Summer, Memories, Friends & Family
Isn't it amazing how a picture can capture a moment so precious...

I'm truly happy, #blessed.

As you all know, all good things come to an end, at one point. Truly one of the best things the happened to me this summer came to an end. I've learnt so many things, about myself, of what I can be. I've made friends for life. Trust me, I wouldn't have had my summer any other way.

What's so amazing about this picture, is that it's literally a time capsule of how happy, I've been throughout the beginning of summer till the end.

From waiting tables, to swimming at night in freezing #ass water, to laughing so much that your at the point of tears is, memories I shall cherish dearly.

So cheers to an amazing summer, and those who made it so great!

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I'd like to start with some Asian Fusion.

This restaurant is one of my favourites. Why you may ask? Well firstly the atmosphere has a very urban feel, I can sit there for ages and let the time go by, it has a very beautiful view of the Oslo Fjords. & look at that we haven't even started on how good the food is there.. I can imagine your already making plans to take a visit to this cool place.

On the menu you have many diverse dishes, varying from Egg Plant fries for an appetiser, to then main course Hoi Sin Miso Pork Belly and with that I'd recommend the crushed potatoes, and to finish it off, for dessert the Yuzu Crumble.

Fear not, if you are vegetarian, they have options to pick from. Its better to have options rather than just one choice. Life is boring without any diverse choices, and this is MAJOR KEY when it comes to food.

These two dishes, are by far the best thing on the menu, you have the best of both worlds on two plates. On one dish you have Lamb chops that have been marinated in Korean red Miso and then grilled, and finally garnished with some salad. On the right beside it you have crushed potatoes, then topped of with chilli maize.

I swear by this place, if you live in Oslo, or here on holiday...I'd advice you to check this place out, it can be a bit pricey but when I say its worth it...

TRUST ME, I know my food.

Location: Akerbrygge, Stranden 1, 0250 Oslo
Price Range: Average per person 270kr
Cuisine: ASIA




I decided after a long, chat with myself, that I'm going to start blogging.

Why you may ask? Mainly because I'm bored, & because I love food, and I want you guys to have a guide through the best places to eat, whether it's in Norway, London, or other places in the world.

Oh yeah I've completely forgot to tell you about myself... Well here goes

I'm a food lover, who ended up in Oslo, Norway, but technically I was born here, then I was fortunate enough to move to London when I was around 8, still speaking Norwegian fluently, not a word of English. Now you can imagine how much I was picked on (lol), but anyways thats besides the point. I've been living in London for 11 years, with a very proper english accent, (disclaimer: which Norwegians adore... just saying)

Now I'm back in Oslo, in my hometown, working, studying & eating etc.

So my blogs will mainly be about food, where to go to eat, whats good to eat at restaurants. So i'll be recommending restaurants, I'll take pictures and describe what i'll be eating.

I love food, so be prepared for some mouth-watering food.

Disclaimer: I love a lot of sweet and savoury dishes, for example Belgian Waffles & Deep Fried Chicken and Maple Syrup, is my favourite dish, perfect example of sweet and savoury.

Be sure to follow me on my social networks, as I snap a lot of my food and post them and instagram too.

If you'd like to email me to, if your not on any social networks, then be sure to send me emails.

Disclaimer: if you have any suggestions for where to go eat, and you'd like me to check it out, don't be shy drop a message on network platform.