Startup company, Roofr, to use satellite images to generate instant roofing quotes

Typically, when you know it’s time for a new roof and want to get an estimate, you have to call up a roofing company first who will send someone to look it over, estimate the amount of materials through measuring square footage, and make a bid. Well a Canadian startup company called Roofr is looking to change that.

How it works

With Roofr’s website, homeowners can get a roofing estimate in approximately 26 seconds without having to make a phone call. The way it works is the homeowner goes to the website and types in their address then requests the quote. The website then pulls data from Google Earth satellite images to calculate the approximate square footage and slope of the roof on that address and uses that data to generate an instant quote. Within 24 hours of receiving that initial free quote, a representative of the company will reach out to set up a company with one of Roofr’s contractor-partners who is willing to take on the project.

How is it free?

So how does Roofr plan to stay in business offering free estimates? The Google Earth data is already available online for free. All they did was write their own program to calculate roof measurements from it. They make their profit by connecting contractors who partner with them to customers and they’re paid a commission every time they succeed. Like hotel booking sites that help their partners sell vacant rooms, Roofr will help roofing contractors find more work.

For now the service is only available in Canada but they hope to soon move their headquarters to the US. If you need a roofing estimate in the Spokane area, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way by calling up a Spokane roofing company for a free estimate. But maybe in the future, satellite data can do it for you.

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