Finally, I know what I want to study...

Finally -- after 2 years I now know what I want to do with my life! Or, at the moment at least. I am going to become a kindergarten teacher. I have worked with children now for about 6 months now and after that amount of time, I am very sure that I want to do this for a very long time. I have to go to Komvux first, just for a few weeks. And then, hopefully, I will be able to attend college next semester!

I am so excited for college -- meeting new people, studying, writing texts and having a lot of fun! It is going to be so much fun! I have ordered so many new pencils, highlighters, books and other stuff, I love it! I will update you on how Komvux is going and if I will be able to go to college next semester.

Amanda Maria.

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Something I miss dearly...

I do love animals. I have since I was a child -- even though it was a "different" kind of love, i suppose. Either way, I have always loved taking care of them, play with them and cosy up to them. I have had Gry since I was 9 years old, so she had been with me for 11 years. And when I moved, Ville comes up to us from time to time to sleep here. But not so much at the moment.

I really want to have another animal. Alex and I have said that we want to get a cat and a dog in the future, but it will be a long while before that can happen. But I cannot stop missing having a dog waking me up every morning or some animal to cosy up to when we watch TV. Animals is something that always makes me happy, as said before, I love taking care of them, it makes me so happy to see them happy. I miss having one to take care of everyday and grow with.

Amanda Maria.



A story of mine...

When I was young, I did not care about how I looked -- I got a few silly questions why my cheeks were so red and so on, but nothing more. But some years later, I always found it weird and displeasing that all my friends had such smooth arms. And how the hairs on their arms folded neatly on the arm. I found it difficult to stand next to them when I had t-shits so I always wore some cardigan to hide them. And it did not get better when I started to get into puberty. All the guys asked why my arms were so dotty and red all the time. "Why are you always cold?" and "Why do your skin look like that?" has always been "normal" questions for me when I have shown my arms to people that would want me to feel bad, or friends that were curious. A doctor once asked me if I wanted to do something to my arms so that it would not look as bad. I have felt awful about my arms my whole life. And when I got around 18, I wanted to care less.

I saw so many people have beautiful tattoos on their arms, some small and some bigger. I was so in love with the thought of getting tattoos to cover up my arms or "decorate" them. But I knew that it would not be possible. My family is very against tattoos and would never let me get one. But when I moved out with Alex, I got over the fear of angry parents and grandparents and got my very first tattoo. The feeling was awful but the result was beautiful. I was (am) so pleased to have it -- now I want to show my arms in public, because I am confident. Tattoos give me courage to show my body parts that I have hated for years. Tattoos makes me love my arms, something that I never thought that I would say or think.

Yesterday, Alex and I went to Royal Arch Tattoo again, to Elin, and got some tattoos ( I got two, Alex got one). I love them. It is a quote and two hands with a moon and a star. I think both of them are beautiful and Alex's tattoo is so cool!

I do understand if some people hates tattoos, I did when I was very young, but that does not make it right to stop other people to get them. People want them for a reason.

Amanda Maria.



A lovable tradition...

//Knitted top - Pull&Bear//

Kräftskiva has been an amazing and fun tradition for our families around my old neighborhood to all sit down and have a laugh. Once again, this part of the year approach and we had our tradition last night. It was so much fun to see old friends and to see my family again (I do not see them very often). We had a blast simply put.

Today, we went to my grandparents home to eat some lunch with them. It was chaos -- as usual -- but very nice. I have not seen my grandparents for quite a while so it was nice to see them again.

Amanda Maria.



Just a quick update...

As mentioned in the last post, I am going to color my hair blonde this month. And whilst I am very excited for it -- I am very nervous about it. I do not know if my hair is going to get destroyed, if it is even possible, and if it will even look good in it. Nevertheless I am going to do it. I have thought about what "kind" of blonde. And after all the Pinterest searching I have found out that I love this kind of color; icy blonde.

It looks so good on people! And I would love to be able to rock the look, I really hope that I will be able to do it -- and I hope that the hairdresser can pull it off as well, otherwise it will be a more warm blonde I guess!

Amanda Maria.



The makeup I always wear...

Even though I tend not to wear as much makeup right now -- because me working -- I buy new makeup. So when I actually wear makeup, I go all out! I really like to take my time with it, and feel so good wearing it. So let's dive in my makeup bag and see what I have to do my face with.

My makeup bag's from Charlotte Tilbury, I really like it, it looks good and it is the perfect size. The quote is quite interesting also!

Here's an overview of what I wear. I have many new editions to my makeup collection and I love them all. One of my favorite new items is the Eyeko Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner, it is so easy to use and makes the perfect eyeliner.

I really love the Charlotte Tilbury Instant look in a Palette, it makes my makeup bag so much smaller and all the colors are amazing! The NARS Duo Eyeshadow is also one of my new favorites! It is the best shades for my blue eyes and perfect for Autumn!

Two of Zoella's favorites makeup are the Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 107 and Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in ivory , so when I was on a spree, I had to get them. The lipstick is a beautiful berry red, and perfect for this time of year, the concealer is also wonderful to brighten the eyes.

