Hey guys, <3

Today when I came in through the door a few surprises was waiting for me in the living room. Dunc wanted to celebrate me taking my first exam for a study that I just started. Even though we have no idea how it went yet :P haha... I have been so stressed the last few days, I really hope I did well. I truly think I am the luckiest girl in the world to have found my Dunc. He is always supporting and celebrating every little accomplishment in my life.

Pff.. I'm so tiered but I still have to finish listening to a CD before tomorrows meeting. Tomorrow I'm going back to the gym, I have not been doing well the last couple of days with either exercise or food... Getting back to old habits...Why am I like this?!

Now I have to go, Dunc bought fresh salmon that I am going to prepare in the oven before he comes back from his first day of practice since his injury. Have a wonderful week everyone <3 xxx

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Good morning cuties,

I just finished my morning coffee and now I'm just lying on the couch enjoying the view. I love having some alone time and watch the ocean I found it so peaceful. Once in a while I go up really early so I'm just in time to watch the sunrise, make myself a large cappuccino and just enjoooooy :)

I also want to say thank you for all the nice messages that I got from my last post, truly means the world to me <3

Tomorrow Duncs team is playing and I'm already excited. Last weekend we had such a blast during and after the game. It was the first time Dunc and I could sit together because of his injury. Which means I dont have to be nervous something is going to happen to him on the field. Happy wife happy life right? ;) haha

Jade, who is engaged to one of Dunc's teammates, her fiance is unfortunately also injured. So the four of made the best out of it and enjoyed the game sitting in a box with some nice drinks and laughs. After the game the whole team went back to their rugby club. We then had some drinks there and later on we went out. Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings :)


Jade and I before the game :)



My former roommate posted a status the other day about society judging women because of their weight. I have read her status over and over again and after each time I have had different feelings about it. Sometimes I feel sad. Sad because I can relate to her. I have not been through what she is going through but I do have my own problems with my weight.

The second emotion I feel is anger, anger because I dont understand why people and myself are so fast with judging when a person gains weight. Most people directly assume that something is going on with that person. She or he is not happy or not doing well.

The last emotion I feel is disappointment. Mostly disappointed in myself. I put so much pressure on trying fulfill this perfect picture. But for who am I doing this? I actually dont know the answer to that. I cant remember last time I told anyone or myself that I'm proud of my body.

I truly believe this is such an important topic and the fact that I have been debating about posting about this made me realize that I should. I was going through my pictures so I could show you how I looked when I was bigger. But then realized that I had removed every single picture of my computer and social media... Pictures of my friends and I. Basically, the fear of being bigger and judge by gaining weight was more important than keeping pictures that had great memories...

This is her status, I wonder what emotions this will bring you:

Sleepless nights take me back to many memories; some good some bad! Watching this video makes me both happy and sad. Happy because I DID my first half marathon. Sad because many people didn't believe I could. Many of my friends used to joke and say "can you even run a mile" "someone should run behind and push you" WHY?!! Because I'm overweight. Of course they were joking, but let's be honest!! Were they REALLY joking?!? We live in a society where girls should be skinny. If a boyfriend breaks up with his overweight girlfriend, we just assume it's because she is overweight. She is no longer beautiful. No longer attractive. She no longer deserves love. It's sad but it's true.I never knew how important someone's weight was till I started gaining weight last 4 years because of my disease. It's funny how you keep telling yourself and everyone that these talks never make you uncomfortable. But deep down in your heart, you wish you could have a label on your face saying "excuse my weight gain, it's due to my health problem. Not lack of exercise or overeating." Well here is an uncomfortable topic that no overweight girl wants to talk about.But I think we should. We should not laugh at our friend's weigh jokes. We should not let anyone body shame us. And perhaps we should start wearing a label explaining our weight problem to curious people. OR we can just ignore the world and enjoy little accomplishments in life!!! Not sure how many of those that body shamed me have run half marathon, but I DID. And I WILL again!!!

These two pictures are 6 weeks apart.



Hey babes,

This week not much has been happening. Just been staying in taking care of Dunc. You can officially call me a nurse after these days. "Nurse Amina" dont sound that bad right? ;) Dunc and I are so blessed to have two families here in Durban that are ALWAYS there for us. Being far away from your own family when something bad happens is always hard. So knowing you have people around you that are always there for you I found it very special. Dunc knows both families for a long time already, they have been treating him like a son since he moved here five years ago. Yet from the moment I came here they both opened up their homes for me as well. Thank you is not enough for so amazing people <3

Yesterday I told Dunc that we have to get out of this apartment. I'm going insane just sitting here all day. Dunc called and made a reservation at a new restaurant that just opened called Story. I had no idea what to expect and I was taken by surprise. Wow!

