I love you all so much! Fooofamily have really helped me a lot and that's not something I am saying! It's crazy that one year already is done, but it's of course not the end! I still remember first time I found out the fooo conspiracy! I can't even imagine if I didn't take the time to look around and stalk them what would even have happened with me right now or who I would have became.

{ I would probably still be in the vamily fandom (the vamps fandom) and be more in love with Britain than Sweden. }

But what really shocks me is that I didn't knew how much I have done for many people in this fandom I mean, foooindenmark & and the @foooscandinavia account ! It's all things that happened because of a single thought and a lot of people's help.

That's my number 1 reason why I love the band so much and why they are unique. They REALLY love their fans and they really listen to their fans! I really adore them for that.

They also made me get so many good friends. I have met a few of them and I still wanna meet a lot of them from outside of Denmark! But these people is always there for me when I need it and they are probably the only people that knows the real me. I tell them everything and I trust them a lot. They make me feel better and they always knows what to say! I am so thankful I found you all! :)

What I also wanna tell is that I am really reallyy reallyyyy lucky as an international foooers, because I have met the band twice, under 1 single year. It's crazy! I never thought that actually would happened! I feel so thankful for the fact that I got to talk with Kat. Just to found out how an amazing and calm person she is. I don't know why but after meeting her I just got this whole new respect and love for her! She is really one of a kind! And that's also another new things I found out when I got fan of the boys; a female manager!

The band was just something special for me when I stalked them, because they were so different! They were swedes what really surprised me cause I had never seen a famous boyband from Scandinavia! That was 100% the thing that kept me researching more because I knew the chance to meet them would be bigger! It just surprised me when I found out that they never had been in Denmark which obviously changed ;)

I honestly don't ever think I will forget all the good things I have achieved and learned! It's things for life.

Thanks for everything!

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So I was on my way home and this Danish man start arguing with an Arab about the fact that they were in the "quiet side of the train" so he had to be quiet but the man didn't understand the Danish man so he didn't stop. The Dane was obviously drunk and started to yell at the man and they started to argue really loud and fight. It was all happening in the end of the train so the man that was piloting the train could hear it all and he stopped the train to ran out.

What really shocked me that the most people just ran out of the train instead of helping. Even though that the two man was fighting and stuff.

I was so afraid that the Dane would come over to me and my family and just start beating us or say something to us because he said so many evil things to the Arab like:
"go home to your country, bitch."
"We don't need you here"
"Go pack your bagage and go home"

And people was still not doing anything. I think it was only a Arab and a old woman that actually ran over to them!

My opinion
Experience like these really makes me think of how far things can go. I know I didn't do anything myself but I think I was confused about where it was happening and I don't know I think I was thinking that the adults would do something, but I was obviously wrong.

Some of you probably think an experience like this is nothing, but I actually think I will remember this in a long time tho. It was so crazy!



What I really love about walking alone is that I think about a lot of things. I think about life, about myself, future and past. I don't speak that much with people what really happens with me. In school and at home. Not with my brother, not with my friend and even my parents. So walking outside alone is a good way for me to get everything out and just be away from everything in while. Today did I walk about 5 km and that was awesome. I went to the fjord and sat there for about an hour just looking out in the horizon while I was listening to soft music. That was really amazing and relivering for me.