Hi everyone! This week was the first week back from Christmas break and I'm quite happy it's the weekend now. I didn't remember to take pictures of all my outfits this week but here's my favourite one. When I came up with this outfit I thought it it looked a bit old school so I decided to go full on old school. If you wanna copy this outfit I recommend wearing darker pants, I tried wearing jeans but it didn't really match.

​So I apologise for the mess in the background, sometimes the only way to find a decent outfit on some days is simply by pulling out everything in your closet. Here is what I am wearing and from where.

T-shirt: White t-shirt from "dream but do not sleep" https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/t-shirts/90s-logo-design-printed-on-to-a-white-short-sleeved-t-shirt/3206894?ctaRef=saved%20items​

Long sleeved shirt:  https://bikbok.com/fi/p/paalliset/paitapuserot/noora-paita/7213800_F001​

Jeans: https://www.monki.com/en_eur/clothing/jeans/product.kimomo-deep-black-black.0618948001.html​

Socks: Vintage Reebok  http://www.asos.com/reebok/reebok-classics-3-pack-vintage-logo-socks-in-white/prd/7841514​   (currently out of stock :( )

Earrings: https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/earrings/sterling-silver-eye-ear-studs/3427856?ctaRef=saved%20items​

The shoes i wore (although they are not in the pictures)  https://www.vans.eu/shop/en-gb/vans-eu/core-classics-eu/old-skool-shoes-D3HY28​

Thank you for reading this post and please leave feedback and/ or share my blog with other people. Have a nice weekend, bye <3

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Hi! I try to post stuff here but I have had a bit of trouble when I've tried to design the blog so excuse me for very weird designs on some of the pages.

Last week me and my cousin were hanging in Helsinki together and we realised that we had gone for a ridiculously same looking look that day. My cousin posted a fun text about how we looked like two fashion studies who were out taking pictures for our portfolios and smoking a cigarette with two French guys. And I couldnt had agreed more. Here's the picture of us two.

So here is what we are wearing and from where;)
My cousin:
Jacket: & other storie

Shirt: thrifted

Trousers: thrifted Levis
Bag: Louis Vuitton

My look:
Jacket: thrifted
Shirt: black polo neck from Monki it is not the same but it is a very similar one http://www.asos.com/new-look/new-look-black-rib-roll-neck-jersey-top/prd/8846013?clr=black&SearchQuery=black poloneck&gridcolumn=3&gridrow=1&gridsize=4&pge=1&pgesize=72&totalstyles=136
Dress: black sheer dress from H&M a similar one http://www.asos.com/pieces/pieces-mesh-cami-midi-dress-with-ruffles/prd/8835553?CTARef=Saved Items Image
Trousers: black mom jeans Monki https://www.monki.com/en_eur/clothing/jeans/product.kimomo-deep-black-black.0618948001.html
Hairpins: Monki https://www.monki.com/en_eur/accessories/hair-accessories/product.monki-hair-pins-silver.0488219003.html

I inserted links to everything I could find. See you soon and have a nice week, bye!



Hi! So Christmas is over which is quite sad but I'm rather excited to use all my new clothes that I got. Here is a favourite piece that I received from someone who really knows my style (it was actually from me).

These are a pair of super cool fire socks from Asos marketplace. I still haven't really matched them with any of my clothes but I just really had to share them with you.

Heres the link to the socks: https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/socks/fire-flames-socks/3235360?fromSearchTerm=fire%20socks​