The date is Saturday 28th November 2015 and it's nearly half 9... what an odd time to make a blog...anyway... We're both new to this whole blogging thing but also very excited that we've finally built up the courage to start :)

So let's start this off by introducing ourselves... We're sisters from Kent...My name is Amie-Louise or Amie to my friends because ain't nobody got time to say the rest! I'm 19 years old and spend most of my free time on the internet but now i'm blogging i'll probably be here forever. Sorry. And my name is Megan, i am 17, i'm into music and a little bit of photography and of course going to concerts.

Living so close to London definitely has it's benefits, in the past couple of years we've both had amazing opportunities to meet a fair few celebrities and have been able to go to a handful of concerts and essentially this is what we're going to be blogging about with a little bit of my day to day life thrown in (if anything exciting happens). We both hope that by writing and talking about the things we love will give us the confidence to start a youtube/vlogging page...but that's another story.

Thanks for reading this post & reading any of our future posts. Hope you enjoy!

See ya later X