.

He's so much more aware of everything now. He turns his head left and right. He's so nosy just like me. Whenever he hears something specially when he's breastfeeding he turns his head away. As soon as he realize that I'm trying to tuck in my breast again he turns back.

Taking a bath is still his favorite thing to do. I made a play corner for him as well. And there's this book that he loves to look at. And how he talks when he sees the pictures in it. He really loves it. Probably because of all the pictures in it.
Like most babies he's trying to crawl, but towards the wrong direction. Backwards 😂
He can sit but gravity ain't on his side, chubby boy. And he can also turn when he's laying down. But he ain't that chubby no more, his face is changing from a baby towards a toddler. Time slow down please.

You're ❤️ Zayn!



What is the most valuable "thing"in your life?
Is it the material things?
Is it the people that you love?
Is it your children?
Or is it something else?

For me I don't even have to think twice about it.
It started year 2007 and became reality 2008.
Those who knows me really really well knows what
I breathe and live for.

I love life it self!
I love to have fun!
I love some of my material things!
I love the people I've around me that became family!
I really don't have friends, I've family.
My friends are my family!

But the most valuable in my life are my
Basically everything I do it's for them. It's sounds like a cliche, but that's the honest truth.
For me personally I can't be satisfied until I know that I worked my absolute best for them and to be able to give them the best possible life I can give them.

Yesterday was a reality check.
Baby Zayn got sick so we had to take him to the hospital!
I felt so helpless and useless.
The thoughts that went through my head!
But thank God nothing was wrong with him.
Better safe than sorry all times!

He was throwing up a couple of times last night and he was sleeping so deep that we couldn't wake him up. So they (Vårdguiden) suggested that we should call for an ambulance. After trying to wake him up in different ways. He reacted to it but didn't wake up.

We spent the whole night at the hospital and didn't come home until 8 in the morning. Malik and Mayah was still sleeping when we came home.
The doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him. And he woke up when the ambulance people came, but was still a little bit of. So that's why they suggested that we should go to the hospital. After all the check ups they came to the conclusion that all the throwing up was overwhelming for him.

Today he has been his usual self!
Than God 🙏🏾



This week have been so good to us.
With a lot of good news and meetings.

On the business front it's a lot of work but I'm working with the best people. Me and Bianca are working on our company Pregnancy Box. The response we got its more than great and we're so thankful. But it requires a lot of work.
When it comes to Food By Anah we're redoing the web page and are about to launch it soon. We only need to take new pictures and some more extra work on the web page. It's always those small things that are left that takes for ever.

When it comes to family, we're so blessed. The kids are great and so is the relationship. We have our moments as everybody. But we work them out❣️
Our landlord came and did a pre inspection and he couldn't find any damages that we had to fix or pay for 🙌🏾 We just have to make sure they get all the right keys and clean properly when we move to the new place. It's getting closer. I'm even pre decorating in my head. It's so hard to buy things when you haven't even seen the place when it's done. Even harder when you can't decide colors. But we're going to keep it bright with a lot of white colors. At least that's the thought for now 😂
The fireplace is like the only thing we know that weee definitely going to have. And of course some of our furnitures that we already have. We ain't ballin yet!

But things we been thinking about to buy/change it's the kitchen table. We've a black one now and are thinking if we should have a white one instead. And a breakfast table, those high once. Cause the kitchen area is so big! I almost forgot we're going to have to 3 bathrooms and 2 of them is going to have showers. No more arguing on that front. One for they guys and one for the girls.
This thing I'm about to share deserve a drum roll
They said that there's a walk in closet!
And who's going to take it.
Oh yes. No discussion on that.
I can even l sleep in there!

The landlord better be right on his description now. Or I'll be so disappointed.
Me and Bae are going to have a cooking competition in the new place as well.
He thinks he cooks better than me

How are you guys spending your Saturday?

I'm cleaning and washing clothes while Bae is at his game. Malik is mad cause he has to help me. All that he thinks of is his legos! But we're almost done. Don't think we'll make it to Bae's game cause we're having guests over later. So I've to prepare for that.
But before I continue with the cleaning I've to eat something first.


In exactly 92 days this is where we will be❣️



Couples training, she does it all.

Today was another training session with my amazing PT Bianca . She's really amazing at what she does. Even if she's so totally NOT my favorite person during our sessions.

