There's been a few days since my last post and that's because this week has been all about school and I actually like it! Our class is very friendly and the teachers are great. 

On Thursday we went out to Ivy which is a nightclub not far from the operahouse. It was also my first night out in Sydney and I wasn't disapointed. We started out with a small pre-party at Matildas place (the 38:th floor that I've been posting about on FB) and it was really nice. When arriving to the club we had to show our IDs three times. I mean... Yeah. Then I was kinda blown away when we got to the heart of the place. It's hard to explain what it looks like because it has so many levels, different dancefloors and bars that I didn't know where I was half the time. The biggest club I've been out to is Grace in Växjö and that place has three relativley small dancefloors next to each other. This was a maze. What I liked most was the lower dancefloor that the buildings kinda throned around. There was no roof so you could see the sky while dancing and feeling the wind if you were lucky. It was more than crowded, but it was great anyways! Apparently they also have "Sydney's only rooftop pool bar" if you look at their website. 

Anyways, if you're ever in Sydney; go there! Although I have a feeling that I'll say this about some other club before I leave, this was seriously good. I really liked it. 

Then of course there were some parts that wasn't so great. I realized at 10:30pm that I forgot to write down the code to the doors at the hostel which looks at 10:00pm. So I was kinda screwed, but Matilda was kind and let me sleep on her couch. I'm surprised I got to school the day after, but I did! Yeay me, I bought a muffin as a reward, but it was a disapointment... Yesterday I went down Glebe Point Rd ("my" street) and bought three books and some fruit for dinner. Other than that, I have only been laying on my bed drawing, reading and writing. I have no regrets. 

Hope you have/had a great weekend as well!

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