I don't even know how to start this blog post. Maybe I've blogging block. Is that even a name? Since I'm on this block subject. Let's continue on that subject.

I got blocked from a fb interior group. Just because I accidentally shared my blog post in their page. Which is strictly forbidden! And trust me when I say that it was a BIG mistake. I was just in a hurry and thought it was one of this fb groups that I usually share my posts on. And the thing is I really love the group they blocked me from. I even contacted the admin. And they wouldn't let me back in since the think that it wasn't a mistake. Seriously do I even have a interior blog. Any who I was blocked for life! But that didn't stop me from seeing their page 🙅🏾

These past days things have been really gone in the right directions business wise and in life. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾
I'm getting so much closer to my dreams.
Promise to fill you guys in when everything is settled.

Last Saturday we went to two Birthday parties 🎉
The twins and princess Alimahs ❤️

This summer is F*cked Up!
At least weather wise. You've to go to indoor swimming pools to swim.
What's that? We were supposed to go to London for a family vacation.
But with everything that happened there we choose to be safe than sorry!
We haven't still figured out what to do with them yet. And everything depends on how this new project is going to go.

But we're still having fun and making the best out of it. Spending family time, doing different activities, playing games and cooking good food.

Yesterday we were supposed to have a game night at Tolv Stockholm. But they closed around 21:00. So we had to go back home. But we will give it another try today. Either we will go to Husby badet or Tolv Stockholm. But first we're going out to train.

Somebody's stomach is acting out!
Guess who's?


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I thought that this day would be hard in a way. You know letting go of something that you've been attached to for so long!

But nope it was a relief!

Moving ain't easy! Luckily is nothing that we've to do often. We finally returned back the keys to our old apartment. And it was such a good feeling. Mostly because now everything is done over there. Cleaning and nothing more to pack. So now we can put all our energy to this new place instead.

But today I'm going to try to make this day to no must do day. I just need to find some papers though. It ain't easy to be a grown up!


One of the first pictures of Malik in the old apartment. Now time to make new memories❣️



Long time I know. But all the kids are home from
School and daycare. So they're basically taking up all my time. They've so much energy. It's unbelievable. On top of that we've moved. So it was a lot of packing and throwing stuff.

But we're finally in our new places. We moved last Friday, which makes today our 5th day here. The place is coming together slowly. But we all
❤️ it.

Except from all the packing we had time for a little bit of vacation. A well needed mini one. We went out to the archipelago. Bae's family have a place there. And I totally love it out there. Hope to make out there once more before the so called summer ends.

Oh and I went out for the first time since Zayn was born. Kumba had a release party that I went to. It was such a long time we saw each other.

As soon as we've settled down I'm going to better on the blogging and vlogging❣️




Guess my favorite color right now. Or at least one of my favorite colors when in comes to interior.

We're definitely going to have this color in the kitchen. We already bought the placemats (bordstabletter) in the green color. And then we're going to have the Bitz serie as our dinnerware (servis) the dark grey one😍 (pictures down below) I just regret that we didn't buy more placemats since we've 10 chairs now. Oh well! But except big family dinners at our place now.

Back to the green color!

We or I can't make up my mind if we should have this color on our headboard. Or should we just go with all white in the bedroom?

I know imagine all white with kids in the house!

What do you guys think? Comment below.

I would be so happy if these chairs below could be ours for the kitchen island.




And on another lever!!!
I get social media, at least I think I do. Everybody has their page and post whatever they like without people judging them.

But a big BUT there's something's that are appropriate and some things that are INAPPROPRIATE!

And something really inappropriate crossed my eyes today on Facebook. Someone shared a video where a man was having sex with a dog. Like common. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm a fast scroller so I had to scroll back. I wanted to read the caption but I couldn't stand it. I reported the video and Blocket that person asap from my account. This happened around 12 in the morning and it's soon 12 in the night. I've been burned! For F*ck sake some people are on another level of disturbed! Not sure if that's the right word even.


We've packed 4 boxes. Not much and so much more to do. On Wednesday/Thursday were going away for a mini weekend to celebrate midsummer at one of my favorite places 🤗 L❤️VE at first sight❣️

Malik had his first day of football school with AIK today. He was so exhausted that he took a nap when he came home. and trust me our kids energy are on another level.

Zayn is crawling and stood up for the first time by himself. Not for too long but for a parents every milestone your kid takes it's a celebration 🎉

Mayah has been home to and she's starting cheerleading in August/September so you can guess what's on her mind 24/7.




Morning ❤️

Yesterday was Maliks graduation 👨🏾‍🎓 and the weather gods were were on our side. We went to his school where they had the graduation celebration. After that we took the kids to eat at their favorite restaurant.
Malik is going to train with AIK this summer, so after we were done eating we had to find him some football shoes and the whole shabang. He grows out of his shoes and clothes to fast.

We were supposed to end the celebration with some mud cake. But all of us were really tired. Even the kids cause they didn't even mention it. But today is cozy Friday and we love us some mud cake 🤗

We finally got a moving date yaaaaay. Knock on wood! If everything is done properly and no changes needs to be done we're going to move very very very soon. Very very very soon in like we should've start packing weeks ago. But we're here chilling like we ain't moving soon.
But hopefully we're going to start packing today. The only place that's giving me a headache is the kitchen and the basement. I don't even want to think about the basement 😫

Time for me to make some phone calls and get effective. The hours goes by so fast💨

What are your plans for today?



Yup, that's exactly how our house is going to look like now until we move. So anybody who visits us except a lot of boxes. Tomorrow we're going to start packing and throwing things we don't need.

