No pun intended, we all know what Netflix and chill really stands for. But I've been sick this week so I made myself a Netflixaccount. That was not good at all. Seriously, I've been watching Heroes for 2,5 days straight. Except for sleep and some food of course. So that's what I've been doing plus som drawing and writing. Oh, yeah I also moved last Wednesday to a studyhouse instead of the hostel that I was staying at. I really like it here, but I haven't been able to do anything yet since I've been sick so my bed has been practically my best friend. I'm so glad that I now have a desk and that makes everything worth it!

Why did I even begin watching Heroes? I mean, I've wanted to watch it so many times, but I've never found the episodes in good quality. Now I'm hooked. I guess it's both good and bad. Good because I have something to do when being sick, bad because I will say "just one more episode" every night when I have school the day after. Noone ever watches just one more episode... There's something about superpowers that intrigue me and I've always loved superheroes. My favourite being Arrow who hasn't really got any powers, but he's extraordinary at what he does. In Heroes my favourite character is definitley Peter Petrelli. I find myself liking the quiet, shy persons who doesn't really believe in themselves, but then it turns out that they're among the or the strongest individual. I always get inspiration to write when watching series like this one and that makes me happy.

Now I'm gonna write on my novel. Take care!

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