I met a lot of wonderful people last year, and if I started writing a list, it would be too long to fit in a single blog post.

You guys know who you are.

And, there's not much to say, I just want to say thank you.

No matter how brief or incidental our interactions have been.

I'm sure I learned a lot from you.


Yes, for the person who left in 2016.

You also know who you are.

Again, thank you.

Thank you for giving me an indie movie kind of love.

Not a mainstream Hollywood motion picture kind of love,

like I had always thought I wanted.

It was amazing.

No regrets.

Thank you for everything.

Dear 2016, I am beyond happy.



Despite all the craziness, though.

So, travel-wise, 2016 was pretty epic for me.

I visited 12 countries, 21 cities.

Had more adventures, and memorable moments than I can count.

Here's to more adventures ahead!



Thursdays were always hard.

And... Crazy?

Those 9435734 liters of milk wasted.

Those 392385 hours of waiting.

Worth the ∞ of learning.

Gonna miss all those laboratory sessions!

Hello, semester 6.

Please be nice!



That girl right there with brown bomber jacket.

She had no idea what the future would hold for her.

Beyond possibilities as infinite as the stars.

Hello, 2017.