I think everyone should think about that more! People would be a lot happier!

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When I go to work, I have a simple, yet effective look that is easy to do and won't take hours to do. Well, if it's me and waking up in the morning, it takes twice as much haha.
So...let's get started.(Sorry about the light, this is how Tesco lightbulbs light the house)

This is how my face looks like without makeup. I have big, dark circles around my eyes, probably bigger than the craters on the moon.

I always start by adding the primer. Revlon photo finish primer. It is really smooth and creamy and it covers a lot of the blemishes and imperfections. I don't look like the ghost from hell. And if you hurry up and head to boots the Primer and the foundation are on offer both for the price of €20.

You can use either a foundation brush or your fingers, whichever makes you feel comfortable. Apply the foundation on your neckline as well, after all we don't want everyone to notice your makeup.

Next step: Contouring and blending:

I have two favourite contour kits: Barry M, chisel cheeks which you can find in Boots for €9 and Seventeen contour kit which is the same price. Draw the lines on the contour like shown in the picture and then use either a brush or a makeup sponge and blend it in, until your face doesn't have the tracing lines.

Now my favourite part the makeup. I numbered the steps. Although I don't like it too much, I have to give it to No7 that the natural nudes palette has fantastic colours. You can basically mix and match any colours from the palette. I started by covering my eyelid with a nude colour, close to my skin colour. After that, I applied on the top of my eyelid, a medium coloured brown and blended the two, giving it a little smokey eye effect. After all the blending I took a bit of black on the brush and added it to the end of my eye, underneath the brown. I took a bigger brush and took the lightest colour on the palette and added it underneath my brows. With the thicker brush I mixed everything together and the final result is...

That. I still look like a zombie without mascara and liner so...time for that.

I love the liner from L'Oreal! L'Oreal Super Liner! At the price of 11 euros! It has a great brush like a pen and your lines cannot go wrong with that! It stays on the face and it is easy to remove when you take off your makeup. And the ideal way to do it, is to do a couple of strategically placed dots on your lid. And then it's the childhood game of connect the dots! If you want to go for the full dramatic effect like I do, you can draw a line right underneath your waterline. It will make your eyes look a lot bigger.(I have tiny eyes)

Mascara time!!! Yay! I love the mascara from Rimmel London! It is absolutely fantastic and it makes you look like you have interminable eye lashes from the first application. I think it's about 7 euros. I know it's hard to find that mascara that gives you the vavavoom lashes(I know I tried hundreds) but this is the real deal.

Now lips! As I said in a previous post I love the WetNWild lipstick shade, SugarPlum Fairy. After contouring my lips and making them look a bit fuller a started colouring them. I highly recommend the lipstick because it stays on. You can find it in Primark for the price of 4 euros! It is amazing.

And the last photo is the final look! Hope you like it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away!



Some of the lipsticks I use everyday. The others I have stored in another box and some I have in bags.

But I have to tell you, the brand I got along with the best was WetNWild. It's about five euros for a lipstick and it gives you that matte effect in time. It doesn't dry on your lips and even if you eat or drink you can still have a fresh look on your lips. They work very well for me given the fact that I smoke a lot and sometimes I don't have time to redo my lipstick.

If I don't like the No7 too much as a brand for makeup, because at one point the makeup just runs off your face, I love the gloss from No7 because it's light and gives a nice texture to the lips. I also like the NYC lipstick and gloss because they give you the effect of fuller lips, even without contouring or putting the accent on them.

All the lipsticks and glosses are at an affordable price of 4-5 euros each, and, if you are in discount season you might find them at 2-3 euros. I came to realise that you don't have to spend a big deal of money on lipsticks that don't last too much when you can spend a little less and actually find a decent lipstick that won't run off your lips at the first contact with water.



I must say that Dublin is in the long run to becoming the Capital of Love! Yes indeed!

Dublin is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland. It has a great nightlife, lots of clubs, pubs and restaurants to choose from, for every pocket and you can have lots of fun in it without spending much money.

I will talk about the places that are a MUST VISIT when in Dublin.

1) Talbot Street, The Spire and O'Connell Street

When in Dublin, this is where to go if you want to enjoy a lovely walk on a sunny day(not the case now, because it's storm season). You have lots of shops to choose from, lots of coffee shops, but the two most iconic things and representative to Dublin are The Liffey River(which divides Dublin into the North-odd numbers and the South-even numbers). On a lovely day there are actually boats that give you tours on the river, lots of coffee shops on the river and there is nothing that can beat that calm and serenity. You can see on the Liffey lots of bridges that tie the North and the South Side and the most representative are the O'Connell and the Ha'Penny bridge.

Another landmark which is a must in your photo album is the Spire. A tall, construction which legend has it, if you see it, no matter which part of Dublin you are in, you will never get lost.(never ask an Irishman for directions, they have no clue)

2) The North and The South Wall

Two places of such a beauty that you will be in awe. If the North Wall is easy to get to, the South Wall may be a bit of a challenge, but if you love a long walk(if not you can take The Dart up to it), well the end of the journey is amazing.
At the end of your journey a small strip of land goes all the way into the ocean up the lighthouse and I must say in the dusk it's quite a something.

