Galveston County SBDC offers a full range of consulting services including:

  • Business structures
  • Market research and development
  • Sales techniques
  • Loan package preparation
  • Business plan development
  • Financial forecasting
  • Financial analysis
  • Policies and procedures
  • Operations improvement
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Basic business systems and procedures
  • Accounting systems
  • Marketing strategies

In addition to these services offered at the local level, your GC SBDC advisor can utilize the resources of the University of Houston Regional SBDC Network to help you:

  • Sell to the government
  • Research international markets
  • Launch a new technology based business
  • Plan for and recover from business interruptions
  • Access vital information to speed your growth

To further assist you in gaining knowledge needed to perform the function of CEO of your business, the GC SBDC offers a variety of business workshops, seminars, and more extensive training.



Many companies have seenthe potential of Metropolitan Wireless International inbuilding solutions that could help any individuals or businesses, thus they puttheir trust on the firm. MWI's unified communication systems amazed a lot ofclients - this only shows that their years of experience in designing anddeveloping this kind of systems has been proven effective and reliable. Manybusinesses have seen the benefits of a unified and integrated communicationsinfrastructure, so many of them are now using it to enhance their operations,which also allow users to continuously program their messages to meet theirspecific needs. It includes all communications format people need.

MWI made this capabilityproviding the greatest benefit from individual messaging formats such as phonecalls, video clips, chatting, video conference and texting. The followingexplains how they can be unified and benefit businesses.

Seeing people communicatingthrough video calls is the norm these days. Even in the past decade, phonecalls has been considered vital to a lot of people because it enables them tocommunicate with one another, and the introduction of video-enabled calls madecommunication even more direct and efficient.

Going back to the past,especially during the first generation of IT systems, chatting is only throughplain text messages without any graphics, but today's generation of IT systemsis beyond compare, it is flawless and almost perfect. It has a video capabilitythat allows users to have a more expansive means of communication.

Phone texting has been anintegral part of communication throughout the years, private and publicentities use it to connect with one another. Its existence is quite common to alot of people and its capabilities give many benefits to several individualsand businesses. Today, the inclusion of a video capability made communicationmore interesting and straightforward.

There were a lot ofapplications today that enables voice and video communication. For instance,video conferencing is often done using such applications; however, allindividuals should be connected to the internet for them to hold a meetingonline.

A business could achieveimproved costs and maximized profit if those modes of communication discussedabove were properly unified. Integrating them into business operations can leadto fast and effective results. You can see that businesses nowadays are highlycompetitive and to support their goals, MWI offers its UMS to deliveradvantages and capabilities they needed to perform better in our currentsociety. With UMS, a business could achieve improved productivity andprofitability.



A poorly ventilated room can haveharmful effects on your bodily functions.Reviews reveal that once ventilation is restricted, carbon dioxide graduallyincreases beyond the normal number where people inside that room will begin tohave difficulty in breathing, and worse, might even lose consciousness.

Controllingimpurities in the air, eliminating body heat, increasing health benefits,regulating the air and removing condensation are some of the good benefitsventilation can do for you and your home. Based on reviews on different studiesmade by PughHeating & Air Conditioning, indoor air is actually more pollutedthan outside air. But with a good ventilation system, you can avoid moldgrowth, bacteria build-up and other pollutants in your home. Controlling theair flow within your area is also one of the main advantages of having aventilation unit.

Condensationcan be eliminated with the help of Pugh Heating & Air Conditioning ventilation solutions. Condensationmay cause mold growth which can lead to allergic reactions and respiratoryproblems. On the other hand, ventilation units can also remove too much bodyheat inside an office or schoolroom, and cause rooms to become calmer andcomfortable, leading to relaxed minds and a focused environment.

Betterair quality and better personal health are possible with Pugh Heating & AirConditioning highest quality ventilation units, which could keep your air flowfresh and clean within your home. Visit them today and save up to 10 dollars onthe cost of your ventilation services.

Theteam at Pugh Heating and Air Conditioning can also answer your inquiries aboutalternative heating systems such as boilers, hot boilers, water heaters, garageheaters, radiant floor heating, heat pumps, Unico systems or geothermal heatingsystems. Searching for trustworthy HVAC companies is simple, just avoid fraudservices online and look for companies that also offer service protection.