The weekend has passed so quickly and we have been busy from early morning till late night, but man have we done much.

I arrived on friday morning in Luzern, we got picked up by the school at the train station and taken to The Cesar Ritz Colleges. Since I got there early I was upgraded to a room with a balcony that is a little bit bigger than the room I ordered. Me and my room mate Sanna both love the room and we get along really well.

The week has been spent getting to know other students, the campus and the city of Luzern! Let me tell you, it amazing here. Even thou we did not not really started school until Monday we´ve still been really busy. All of Sunday was spent running to different "stations" sorting out our Kitchen uniform, trying on shoes, collecting ipads, going to information lectures and arranging student-visa.

The week to come is packed with lectures but also allot of fun activities and Im ready to bring my A-game!

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