The reason I decided to start blogging is because I want to document the trip that I am going to do February 1st to May 3rd. I will use the blog as a travel journal both before, during and after my coming trip. My plan is to blog as much as possible before i travel so that I can show you guys and also myself how much basic planning I have done and also how much money I have spent before I actually voyage.

Monday morning I received my awaited OSPREY backpack. Choosing a bag was not difficult for me, I just went to an outdoor store in Karlstad and got the best possible help. The staff quickly made me realize that what I need to have is a comfortable backpack with little strap and only 55L. As I got home I went online and ordered the rucksack at www.outnorth.se at a much cheaper price. This OSPREY bag also has a removable 13L bag made for day trips and I only paid 1275 Swedish kronor for the hole thing, that is, the big 55L backpack combined whit the 13L day trip rucksack.

I'm really looking forward to documenting everything and in the next post I will tell you about my travel plan and who I am going to implement it with. Hopefully you will follow me along the way by reading my blog, but meanwhile you have a really nice day.