Once we sat down at our table the chef gave us free samples of truffle, cheese, and salami from Italy. Tasted amazing. As a starter Dunc ordered a shrimp soup for me and for himself to be honest I dont know what he had I was to focused on my food. Thus. I made sure I took a picture for you guys before we ate ;) For dinner I had risotto and Dunc steak. We will for sure come back.

Today one of the families that takes care of us their son, Chris has been over here all day. He is like a little brother to Dunc so nice for them to spend some time together. Earlier we went for milkshake and lunch at Rebublik. Currently, Dunc and Chris are playing some Playstation and before that we played some card games. I won the last round - All that counts right ;) Btw, today it was a big fire here in Durban... Hopefully no one got injured and it did not make too much harm. Hope all of you have an amazing weekend. Talk to you soon kisses.



I'm currently in the hospital while I'm typing this. The last 24 hours has been awful. My boyfriend had to stay in the hospital over the night and I was not allow to stay with him. Being a control freak like me that is the worse news you can give me. I need to know what is going on. I tried to explain to the nurses that my boyfriend is not South African and he has no family here. He needs me. In the end I managed to make sure I could be with him at 8 am the next morning, instead of visiting hours that is around lunch time. At least I accomplished something, even though I think they just said whatever to make me quiet.

Now Dunc is in the operation room and I'm sitting outside in the lobby. Just before I had to leave his room he told me to blog. Sometimes I forget how well he knows me. He knows I'm worrying and he just want me to stay busy. Ah, he is really amazing my Dunciiii.

Otherwise, last few day has been really nice. Friday night I went to Hannah's for Fake Patties. Always lovely seeing her Thank you for hosting Han!

After Dunc's rugby game me and two girls that are dating two of Dunc's teammates got together and had some drinks at the rugby club while the boys were doing fines. (Fines are basically a drinking game they do as a team after the play a game. If someone did something stupid they have to drink because of that.) Was such a nice evening hanging out at the Rugby. Before going home me and Dunc went to get Steers. Oh gosh, it was delicious.

On saturday Dunc was not feeling well so we decided to buy pizza and watch How To Get Away With Murder all day. I know guys... so much for a 30 days of eating clean. Hope all of you had a nice weekend. Now, I'm going to find a nurse and see when I'm allow to see Dunc again... Kisses.



This week I find out that my gym provides spinning classes. Gosh, how excited I was when I found it out. Spinning has always been my favorite workout. I love the feeling to push myself to the absolute limit. So you can just imagine my disappointment when the spinning class is suppose to start at 8.15 and the instructor first comes 5 minutes late. Then he brings up this microphone and start screaming "testing testing 123". I thought it was a joke. I started to laugh but then slowly realized that no one else was laughing... haha the embarrassment when I tried to take eye contact with the other people in the spinning class and not getting any response back.They probably thought I was really weird sitting on a bike smiling at them. If thats not enough the instructor did not make a playlist before the class so he is googling songs while we are biking. He also had an accent. I know my english is far from perfect but when the instructor keeps yelling "run" during the whole class instead of "bike" ... I think you get my point. Oh my gosh I walked out of that class not knowing what kind of workout I just experienced. So If any of my readers are working out at Virgin Health at Kingspark if you are planning on taking spinning classes and the instructor says "run" get out of that room as fast as you can ;)

Before the spinning class started and I was so excited.

Otherwise my week has been going well. Me and my boyfriend started a 30 day challange with eating healthy. Anyone wants to join us? We are currently on day 4. Feels like day 100 though. Well, I should call it 29 day challange because tomorrow I'm going to Hannah's for Fake Patties celebrations and at her house its always way too much food and drinks ;) Cant wait! Unfourtantly, I cant stay for long because my boyfriend is playing the finals tomorrow. So will be there supporting him <3 Now I'm going to make food, curry actually. Will see how that goes and later on I have a meeting. Hope all of you are having an amazing week. Xoxo

Picture moments after they won against the Collegians - Proud of Dunc!



Hey guys,

So the day you all have been waiting for is finally here 😉 I have decided to start blogging haha. I have always been following blogs but to actually have a blog myself I never thought would ever happen. Why? Probably for the same reason why you are not blogging. - Fear of what other people will think of me.

Me just like you go through struggles in our lives. I created this blog to be able to vent, gather inspiration, but also for you to get to know me.

So who am I? Wow, thats a big question haha. My name is Amina, I'm a swedish girl currently living in Durban, South Africa. I went to university in America for 4.5 years and I graduated last May. Thereafter, I worked in The Hamptons over the summer. I was supposed to have stayed in America but my boyfriend and I decided we did not want distance anymore so now I am together with him in South Africa.

Thats basically a little introduction about me, looking forward to share about my life with you.


Amina ❤