This week I have been introduced to a working experience that I will never forget. A couple of months ago I sat wondering about my future (as I usually do nowadays) and I thought about my prao: when you get a week off school to get the opportunity to try working.. I had no clue what I wanted to do but I was eager to try something new and of course I preferred design-fashion/interior. One evening when my dad came home he had this propitious, favorable look on his face. He explained that week 14, prao week (!), he was going to travel to Italy for a huge design festival that would take place in Milan. I instantly brightened up and found myself hugging him. Anyways, so, now I have been in Milan, Italy for four days. I have so much to tell you…

It all started on Sunday 2/4-17. Dad and I woke up 5:00 and flew to Milan with a good flow. We landed early, and came to Milan from Malpensa Airport at about 11:30. I didn’t know for sure where we were going or why, but we followed a long road that would take us somewhere unexpected, answering our questions. We ended up at IKEA festival, where people were collaborating and working effectively to complete setting up everything for the festival. The reason it is a festival is because IKEA wants to create a friendly atmosphere where people can feel comfortable and make new friends. The best thing, of course, is the exhibition and the live performances. When I walked in, together with a cool IKEA gang and with a special outfit/helmet, I saw different rooms that had different qualities. I observed a range of colors, lighting (smart) and textiles. In my mind I illustrated a picture of what it was going to look like on the opening day. It was clear to see that IKEAS aim with the festival was/is to allow visitors to explore their experimental, awesome designs and products that have been collaborated together with designers such as Tom Dixon, Mette and Rolf (from Hay), Kevin Lyons and Faye Toogood. But, also, they want to share the stories behind their products. I think that this was a clever idea because it attracts visitors, readers and journalists. I could predict how the whole fair was going to look like, and I heard from Jutta (who I am working with) that there was going to be thousands of people coming to celebrate with IKEA, together.

What is IKEA festival?
According to DEEZEN, “IKEA is taking over a warehouse in Milan's Lambrate district for a festival of design and live performances during Milan Design Week.” IKEA festival - Let’s make room for life presents workshops, events, talks and exhibitions. It takes place from the 4-9 April 2017.

What did I like?
My favorite room that was displayed at IKEA festival was the area that had the theme: “Let’s make room for Harmony” designed by Anna and Pella. They say that “limited space does not mean limited possibility”. Their focus as designers is to create a compact, smart living for the people. At I read that Pella is a famous Swedish blogger, and I think that our generation likes to see a blogger as a designer because we recognize people that are well-known on the internet. Also, I thought it looked vintage and cozy, as well as "tumblr” and “Pinterest-worthy.” Even though the rooms were small, it felt alive and the space was used up wisely. It looked as if someone was living there.

IKEA works with new technology and solutions that need to complete their total vision: “To make a better everyday life for the many people.” All of the products that they make have to be committed to Democratic Design, which I will explain later.
What I think was fantastic about the festival was the creative, hard-working people that strived for their goals and succeeded. All around me, people felt passionate about their jobs and you could see how all of the products had stories behind them that were meant to be unfolded.

Other products that I like is the smart lighting, which functions as a lighting system whereas you can control the wireless LED bulbs together with kits that include different colors (focus, daylight, dimmed) and remotes. Other than that, I was interested in the sofa called “Delaktig” (collaborated with Tom Dixon) because it can be modified into a bed or a sofa, and it is supposed to survive for a very long time. According to Tom Dixon, Delaktig is a “platform for living,” and I think that it is useful because it can be adapted in many ways, moving towards a more sustainable future.
Overall, I loved the mix of people that they had: bloggers, design students, artists and designers.

What didn’t I like?
Everything that has benefits, needs to have limitations. In my opinion there are small things that IKEA still could still do to improve. Now that they have developed a positive reputation within the world of design, they should do the same within the world of the customers. Personally, I never knew how much work, roles, trips, systems and people that lie behind the creation of one product... until I got this experience. Simply, there is so much that the customers don’t know of because for them, IKEA is... going to the department store, buying furniture and setting it up at home. Of course, IKEA has received a lot of publicity within magazines such as Icon, Frame, Wallpaper and Architectural Digest and many parts of the world. But what about others? People in my age are the people of the future and therefore it is extremely important that IKEA spreads awareness to these specific people. I say, open up an exhibition at the stores, present a video, or just do something that allows the clients to gather a whole ‘nother perspective of the huge company. There is so much to tell!

Motives & Goals of IKEA
As mentioned before IKEAs goal is that all products should follow Democratic Design. Democratic Design comes from the belief that everyone has the right to a better everyday life. It can be demonstrated as a pentagon, with five dimensions:

Form - Making the world more beautiful
Function - Making everyday life easier and more meaningful
Quality - Making everything last longer and age gracefully
Sustainability - Taking responsibility to have an improving impact on people and the planet
Low Price - Making it truly affordable for the many

They also strive for:

-Topics/themes that create an atmosphere

-Good working areas

-Hardworking, positive and friendly people that want to achieve attainable goals (people that work together, not against)

-A better world: more simplicity for the many

-Adaptable items: easy to live alone or with children, or in tight areas

-Products with better solutions

-Solving global issues and examining how people live in different places of the world to create something for EVERYONE

Overall Ideas and Final Thoughts
This week I have not only been at Lambrate for the IKEA festival. I have also seen other exhibitions and tons of creativity. You could say that Milan is the Mecca of all designers (fashion and interior). Together with Jutta and many others, we spent days walking around the charming streets in the heating sun. They took me to outstanding demonstrations with work I have never seen before. Some of them were Boffi, Rosanna, Dimore, Prada Fondazione, Cassina, Gervasoni and B&B Italia. Of course, we stopped by prominent stores such as Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Céline and more. Everything I saw was so different. In Milan someone can walk around in neon platform shoes and orange lipstick, and it will blend in with the diverse city. Everyone can express themselves through fashion, art and design. Even the city shows a great deal of variety. There are modern skyscrapers, and worn buildings with trees growing on the terrace.

I saw a grand range of colors and textiles, but I also noticed things that were popular and appeared in almost all of the exhibitions. Colors that created a sense of harmony were dirty pastels/morning mist colors (from the Pantone collection), such as:
-Burnished Lilac
-Dapple Gray
-Cameo Blue
-Frosty Green
-Raffia/Oatmeal Yellow

Some demonstrations had “contrast” as the theme, which didn’t really create a clear mood. I liked the combination of marmor, matt black and bronzy colors. Once green plants are applied to that, it looks so fulfilled. Also, I observed a mixture between circular equipment and edgy furniture.
To conclude, I can summarize that I have learnt so much in just less than a week. I have met inspiring people that put all of their effort into developing and succeeding.
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Vi spenderade en underbar vecka i Zermatt med våra bästa kompisar! Sol varje dag och toppen snö, det blir väl inte bättre än så?☀️☀️☀️

Zermatt ligger alltså i Schweiz, och man kan åka över till Italien (Cervinia) med en kabin lift:))

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Igår hade jag världens bästa dag. Jag spenderade eftermiddagen med Céline och en killkompis framför Just Dance, pingisbordet och nerf Guns. Haha! Idag tränade jag på Wilson Dance Center, och så var jag i stan ett par timmar innan jag åkte till Célines hus och va med henne (spela FIFA). Imorgon, söndag, ska jag plugga, läsa och slappa lite hemma. Kram:)