​So I have finally landed in Sydney both physically and mentally. Well, I've been here a week now so it's about time... Although I still have a massive jetlag and think that I should be up all night because everyone I know in Sweden is, I have managed to get to school every day. It's been an intense week after three months of doing absolutley nothing, but I like it! Everything has been going smooth.

I decided before I got here that I should start blogging again, so here I am! Mostly because I'll have a place to gather everything and it's easy to come back and see what happened and when. I also decided to write everything in English. Mainly because it's good practise, but also because I've met new people that don't understand Swedish (who does, really?).

One week out of thirteen has gone by and next week I'm starting my Cambridge course. It would be fun to get a B or an A, but it'll probably never happen. Today I was supposed to go to a Glow Party, but I decided that I wanted to go with a few classmates to Blue Mountain instead. Now, that didn't happen either and I'm glad that I canceled it yesterday because I woke up with cramps. So I've spent every minute in bed except for making a sandwich, taking a shower, going to the bathroom, you get it.

It's now 3:35 am and I should definitley go to bed. Tomorrow I'll try and get my lazy ass off to the store and buy food. And water because it tastes horrible from the tap.

Good night!

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