Me and Bae have been so tired these past days, but we're getting back to normal. It has been a couple hectic weeks. Even in Dubai, but in a good way. You know how it is when you go on a vacation. You want to do and see everything before you go back home. Which equals early mornings and late nights. But it was so worth it.

All the kids are sleeping and Bae is taking a nap next to me. Our youngest has a fever 🤒 My poor baby 👶🏾 But he's still a happy baby although he's sick ❤️I say it once again, I think he's teething. His dad rolls his eyes at me every time I say that 😂 Cause I've been saying it for months now.

I was supposed to meet up with Patricia today, a new friend of my mine. We've never meet just been talking through phone. But we share the same passion FOOD 🙌🏾
But we couldn't make it since Zayn got sick and she had to go back home to Malmö.
Otherwise it has been a good week. We've been chilling, had our usual cozy Friday, family breakfast and quality time at it best. Bae had a game on Saturday and they drew 1-1 against Södertälje. After that the guys had a BBQ get together at our place. So I took the opportunity to catch up with my series since the kids were with Bae.

How was your weekend?



Today it was Mayah's yearly summer picnic at her day care. It's like their own graduation👩🏾‍🎓but a daycare version. The weather was on our side, it wasn't raining.

I've given up on the summer since it don't seem to be any. Time for a last min vacay somewhere with the kids this time. My parents were here and visited they just left today as well. It's always nice to have them over. I love the bond they've with the kids. So we've basically been spending a lot of time with them.

I'm so tired. You guys can't even imagine. But we need to start packing because our moving date is just around the corner. We haven't got an exact date yet. But they're going to inspect the place on the 27th of this month and if everything is correct we can move in.

So our house will be full of boxes soon. I want us to pack everything that we can and just live with the things we really need. But first some rest.

Here's some pictures from these past days.


I took princess out on a mother and daughter date. We did our nails

We celebrated the Swedish national day at Rålis



Been a while huuh?
I know time has been flying! How're you guys doing?

I've just been spending time with the family and working. Nothing interesting there. But I wanted to write about something else today.
Do you guys remember my post Reality Check & Bea Birthday? If not read it before you continue reading this one


Now let me tell you what happened. I've never been so scared in my whole life. And I wasn't scared for myself. I was scared for my kids. And I felt guilty! I felt guilty cause I've put them in this world and then there's a possibility that I wouldn't be able to take care of them.

What halo was that I felt hard bump in my breast. Under my right breast to be more exact. The thoughts that went through my head. It was really hard and 1-2 cm big. It may sound small but it's big if you've never had or felt it before.

Me and Bae googled and googled. He tried to calm me down, but it didn't work. And this was in the middle of the night. No sleep for me. When we googled or when I googled all that pooped up was breast cancer and milk cyst.

When I woke up after a little bit of sleep in the morning I called the hospital directly and got a time the same day 🙏🏾
I hoped in a way that would calm me down when I went there. But nope, the nurse checked me and called in a Dr to. Even the Dr seemed worried and said she needed to send me to the BreastCity, where you do the mammography. I think it was a Thursday or Friday. Don't remember it felt like forever. I wanted to cry when the Dr said she wanted to send me there. I had to face fears. But I didn't.

I can't even write about the thoughts that went through my head. It would never end. All I wanted to do was call my mum. On my way back in the home Adja called when I was crying. How I love her! She's special cause she never sugar coats anything. I told her what happened and she calmed me down in a way by being her. Then I talked to my mum had a good cry. You know those good good cries 🙌🏾. But even her calmed me down. And Bae was amazing through all this as well. I think it was only them who knew about it and Wifey of course.

When I go through things I shut of from people. I don't want to talk to anyone. Cause I don't like when people see the "weak" side of me. Don't know if that's the correct word.

I finally talked to them at BreastCity and they calmed me down a little bit. They said I was too young for cancer, knock on wood. On top of that I was breastfeeding. So the chance would be very small. The date they gave was when we were in Dubai. I was so ready to cancel our trip. But they convinced me not to.

The bump went down a little bit before we went for our vacay but it came back. I tried my best not to think about it until my appointment. Bae was an amazing support system ❤️
We had an amazing trip.

Then the day came. We went there and they did the mammography and ultra sound on my breasts and they couldn't find anything the 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 The dr said is normal because Ii breastfeed. Exactly the same thing Bae was saying after his research.

The relief I felt was so amazing.
But it was such a reality check. I know what matters for me in life but it gave me a more clear view of it.

And I'm so blessed for my loved once! Those who knows me and understands me. Everybody go through things. But the most important thing is that we've to be there for each other both ways.


And there's one special person who I was really close to before. Can you imagine that she was one of those persons I was thinking about when I was going through this. I really felt that I didn't want things to end like this between us to. So I've some fixing to do❣️



We're back from our vacation in Dubai.
It was a great vacation. Dubai is amazing and really a place where you go with your head high 24/7. The buildings there are amazing and it's so clean. We're definitely going back there with all the kids and even by ourselves. Different experiences❣️

Today is Mother's Day and I've been spending it with my mum and the kids. Quality time at its best. Bae is away on a game with his team. Call me football wife ⚽️💁🏾 from now on. The old me would be grumpy about why we didn't celebrate Mother's Day together. I guess this is what growth is about. And we're going to celebrate it tomorrow instead ❤️

Tomorrow is back to reality. I'm already looking for where our next trip going to be. But we're definitely gonna take the kids to London this summer both of my little brothers live there. And after that we're going to USA and visit Bae's family 💎

Can you guys believe that we're moving soon yaaaaay 🤗
Time to start packing, give away and throw things.