3)Trinity College, Wax Museum and The Irish Whiskey Museum

They are all situated at the top of Grafton Street, walking from O'Connell street, in the shape of an imaginary triangle.
Trinity College depicts pages of Irish history and inside its walls you can find The Book of Kells and many other historical testimonials of what Ireland is all about.
The Wax Museum, is filled with wax figurines of Irish writers, musicians and actors and it has an area designed for children, as well as a haunted room, for the ones willing to enjoy a good scare.
The Irish Whiskey Museum is all about the history of whiskey. And, of course, the tasting! From Middleton(co. Cork- land where Jameson was born), you will learn all there is to know about the real Irish whiskey.

4)Grafton Street

Grafton Street is probably one of the poshest areas in Dublin, where you can find all designer shops, music stores and many more. It is the place where all the buskers sing. If you come in the winter to Dublin, on Christmas Eve, all celebrities gather round( U2, Hozier, The Script, Kodaline, Ronan Keating etc) and give a free concert, near the Disney store close to St Stephen's Green.
At the end of Grafton Street is St Stephen's Green Park and the shopping centre with the same name.

5)Guinness Storehouse and Phoenix Park

The both of them are in Dublin 8. The Guinness Storehouse offers a tasting of the traditional Irish beer that made the Irish well known. Phoenix Parc is where Dublin Zoo is found as well. It is a wildlife Parc, where deers and stags run freely and if you're lucky and have some carrots with you, you can actually feed them as well.

6)The best food and nightlife

You can either go on hop on-hop off tours and see many more highlights, but I know for sure that you didn't come to good old Dublin only for the history.
If you want to have fun there is a long long list of pubs and clubs in the Temple Bar Area(Dublin 2), but I must recommend a couple myself. Had great fun in Dicey's Garden and Bruxelles(night clubs). O'Neill's is also a good pub to visit as well as Bad Bobs.
For good food, I have to make one or two recommendations: Fade Street Social and The Green Hen. Best food in town and excellent service!

The last photo is my guide on how to speak Irish English! Slaínte!



Limerick city (Irish: Luimneach) is located in County Limerick, Ireland and is one of the cities that caught my eye in many of my travels. The city is located on the Shannon River, its historic core being located on The King's Island bounded by the Shannon river and the Abbey river.

There are a lot of things to see in the city and the history of it speaks for itself. In the16th and 17th century it was named "the most beautiful city in Ireland" and it deserves the name. The streets are huge, with massive and tall, buildings, shopping centres and pubs.

I haven't been to the King's Island but from what I've heard from the people living in Limerick it is one of the main attractions of the city.

You can also visit St John's Cathedral, King John's Castle and The Treaty Stone and of course, if you go on the river's banks there are spots where you can go on the banks and feed the swans.

The river is magical and draws lots of people close to it. But don't be fooled by that magic, even if lots of people enjoy the romantic atmosphere and the competitions on it, some people were reported to throw themselves in the river. So, careful when you have far too many pints of Guinness.

The city centre has a lot of shops, suitable for all pockets, from designer clothes in Brown Thomas and Debenhams, to Penney's. And of course restaurants and coffee shops for even the pickiest of people, with a wide range of dishes, even exotic ones. A bonus is that the majority of them are located in the city centre and can easily be found.

I found that one of the best hotels to stay in, is the Clarion hotel. It is built on the banks of the river Shannon so it has a view to the city and the river!

I added a few photos of Limerick city so you can see for yourself what a gem it is! In the meantime I will enjoy a glass of wine and, I will say as the Irish say, Sláinte!!




Who am I? You're probably wondering...Somedays I don't know who I am, but I'm going to start with the obvious...I am a young woman, 25 years old now, who loves make-up and photography. I am Romanian, but I moved to Ireland two years ago.

Long story short, I changed my profession from bartender to make-up artist and I don't regret it. Don't get me wrong, I loved being a bartender, but I realised one day, that my personal life and my work life were basically one and the same. So I went back to the drawing board and I decided that a change of career is in order. Probably, one of the best ideas ever.

The idea came from a friend of mine who works in modelling and who looked on the different photos of makeups I was bombarding everyone with. Some, basic, some more elaborate, she started telling me I could actually do something with my talent regarding makeup.

Now that I reminded and placed all the facts in one place on how I became a make-up artist, I have to tell you about photography. Photography was an old hobby, ever since I was about 14 and it all started when my dad gave me an old Zenith camera to take photos of the family and friends. The family and friends soon turned into abstract photography, landscapes, portraits and so on...

Travelling is the perfect time when my imagination runs wild. I combine all of my passions and make a good use of what the surroundings give me.

So this is pretty much about me. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing about what I love.

P.S: I tried to sound funny and insightful...don't know if it worked...xoxo Alex