2017 has taught me to let go of things that just don't belong in my story.

I swear it was not easy.

But, hey 2017 you are a very good company to walk away from what is not meant to be mine. You walked me out with grace. It seemed impossible at first, but I made it. This lesson has taught me to be a stronger, tougher, and more resilient person.

With the art of letting go, goodbye makes me look forward for the next chapter. And more importantly, I learned that I can say goodbye too.

I learned to at least try to let go all the negativity clouds in my head.

I learned to let go of drama.

I learned to let go of pessimism.

I learned to let go of things I can't change.

I learned that letting go means challenging myself.

I learned that letting go means being kind when you're hurt.

I learned that letting go means having faith.

I learned that letting go means strength in weak moments.

I learned that letting go means I have lived.

As Chelsey Grace said, the art of letting go is the simple act of truly embracing the past where you might even let out a small chuckle as you find yourself looking back at your past with no regrets.

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"Find the lesson in it"

Oh 2017, you've been a damn scary roller coaster ride for me. For real.

Despite all of the ups and downs, there were some meaningful lessons that helped me grow up and shift my life perspective for a, hopefully, smoother 2018 and beyond.

And, I did realize this year really helped me become a better me.

Thank you, 2017.

Dear 2018, I'm ready.



A quick foreword!

This is apparently my first product review post. First of all, yes, I am no beauty guru or someone with a flawless face or whatsoever. But, I thought a little bit sharing and reviewing would be helpful! This review is purely to help people learn if the product is worth buying and to answer questions. I hope you enjoy my very first product review!

So, the first product is The Body Shop's (TBS) tea tree oil.

If you struggle from forehead acne bumps or blackheads, keep on reading this post!

The Body Shop describe its tea tree products to be clinically proven to give clearer skin from one week. Especially for those who are prone to blemishes, blackheads, and oily skin. Moreover, I also read some reviews online that this tea tree oil actually help with bumps and acnes. So, I bought a 10ml of tea tree oil at TBS store (duh, of course) for IDR 119,000 to find out. Anyways, you can find your nearest TBS store here!

Like many of us expected in acne treatment is for it to be completely gone as fast as possible. However, here is the thing that people really need to know: acne also depend on a lot of underlying causes. Thus, it is possibly impossible to get rid of acne completely.

Initial situation: I have lots of small bumps on my forehead and couples of acnes on my cheeks.

So, I applied the tea tree oil using cotton buds on my red acnes and using hands for the bumps. It doesn't instantly get rid or dry the acnes overnight. But, it does calm the inflaming red acnes to not get even worse, it reduces the inflammation on the acnes (maybe) with its antibacterial properties. And for the bumps, it actually dries the small ones and you can easily scrub your face and it will came off easily. After almost 3 months of usage, I learned that this wonderful oil has amazing treatment properties, it prevents acne breakout occurrence in the long run. Although, (of course) it is not an instant treatment for acnes but it does control acnes on your face.

Despite all the wonderful benefits of the tea tree oil, the strong smell of tea tree oil itself might be the the drawback of using this product. Overall, I'm in love with this product mostly because it is an effective natural treatment without any harsh chemicals.

Here is a random fun fact about tea tree oil to sum up this review: you can also use tea tree oil as a deodorant!

"It is not an instant treatment for acnes, but it does control acnes"



Apparently, this is a late-post from April 15th, 2017.

During my trip to Bangkok, an artsy friend of mine (Fitra) suggested me to visit Bangkok Art and Culture Center, so I went. Well, I'm not that kind of artsy person but I always find going to art gallery, library, and bookstores (yes, I'm a nerd) gives me the opportunity to gather my own thoughts. Or to find and meet new people--or even to find significant other. Well, it might sounds overly romanticizing, but yeah, it would be awesome to find love in art gallery or in the aisles of book store; it may guarantees that person is an ideal type to connect with me, those places prove the like-minded intellect who enjoys wandering around thoughts. WHOOPS, tmi.


I agree that art is a language that goes beyond words, it can connects people with their deepest state of mind. Art sets aside the egoistic thinking and brings up the freedom in each artist. I love how arts could help in addressing current existing problems. I read an article by a curator named Emiliano Valdés stated that collective consciousness shift could change the world to solve the world's problems. And he believes that change can--partly--come from art and culture. Couldn't agree more.

"I love that art has no boundaries and no taboos, everything can be discussed, and things, themes, concerns, and urgencies approached in non-orthodox ways."

-Emiliano Valdés

All pictures are taken at Bangkok Art and Culture Center:



Indonesia needs more one of these




I met a lot of wonderful people last year, and if I started writing a list, it would be too long to fit in a single blog post.

You guys know who you are.

And, there's not much to say, I just want to say thank you.

No matter how brief or incidental our interactions have been.

I'm sure I learned a lot from you.


Yes, for the person who left in 2016.

You also know who you are.

Again, thank you.

Thank you for giving me an indie movie kind of love.

Not a mainstream Hollywood motion picture kind of love,

like I had always thought I wanted.

It was amazing.

No regrets.

Thank you for everything.

Dear 2016, I am beyond happy.



Despite all the craziness, though.

So, travel-wise, 2016 was pretty epic for me.

I visited 12 countries, 21 cities.

Had more adventures, and memorable moments than I can count.

Here's to more adventures ahead!



Thursdays were always hard.

And... Crazy?

Those 9435734 liters of milk wasted.

Those 392385 hours of waiting.

Worth the ∞ of learning.

Gonna miss all those laboratory sessions!

Hello, semester 6.

Please be nice!