Today Bae joined me. Every time I come home from a session, complaining and telling him how Bianca tortured me in my eyes. He laughs at me, tells me "that small thing you do"
And starts to talk about what they do at practice. I tell him he choose to be an athlete so he has to deal with it.

But today he felt my pain. And was I enjoying it. I loved it! Bianca went in on him good. He almost gave up. Check out the video on my Instagram

At the same time it was fun training with him. We should do it more often. And it's great that Bianca has couple/duo training. She masters to make it fun but at the same time give you the same exercises but so you can do them on your level.

Here's a challenge from us.
To all the couples out their who complains that they don't do new things together or things together at all.
Try out the couples/duo training with Bianca .



Everybody who knows me knows that I'm an impulsive person. I can sit one day and just think about something and just do it.

I'm not the kind of person who overthinks things. Like if I want to do something I go for it. And learn along the way. And of course there's common sense involved in everything.

But I'm a strong believer in that whatever you put you mind into you can achieve it.

So now I/We been talking about too start an VLOG. A family one.
It's fun to look back at, for us as a couple and our kids. Lately I've been into a lot of vlogging channels. And it's so fun.

For you guys who don't know what a VLOG is.
It's like a blog but you document everything in a video.
But it's a lot of work into it as it seem.

It's in my/our thoughts so maybe we'll start one soon.
Would you follow us?



Good morning

Yesterday was wonderful. I got too celebrate Valentine's Day with my loved once.
We picked up the kids from daycare and school and took them too time of their favorite restaurants.
No fast food for these kids.
They love food❣️

I've noticed that Malik is not on a lot of pictures no more. But he's a big boy now and in that stage where he's too busy for photos. As he says it 😂
But he's always with us!

After eating we went around the mall and window shopped interior designs. I found these amazing pillows that I wanted to buy. But Bae wanted us to wait. I just have to buy the mm and surprise him 💁🏾 ain't I a great girlfriend. Surprising him and all 😂
But he'll enjoy them as I will!

We went separated ways in the mall. Cause I had to buy him a gift for Valentine's Day and he for me.
Both of us bought each other clothes. I got this cream suede cap that I've been looking for forever and a really nice body. And a bunch of red roses, should I count them?
And I got Bae some suit pants, side note really nice! And a white shirt. He looked eatable in them. I told him not to dress up as go out without me 😉

Anyways after some window shopping and actual shopping we went and bought some groceries for our ❤️ Day dinner.

When we got home we got surprised with ❤️Day gifts from farmor Inger 😊.
The kids got 🍭 and 📚. Zayn got this amazing sackn'seat. Me and Bae got wonderful chocolate 🍫
Thank you

Mayah got a little bit upset at us when they had too go to bed. She wanted to continue the celebration with us. But I promised her to make it up to her in a mother way.
Daddy and mummy need their time to.

Bae set upped the table son nice. He keeps on amazing me. And I actually have to give him credit for yesterday. He made all of it by himself.
He been taking notes❣️
He have been talking about ❤️Day for the last 2 weeks. I told him it better be really good with all this talking.
And it was beyond wonderful.
Thank you!

Just spending Valentine's Day with him would be enough. Without gifts & fancy food.
But I ain't complaining about yesterday either

Main Course


My Valentine himself!
I ❤️ You❣️



It's been a week! Time is flying by as us usual and February it's almost over! Tomorrow it's ❤️day!
February 14th

Let us talk about relationships!
I'm no ❤️Doctor or relationship expert!
And you men too deserve the same ❤️back!

Let's start with the unhealthy once. How many of us have been in them? I know I've!

I've been in relationships where I thought I was happy. At the moment I was happy, cause I thought that that was what happiness was. You know when you don't know what you deserve! I used to be FBI, CSI all of those things. Even my friends used to call me when it's time to investigate things. When I think about it now it's funny. But it was so in healthy! Why would you want to be with someone that you can't trust. Why share your heart with someone you've have to investigate about. Take their phones, try to check their other social media and etc.
That's a big warning sign! I always say that you should follow your gut feelings. And when you smell dirt it's always 99% of dirt somewhere.
And fellas it don't always have to do with the women being insecure!

Let's go back to me anyways. I used to investigate and when I investigated I always found something. Big or small it was always something fishy! My gut feeling again. And those guys who always have their phone with them every where oh my god a big no no! They can't even lay their phone on the table so you can see what's poppin up on their screens and turn of their notice functions!

