Finally, I started writing a blog about my experiences abroad. Something that I was planning to do a long time ago, and I actually should've done it last year when I was in Paris. But hey, it's never too late to share my experiences about beautiful places, nice restaurants and cute bars. For those who know me know I am obsessed with food and taking pictures of my food, haha. So here I am, hopefully you will like it.

When I’m planning to go somewhere (to visit, eat or drink something) I always look it up online to see what it looks like, what they have on their menu, how much it will cost, and how other visitors have experienced it. And yes, I know that exists, but I prefer reading blogs because they are more personal. So basically, I want to share my experiences with you and also make you (a little bit) jealous with my delicious travel and foodpics… :-)

First, I will tell you something about myself. My name is Alma Puce and I am 21 years old. Currently I am living in Madrid for my studies. Last year I lived in Paris during five months doing an internship.

This is just a short blogpost, but in the upcoming ones I will write about things that you must visit in Madrid, where you should eat and what to expect.

Right now I am packing my bags for my next trip: MARRAKECH! It will be my first time in Morocco, or even to Africa. So I am very excited for this one! And of course I will post something about this trip. 

Until next time! xoxo

(I am writing in English because I have friends and family abroad who cannot speak Dutch :-) )