I have always wanted to try Tanya Burr's Martha Moo, so I got it, haha. It is really beautiful. I have not worn a liquid lipstick for a while so it was really weird having it on after months of not wearing it.

I forgot to take my brow-products in this but it's not very interesting. I wanted to show some of the products that I love in my new makeup bag. I hope you enjoyed!

Amanda Maria.



I am way too excited for Autumn...

Favorite thing about Autumn?

The thing that I love most about Autumn is that you need to take an extra layer cosy clothes and feel warm and cosy -- not five layers just to survive. Autumn is the in-between winter and summer, so the chilly weather of the winter -- or the boiling hot summer -- is not there yet or has gone. Autumn is LAGOM, and I love it.

Favorite drink?

Warm chocolate. It is one of the only drinks you can drink in Autumn and Winter. You cannot drink it during Spring or Summer. That is why it is my favorite drink.

Best lipstick?

The best lipstick for Autumn is probably a dark red -- or any dark color anyway. I love wearing my Charlotte Tilbury's "Love Liberty" or "Glastonberry". Some darker nudes are also something I really like during this time of year (Tanya Burr's "Martha Moo").

Go-to autumn colors for the eyes?

Nars duo eyeshadow in "Isold". It is the best thing for my eyes this year. I love it. It is just so sad that they are not cruelty free anymore. I really hate it.

Favorite outfit to wear?

A nice-fitting jeans and a big, cosy sweatshirt that hides any shape (that is the maximum of cosy).

Amanda Maria.



I started this blog...

One year ago, I started writing on this blog. It was a short little introduction, but it was something. This year have gone by so fast. I have grown so much as a person. I have gone through so many things -- my year have been a rollercoaster. But I have always went back here to document it all. I am so happy to have started this blog. I have always been too worried to start one, but it has been so good for me in many levels.

I love this blog so much. I love writing my thoughts in here. I love looking back at the photos and remembering everything I thought and wanted to do at that time.

This time last year I started my English education at University. I remember me and my study-friends went for coffee after my first exam. I was so happy to just drink some coffee at Wendy's coffee and just talked with my friends for a while.

The picture on the right was the weekend me and Alex went to Gothenburg for our first-year anniversary. It was an amazing weekend with the love of my life.

When I look at these pictures I get so excited for winter. My first Christmas in my own home. It will be so magical -- I bet that I will cry.

When I decided to cut my hair at my friends house, I did not really care what the outcome would be... I just wanted my hair gone. Actually, something exciting, I have gotten a time at the hairdresser at the end of the month -- to dye my hair blond...!! It will be fun to see how it will turn out!
My 20th birthday and the start of my wonderful home. When I look back on these pictures, whilst being in this room, I remember this fondly. I was so happy to get a home with Alex -- even if it is about 10 meters to Roger's house.

And lastly, my summer. Alex graduated, I got a tattoo (more to come...!!), I went to TWO countries, I went to THREE summer houses and had the most amazing time. I think that this summer was the best that I have ever had.

This year has been amazing. And I know that this year will be even better!

Amanda Maria.



A little order from Cult Beauty and an update...

Yesterday, I received a package from Cult Beauty. I have waited for this package for quite a while. I wanted these products so I could try them out.

(From left to right)

Left side: nr 1, nr 2 and nr 3 // Right side: nr 6, nr 5, nr 4 and nr 7

From Charlotte Tilbury, I got the "Instant look in a palette" palette. I have wanted this for a long while and finally decided that I would get it. The colors look amazing and I have a feeling that I will use this for my whole face as Autumn comes around (I try not to use make up when it is summer).

Many beauty bloggers have been stated liking "The Ordinary". I have wanted to try this brand for a while because of a) it looks aesthetically pleasing (not the best reason) and b) I have heard good things about the brand -- as said before.

I decided to get the moisturizer because of me needing a new one soon. The consistency of this moisturizer is quite whipped. It does not smell and it is really good at doing what it is supposed to do.

This is what I really was exited for, Sunday Riley has always seemed as an expensive brand. Because of this, I have never thinking of getting anything from it. But so many people have giving the brand so much recognition and love for their products. And one of the most loved products for the brand is the "Luna - sleeping night oil". After so many years of wanting to try this, I decided to get the small size of it.

I have not tried this yet, but even the package looked expensive. I cannot wait until dawn so I can try it out!

The Update

Ever since I got this from Asos, I have never taken it off. It is so comfortable and because of me feeling a little ill -- it has been the best thing to snuggle up in.

Yesterday, I went to Annas Angel & Skönhetssalong AB and got my fixed my nails. I am so pleased with the result. The woman that helped me with my nails, Nadia, was so friendly. She did not make them longer, because of my VERY short nails but she made them beautiful. Until next appointment my nails will hopefully grow a bit so we can make them longer.

I have missed writing here, even though I make videos I feel like I can talk more here. Maybe because me being shy!

​Amanda Maria.