Its even a headache to have to worry about those things.And when you caught them with lie after lie after lie. And some men can lie, oh what they can lie. Don't feel stupid if you believe them or they haven't been truly honest to you. You were just caught in Lala land with yourself. But you thought that your were two in there.

Any relationship where you're in a relationship and you still feel alone.
I'm not saying that you should dump them. But if you talk and talk and talk and talk and talk!
And nothing changes they go back to their old behavior.
You should probably leave them.
This is just a few examples of bad relationships.

Let us now jump in to the real LaLa Land when you actually are two in the relationship
When you don't have to investigate. When that doesn't even cross your mind.
After being in bad relationships you quickly learn sooner or later what you deserve and what you don't deserve. And that day you realize what you deserve you will go after it.

The guy could be Idris Elba himself, but if he doesn't treat you right it's bye bye.
It took a while before I got there. Cause we all love bad boys.

Can you imagine having that feeling that someone cares for you and wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to you. Kind of feeling. I don't know how to describe it.

Everything it's opposite from the bad relationships. He puts you first! He cares for you! He truly truly loves you.
He's investing in the relationship. He's treating you right.

And you do the same for him.
When nothing feels forced!
Now that's LaLa Land

Of course you've your ups and downs, you argue.
Cause nobody is perfect!
And don't let nobody make you believe that any relationship is perfect.

Perfect to me is that you fuss and argue. But still have respect for each other. No name callings and no putting the your partners self esteem down. You still put each other first! You care for each other! You truly truly love each other. You both invest in the relationship! You both treat each other right.

Now that's some grown up sh*t

So Happy ❤️ Day
in advance from my
LaLa Land



Where do I start?
I was internet beefing for a minute yesterday.
Anybody who knows me like real knows me.
Knows that I don't joke when it comes to my kids.
Not for anybody!

So this bobo the fool pops up on my Instagram account from no where. Having the courage to comment on one of my kids photos. The comment was so stupid. I should've just ignore him but he got the best of me! So I went of on him and his page. But I deleted everything I wrote on his page and blocked his ignorant self.
But reported him severally times before that. Don't know if it helped but it felt better.

At that moment yesterday I wanted to lecture him so bad, so bad. Jump into my phone and find him.
But I realized that arguing with stupid people like him is like killing the mosquito on your cheek. You might or might not kill it, but you'll end up slapping yourself.



You know when you watch movies and in the movie the dad or the mum is really busy. Like when they talk to their kids ore their kids are talking to them.
They're all up in their work. Either on the phone ore on their computer.

I caught myself like that.
Shame shame shame
on me!!!

So yesterday and today I've only been a mother. No work no nothing. Perhaps just a little bit but like 5-10 min answering emails and taking to Bianca.

So yesterday farmor Inger came over for lunch. Mayah stayed home from daycare. And can you believe we let Malik go to school by himself and he took himself home as well.
My mommy heart was so proud.
I always imagined that when the time reached I would sneak after him with a bike. Don't ask me why with a bike. Cause I've had my driving license since I was 18.
But I didn't. I let him go by himself.
Not all by himself.
I installed and gps on his phone. Where I could follow every step he took. It even gave me a notice when he reached and when he left his school area.
Best thing ever.
I told Bae that I'm going to instal it on his phone as well 😂😂😂
But I'll just find him at the football field he said.

After farmor Inger left Bae went for practice and I cleaned a bit. When he was done we went to Willys and did some grocery shopping. We all cooked and baked together and had a cozy Friday.
Well needed!! We watched the new edition movie, but we've the last episode left. We're going to finish it tonight.

Today we just chilled as well after my catering. After that we went to see Bae's second half of their game. He did good as usual 🙌🏾
Right now we're at his friends Baby shower. Eating good food and delicious cake. I need to do some training when I get home 🙃

Tomorrow is more family time and back to work mode when the kids are sleeping 😌

Have a nice weekend 💕



My son got jokes. We been talking back and forth about him going to school by himself and coming home by himself.

I finally agreed on it
Then he asked me:
"Can I get some money for tomorrow?"
Im like for what?
Like I was really thinking for what?
His answer was:
"So I can hang a little bit after school and buy candy."


Hang with who, when and where??
He says some of his classmates does it after school. Well son, you ain't them and I ain't their mother.

My son is growing to fast.